Title - Finding A Way Home
Chapter title - Scabior's Bedroom
Author - OblivionsGarden
Genre - Romance/Drama
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Trees blurred together, leaves crunched underfoot and the wind whipped Gabrielle's hair against her face. She struck her wand forward, causing a large tree branch to snap off and land in front of two running teenagers. They stopped, almost colliding with the branch, and turned hoping to head in a different direction, only to find they were cornered from all sides by the snatchers.
"Good work." Scabior commented as he passed Gabrielle. He strode forward, staring down at the two children. They couldn't be any older than thirteen. "Names?" Barks pulled out a small black book as Scabior surveyed the short, blonde female.
"Allison." She whimpered.
"Full names."
"Allison Crux."
"And you?" He turned his attention to the slightly taller boy.
"James Russo."
Scabior turned to look at Barks. "Half bloods." He answered. "Missing from school."
"Right. You and Greyback, take 'em to the ministry. They can get 'em back to school."

As Barks, Greyback and the two kids apparated, Gabrielle let out a breath she'd been holding for too long. She swayed slightly on the spot as her head swam from lack of oxygen. She was thankful no harm had come to the children. She didn't think she could harm a child.
"Alright love?"

She, Scabior and Tyler headed back to their own camp as the sun had set and it was no use trying to snatch anyone in the dark. Tyler went straight into bed, hoping to catch some sleep before Greyback came back and started snoring. Scabior sat on one of the over turned logs once he'd lit a fire and Gabrielle, sat cross legged in front of a log so she could lean her back on it.
"Do you smoke?"
"Sometimes. Why?"
"Just wondered." She was thinking of the taste that surrounded her candyfloss lolly back in diagon alley. She wondered if that was the smokey taste she'd experienced. Nicotine.

"Remember anything else today?"
"Sort of. Did we ever have a fight?"
"What makes you ask?"
"I remember something vague in a bathroom. I was angry and you were...Embarrassed I think."
"Ah...Yes." Scabior reddened.
"I left school after my fourth year. But I often visited you at your house. You were in your fifth year I think.I snuck in through your open window once, to surprise you. I heard you humming in your bathroom and saw the door was slightly open so I walked straight in."
"Oh!" Gabrielle now blushed. "I was, uh...Fresh out of the bath right?"

Gabrielle pulled out the plug, wrinkling her nose at the gurgling sound the water made as it sloshed down the drain. She pulled a towel from her airing cupboard and dried her self off whilst she hummed along to a muggle song she'd heard whilst out in a muggle town with her parents that afternoon.
She draped the towel over her radiator whilst she picked up her clean underwear she'd left on top of her laundry basket. Before she could step into them however, the bathroom door swung open and Scabior stood, a faltered smile on his face.
"Get out!" She hissed. He slammed the door behind him, leaving her to blush and stare angrily at the door.

She dressed quickly and re-entered her bedroom. Scabior was stood awkwardly by the window.
"What on earth are you doing here?" She was unable to appreciate the fact he too was embarrassed. She was too angry that he'd seen her not yet fully developed body without a word of permission.
"I wanted to come and see you."
"Ever thought of knocking on the door, you idiot?"
"It was open, I didn't think-"
"You never do, do you?"
"I'm sorry."
"Just...Go home. I'll meet up with you on Friday. Knockturn Alley as usual." She turned her back on him, just listening to the sound of him exiting through her window.

"Well..." Scabior coughed awkwardly and stood from his seat on the log. "That was somethin' I'd rather you hadn't remembered."
"Never mind." Gabrielle shrugged. "I'm over it." She glanced up and saw Scabior smirking down at her. The look he gave her made shivers run down her spine but in a more than pleasant way.
"What's up?" He frowned.
"Nothing." She lied. He nodded and headed back inside the tent.

Tyler emerged from his, holding a small bottle full of a deep brown liquid in his hand.
"I thought you were going to bed." Gabrielle commented.
"Can't sleep." He shrugged, dropping onto the floor beside her. "Greyback's snoring must send me to sleep. Ironically...Drink?" He held up the bottle. "Firewhisky."
"Why not." She smiled, took the bottle and took a small sip.
"Oh come on. If you're gonna drink have a proper mouthful." Gabrielle rolled her eyes but took a full drink of the whiskey. She coughed and grimaced as it burned it's way down her throat. She leant her head back on the log, staring up into the midnight blue sky. She closed her eyes with a contented smile as yet another memory swam into her vision.

