Chapter 8

I think that exhibition of aggression sort of threw me off. I mean, getting shot at with a big black cannon by a snowman was puzzling. Then, I went a bit mad on some poor villager snowman. He had smashed it up so hard his sparkly red fez became a crumpled mess of crimson fabric. The black beady eyes were misplaced in the strangest of places. I decided not to remember that part of the assassination.

That Chilly that used the cannon destroyed me. He stabbed me with two icy daggers, each one emanating cold air. The green tinted dagger had surged through me, causing a liquid to go inside my body and make me feel light-headed. I was losing consciousness rather quickly. Then, everything turned black. The next thing I knew, I was in a stone cold cell constructed out of dry, relentless ice. The ice was determined to make my body feel numb as I sat on it, waiting for my inevitable punishment. As I waited for something to happen; anything, I watched the dark sky out of the icy bars that would stop me from escaping out of the windows. I sat there, idle.

I was sort of expecting Red to bust the door open with a battle-scarred bludgeon, wiping strained sweat off his face, but it was a different creature. A circle was shining in the middle of its bouncy body. Two strands of thick, black hair rose out of the top of the alien. I blinked grudgingly as it revealed itself to be a Waddle Doo. One of its stubby hands presented a glinting iron sword. The pointy tip would scare even a fearsome dragon.

"Follow me." The Waddle Doo spoke with toxic words. It seemed that he spat every letter. "And hurry up with it."

He stabbed a blue key into the keyhole that banished me into this box of freezing boredom. The door flew open and the Waddle Dee beckoned me over into the hallway that held all of the cells. They were all empty, and that was probably for a reason. The Waddle Doo slowly walked through the chilly hallway, but I had other plans.

I readied myself into a battle position. This Waddle Doo was clearly unaware of my takedown I was about to perform on it. I threw myself at him, hammering him with my maliciously angered fist. He didn't have time to cry out before his face was driven into the unforgiveable shiny floor, courtesy of my amazingly forceful hands. I picked up the sword, trying not to look back at the compressed hate that dwelled inside of that Waddle Doo. I dashed into the cell, almost slipping into the hard blue bricks that kept the cell safe.

My eyes fixated onto the strong bars acting as a barrier for the windows. I threw myself upwards onto the window, clashing the iron metal against the resistant frozen water. The sword effortlessly ate the ice, causing a quake across the bars. They swiftly released themselves from the crushing grip and fell onto the floor, shattering into a thousand pieces.

I grabbed the remainders of the bars, pulling myself upwards and outside of the emotionless jail. I slipped off the square hole. I suddenly felt coldness rupture all across my body. My eyes were corrupted by slushy whiteness. It felt like whirlpools of frostbitten waves were clashing against my plump body. I realised what happened: the snow ate me. I freed myself from the jaws of the snow and sat up, my eyes tainted by moist wet clouds. I shook myself a bit and the bits of snow roamed off to join the other clumps of snow that sat there.

Instantly I noticed that the sky was painted a dark blue colour, being a harvest to beautiful white stars twinkling, trying to show off to the other stars. The moon was attacking me with a big laser beam of moonlight.

My plan to escape would not be as effective as I hoped; this area was walled in by huge stone bricks that lumbered everywhere, casting a black shadow on everything. Spiky barbed wire was lined across the heavy grey cuboids, denying any sort of escape over the wall. Puffy snow was dropping down from the clouds rather sweetly.

I walked across the mysterious place, exploring it with a tinge of excitement, yet fear. Where was Red… again? I made my way forward and I saw another building. It was made out of ice, like the last one. I instantly swerved behind cover when I saw a Chilly emerge from the building's door. He was holding a strange box thing with a curved square growing on the bottom of it. It looked like it was made to kill.

The Chilly was tinted with red snow, his eyes cluttered with dark memories. The Chilly had a black beret positioned on its head, with a badge on the right of it. I didn't see what the badge was, but it looked evil from what I saw. This Chilly had a permanent hostile stare plastered into his face. Various medals were dotted along a burgundy sash that he wore. The box that he had equipped looked like it could be used as a bludgeon.

The battle-hardened snowman slid about the area like a slug, leaving red ice wherever he went. It occurred to me that this snowman needed to be taken down. I could explore the long shaped building inside and find Red, maybe. I sneakily tiptoed behind him. His hands were tucked behind his back, his head tilted high. It looked like his beret would slip off at any time.

