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Bonnie let out a soft moan as her consciousness began to return. She brought a hand up to her head, which was aching terribly. As part of her coerced herself to open her eyes, another part tried to make sense of what she had just seen. This wasn't the first time she had experienced prophetic visions, but this one was strange. She was accustomed to seeing visions of the future, but this one showed her the past if Olly's death was any indication. However, she couldn't see how this past was in any way important.

"Bonnie?" a smooth voice interrupted her thoughts.

She finally willed herself to open her eyes and look around. She was still in Olly's bar, judging by the rank yet familiar scent which lingered around them, but she seemed to be in a back room. She sat up and stared at the two vampires in the dimly lit room. "What is that thing?" she asked.

The thing in question was placed harmlessly on a table in the corner of the room. The vampires glanced at it in unison when she mentioned it. "What did you see?" Damon asked with urgency.

Bonnie ignored him and addressed Olly. "Where did you get that box?" she asked him.

His eyes widened and, breaking his calm and collected image, he asked defensively, "What's it matter to you?"

"I need to know," she insisted, staring fiercely at him.

"I can't say."

Bonnie was taken aback, but she shot back insistently, "What do you mean 'You can't say'?"

Damon stepped into the exchange, saying "He means exactly what he says."

The witch cast her fiery gaze towards Damon, before softening it and returning it to Olly. "You were compelled?" she asked. "By the woman who gave you the box?"

"Woman?" the Salvatore exclaimed in alarm. "Did the box show you that?"

She nodded slowly. "I saw a woman. It was all really blurry and I didn't see any faces…" she said. "She was a witch, though. I'm sure of it."

"And you saw the woman compelling me?" Olly asked, almost like a plea.

Bonnie shook her head apologetically. "I just saw you dying."


"Where's your daughter?" Esther asked, pouring wine into a glass for her guest then getting back to her seat on the sofa.

Abby shrugged. "I thought she was with Kol," she said miserably.

The Original witch smiled sympathetically. "I know how you must feel," she said. She leaned forward in her seat and across the coffee table to lay a firm, yet comforting hand on Abby's shoulder. "You are my sister, Abby, and I will do everything in my power to help you find your daughter."

"Thank you, Esther…"Abby said uncertainly, feeling all too uncomfortable with the other witch's hand on her shoulder. She also began to ponder upon the many things which were in Esther's power. "You're very kind."

Esther smiled and nodded before leaning back into her seat. "Please, sister, it is the least I can do to repay you for what you and your Bonnie will help me achieve. You're a very brave woman."

Abby sighed and took a sip from her wine. It tasted very sweet and very expensive. She may not have trusted the Mikaelsons completely, but she had to admit that their fine taste was something to be appreciated. "I'm just doing what I have to… to keep my daughter safe, and to keep everyone else in the world safe," she told the other woman. "But are you sure you're alright with this?" She lowered her voice. "Killing your own children? I don't think I would have the stomach for something like that…"

Esther frowned, but only for a moment. After that, her radiant smile took over. It told Abby that Esther was sure of herself and what she was doing. It told her more than words could, yet the Original witch spoke anyway. "My sister, Abby…" Abby tried not to cringe as Esther referred to them as sisters for the umpteenth time in that day. "Tell me something. Tell me about the first time Bonnie lied."

Abby was startled by the question. She couldn't quite recall the first time Bonnie lied. Esther could sense her uncertainty and with an encouraging tilt of her head, she told Abby, "It's alright. Tell me about any instance where your child kept secrets from you. No matter how small or insignificant, a lie is a lie."


Bon Bon isn't like most other four year-old girls. Abby can see this when she puts together her Lego's and when she colors inside the lines in her coloring book. Her preschool teacher had once referred to her as a prodigy. It makes her proud to think of her little girl with the butterfly clips in her hair as a prodigy. The word "prodigy" has a nice ring to it, no?

Abby once read that intelligent children were more likely to resort to deception to cover up for things they knew their mommy and daddy wouldn't be happy about. Children, typically, are inherently honest, but Bonnie Bennett is cunning. Bonnie Bennett is scheming and it drives Rudy mad.