"I'm going to bed. Night." Gabrielle waved to her parents, who were snuggled close together beside the fire. She went up to her room and shut and locked the door. She removed her dressing gown to reveal a pair of knee length denim shorts and a short sleeved tee shirt. She slipped on her trainers, grabbed a jacket and climbed out of her window.
When she landed on the floor she ran straight into the surrounding forest until she was well into the middle of the dense trees. She waited for just a few seconds until she heard leaves crunching behind her.
"I'm here." She felt a strong hand grip her elbow. She felt an odd tugging sensation and eventually found herself in a dimly lit bedroom. "Welcome to my place." Scabior smiled and sat down on his bed, crossing one leg over the other.
"Your room? I thought you never took people to your house." Gabrielle sat down beside him.
"Count yourself lucky." Scabior winked and leant across to pull something out of his bed side cabinet.

He held up two bright green lolly's. Gabrielle took one and pulled off the wrapper, sniffing it curiously.
"What flavor is it?"
"Try it."
Gabrielle poked out her tongue with a frown and took one lick. "Hmm..Taste's weird." She noted.
Scabior chuckled. "You just had your first try of alcohol." He shoved his lolly into his mouth with a smile. "Absinthe lollies. Found 'em in a muggle shop."

Gabrielle grinned. Even since she had snuck out to Hogsmeade with Scabior during her first year, she'd enjoyed living her life on the side of the rule breakers. Now, sitting with a boy, eating alcohol flavored sweets after having snuck out of her house late at night, she felt a surge of thrill run through her.
The pair of them ate the sweets before Scabior dissapeared downstairs and then returned with two bottles of firewhisky and two glasses.

Gabrielle's memory blurred, as though her vision were smudged like wet paint. She saw glimpses of the two of them laughing, hugging, lounging across each other and one in a close embrace but she couldn't quite catch what was happening. Was it a hug or something more?
Then before she knew it, she was back in the forest, Scabior pushing her forward. She kept giggling, unsure of why. Scabior shushed her before starting to chuckled himself. They stood, staring at the ivy trail Gabrielle had conjured from her wand that lead straight to her open window.
"Need a hand?" Scabior asked as he swayed slightly in place.
"Probably." She shrugged. She started to climb, Scabior behind her. Every now and then she felt a hand on her backside, pushing her upwards until eventually she fell through her window and landed on the floor with a thud. Scabior landed on top of her, and both put a hand over the others mouth to stop from laughing.

"Are you listenin'?" Tyler nudged Gabrielle with his elbow.
"Sorry...Miles away. What were you saying?" She took the bottle from his outstretched hand, smiling at the memory.
"I said, I reckon the boss has got a favorite now." Tyler smirked.
"What do you mean?"
"He's spent more time talking with you in the past three days then he's spent talking to us in the past few months."
"Well...We did know each other at school. We were best friends, it's only natural that we would catch up."
"Catch up? The look in 'is eyes tells me 'e 'as more in mind than just catchin' up."
"Oh shut up. Why do men always jump to sex as their conclusion of a man being friends with a woman."
"I don't. You're generalizing. All I'm sayin' is I can tell 'e has more in mind. It's obvious. You only need to look at 'im to see 'e fancies you."
"You're mad."
"Possibly." He took the firewhisky back with a chuckle. Gabrielle laughed along with him, happy that she had at least two friends in this small circle of snatchers.

Greyback and Barks returned about an hour later, when Gabrielle and Tyler were sat in a happy, slightly drunken daze, staring at the campfire.
"Hello boys." Gabrielle greeted them. They both stared. "No need to be so stand offish. If we've got to work together, you may as well talk to me." Greyback smiled slightly, amused at the effect alcohol had on her.
"I'm not standoffish." He said. "Just gettin' used to you." He removed his jacket, stretched and ran off into the forest. Gabrielle assumed he was going to hunt his dinner.
" 'E's not standoffish. I don't think I've ever 'eard 'im speak." Tyler nodded his head at Barks. Barks nodded back and sat down on a log.
"Right. Well, I'm off to bed." Gabrielle jumped up, slightly unstable on her feet.
"Nighty night." Tyler chuckled.

Once inside the tent, Gabrielle sat in one of the armchairs opposite Scabior who was lounged across one.
"Can you remember getting me drunk?"
Scabior sat up straight, one eyebrow raised. "I do. Do you?"
"Yeah...Well some bits are blurry of course but I remember most of it.
"Which bits are uh...Blurred?"
"Um..." She didn't want to say she couldn't work out whether they were hugging or kissing. Not after what Tyler had said. "Just bits of conversation."
"Ah." He leant his elbows on his knees. She could tell that he knew she was lying.
"I'm going to bed. No doubt I'll have a headache in the morning." She stood and stretched with a yawn. "Night Scabby." She stopped short.
"No one's called me that for a while."
"Scabby. Didn't you hate that nickname?"
"Wouldn't you?"
"Good point. Well, night...Scabby."
Scabior chuckled, settling back into his chair. "Night."

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