I realised that there was a knife in a holster on a belt he was wearing. The black leather belt was stacked on top of the thin sash. I stealthily slipped the knife out of the holster; it was easy. The living pile of white fluff swerved round, forcing me to spin like a ball. I fell on my face, looking at the pointed killer. The blade was very sleek, with some ridges at the bottom of it. What a cool knife! I swished it about in the air. It was slicing through the air cleanly, making a satisfying slash sound.

I turned round to see a confused Chilly with his beret unaligned, and the box in his hands. It was aimed at my head. The Chilly tilted his head, his eyes twitching. Suddenly, a flash of fire sprouted out of the box, sending multiple metal arrows towards me. I instantly threw myself up and ran forwards, anticipating the inevitable death of yours' truly. I still had the knife with me, and with a big spin, I lobbed it towards the crazed snowman. The knife seemed to eat his head away, and he became a two-storey snowman. The clumps of agonized snow became nothing. I looked back, and saw what I had been seeing for ages; blindingly white snow. I trundled back to his corpse, my frozen feet crushing the snow into compressed ice. I looked down at the beret. It was defiled by water that had spewed out of all directions when the knife had hit the veteran's head. I felt sorry for him… I mean, I didn't have to do that. I picked up the beret and I patted it onto my head, feeling slightly triumphant. I put the sash on as well. Finally, I picked up the death-inducing box.

The box wasn't actually a box; it was quite weird. The curved cuboid had seemed to be able to slip off the machine, and then go back on. He threw it down, letting the grey thing slump into the snow, causing a slight explosion of white to fly into the air. The clouds were already replacing the mechanic bow with more snow. I stepped over it and entered the building, instantly feeling a chill.

This building was long and dark. It looked like a workplace was set up here, with a dark wooden desk sitting in the middle of the room. I felt a soft rug as I stepped in. The same rug was set underneath the desk, which hosted a lot of white papers. The room was only slightly lighter with the addition of dark, murky windows. The windows were a shield to the rays of moonlight trying to penetrate into the room.

I sat down at the desk, observing my surroundings. There were lots of papers stacked everywhere. I noticed a huge bookcase that housed lots of random books. All of the spines were crimson red, for some reason. I narrowed my eyes at one of the papers, staring… I instantly grabbed the paper and I inspected it.




I blinked: is this a joke? This is the worst information sheet I have ever seen. I ripped the paper up into shreds and tossed it away. The shards of paper flew about the place, sinking onto the hard floor. I stepped on it as I examined the room more. Nothing in here…

I made my way over to a cabinet. It was made of good quality wood, with regal dragons cut into the wood. It looked as if a master had crafted it purely with expertise and sweat. I pulled on the handle and the cabinet's door flew open. My attempt to open it had been so strong it had pulled the hinges off, and I was holding part of a cabinet. I lobbed it away and dug into the contents: a box. I picked up the box, not expecting much. There was a black ribbon on the box, which was striped with red and black colours. I murdered the box by bashing it open frantically. I don't know why I was doing it, I just was.

The box presented to me a miniscule trophy after I had mutilated it senselessly. I picked up the trophy quizzically; what is this? I tapped it for some reason and then I experienced a shock; the trophy started to glow like a light-bulb. I stared as the trophy became nothing, as it sucked into me, as I became overcome with electrical electricity.

I recovered, and I felt tingly. I was holding a yellow wand with a shiny blue orb at the end of it. Instantly, I became puzzled. The weird jester hat wasn't helping either. It was red at one side, and yellow with white stars on the other. On each side, there were two bits with pom poms dangling about on each end. I swiped the wand around and it shined yellow, vigorous sparks slashing the air away. The wand could produce beams of electricity.

I walked out of the building. I didn't have time to notice that my skin was tinted yellow (I found out later). I was ready to take on this beast, whatever it is, and save Red. Well, that was the plan, at least. I would expect it to go horribly wrong and for me to have to fight Hallab's reanimated body or something… I don't want to remember that again.

With my beam wand by my side, my silly jester hat on my head, and my never-ending determination firing up my enthusiasm, I set out. I was afraid that my blazing determination would melt the snow around me, but it didn't happen. It seemed my ego was getting a bit bloated, so I popped it and finally got my long feet moving.

I didn't question why I became a yellow laser wielding maniac with a psychedelic jester hat with yellow skin, but oh well. I could save it for later.