"Honey, she's just a toddler," she tells him as he sits at the kitchen table with a stern face. "It's probably just a phase. Once she gets the lying out of her system, she'll be the same sweet Bon Bon that she's always been."

He sighs and tightens his grip on his coffee mug. "I know, Abby," he says resignedly. "I just wish she would have gotten a different phase, like the 'Jumping on the tables' phase or the 'Throwing things at people' phase, not the lying phase."

Abby can't hide the smile that tugs at her lips nor the giggle that escapes from her mouth. "You want our daughter to jump on tables and throw toys at us?"

Rudy catches on to her amusement and cracks a smile of his own. "Well, maybe not the toy-throwing."

Abby sighs and places a hand on her husband's shoulder. "Hey, we've been through a lot worse than a lying preschooler. If we can get through this, our daughter just might end up at Harvard!" she tells him, squeezing his shoulder before standing up. She steps towards the kitchen window and watches her daughter play in the yard with her best friend, Elena.

"Alright, 'Lena," Bonnie tells her friend as the two of them are sitting on the lawn, brushing the hair on their Barbie dolls. "I'm gonna tell you a secret and you can't tell anyone!"

"What happens if I tell someone by accident?" the doppelganger child says with anticipation in her eyes.

"I won't be your friend and I won't talk to you ever, ever again if you tell someone!" Bonnie snaps at her, startling the poor Elena.

Elena nods with resolve. "I super promise with whipped cream and strawberries on top that I won't ever tell anyone!"

Bonnie smiled mischievously at her friend. "I have a secret friend that Mommy and Daddy don't know about," she says. Slowly and carefully, the young girl reaches down for her Ken doll and holds him up in front of Elena's face. "He looks just like this and he said that I'm gonna be a princess when I'm older."

Elena gasps and gives Bonnie her widest grin. "You're so lucky! I wanna be a princess just like you!"

With a giggle, Bonnie replies, "I'll tell him that you wanna be a princess, too. Then he can be your secret friend too!"

"What's his name?" Elena presses anxiously.

"His name is Mr. Kol (but he doesn't like it when I call him 'Mister'). And he's a prince from a kingdom far away!" Bonnie giggles and holds her Ken doll to her chest gleefully.

"A prince…" Elena says dreamily and stares up at the sky.


"What would you do, my dear sister, to a child who lies to you?" Esther asked calmly.

"I used to put Bon Bon in time out…" Abby looked down glumly. "That was so many years ago…" She choked and put a hand to her lips. "God, I wish I had been there for her."

"Abby, the past is in the past. You must not let your absence from Bonnie's life weigh on your heart like this," Esther told her. "None of this was your fault. You did not choose this life; my children destroyed your relationship with your child."

"No, Esther, I… I should have come back for my little girl when I could…" Abby argued.

"No," the Original witch insisted. "You did what was right to protect the people you care about." Esther paused. "My troublesome children are to blame for this. Niklaus, Rebekah, Elijah… and oh, Kol…" She trailed off. "Finn was always the obedient one. He was never fussy, not even as an infant, but Kol… he screamed throughout the night. He wouldn't sleep unless I was holding him."

Abby watched Esther reminisce warily. It was strange to hear baby stories about the most terrifying creatures in existence.

"Often," Esther continued, "Mikael would strike Kol and Niklaus. They were the most troublesome. Niklaus was obedient, but his temper was a force to be reckoned with. Kol, however, was a menace. He would deliberately dance on Niklaus's very last bit of patience then watch his older brother unravel with a strange sort of fascination. Sometimes, Kol scared even me…"

The Bennett witch didn't know what to say in response to that. Thankfully, Esther wasn't done speaking and after a moment's pause, she continued. "As a mother, I cannot stand for such behavior. I'm sure you understand." She took a sip from her wineglass as Abby nodded in silence. "You ask me, how I can kill my own children," she says quietly. "I'm not killing them, Abigail. I'm putting to rest all the lost souls that they've condemned. I'm showing them the error of their ways. I'm putting them in 'time-out', if you will. I'm punishing them as their mother and as the only creature in this world that still has any shred of love for them."

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