You stole me, my forbidden lover:

Chapter 5: the request

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It is a hard situation, may be a trap or not. It is difficult to choose the right option but they must choose what their hearts say. The Joes are in a bad mood while cobra is in a happy mood. Storm shadow is ready to tell pearl a secret, which was dig under fire and blood.

Storm shadow's pov:

I can see the happiness sparking from her eyes. I stared at her, and took steps forward. I put my hands on her shoulders making her looking directly to my eyes. She was confused but I gave a warmly smile to cheer her up.

"Pearl…I want to tell you a secret I've wanted to tell but I didn't got a chance to"

"Tommy it's okay, you can say, if this makes you better," she replayed with a sweet smile and I returned the smile. I took a long breath and asked her "my sweetheart…can you close your eyes for moments"

She looked worried but she nodded and closed her magical eyes. This is the moment I waited for, I opened the small box that contained a secret was stored for long time.

Pearl's pov:

I was worried from what Tommy had said, but I obeyed. Suddenly I felt something cold and a little bit heavy on my finger. I knew what that means and of course, I will accept, beside my tears run down on cheeks. Why not every woman wants this moment, she would cry from happiness like I did. Then I heard him "you can open your magical eyes". I opened them and he was crying too, I smiled and replayed, "Tommy…I love you". He nodded and took my both hands and asked, "Pearl, will you marry me". I smiled shyly and I answered him "Tommy…thank you". "Pearl, please tell me" he said in a tone as if this is the end of the world. I laughed and kissed his lips, "I will be happy to marry you". He returned the kiss harder and hugged me tight. 'I can't wait to tell my girlfriends about this' my head said.

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