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Summary: Akiza has always been too afraid to reveal her feelings for Yusei. But just when she thinks they might never be together, she receives help from an unlikely source. Now, she will have the guts to stake her claim.

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"Okay, now make a wish and blow out your candles."

Akiza smiled as she looked at the cake in front of her and her friends and family that stood around it. It had been a surprise party, put together by her mother, father and friends. She had come home exhausted from her long Friday of school, but her day got much better after seeing that the people she cared about remembered her birthday. A banner that read 'Happy 18th Birthday Akiza' hung across the wall in front of her.

The teen grinned at her mother. "Hmm, well what should I wish for?"

"Anything you want, my little rose," Setsuko replied.

Akiza glanced around at the people at the table. Her parents, who were at either side of her, had been snapping photos and fawning over how their daughter was all grown up. Akiza was worried that her first birthday back home would be uncomfortable considering the rough memories from her previous years, but so far things had been joyful. This night had proven to Akiza that her family was not beyond repair, and that they could still be happy together.

Jack and Crow had agreed to come; Crow because there was cake and ice cream and Jack because Yusei dragged him by the trench-coat. Crow had actually become friends with Akiza, but the two didn't spend much time together outside of the Signers. Akiza and Jack, on the other hand, never saw eye to eye, and the only reason the two made an effort to tolerate each other was because they were both good friends with Yusei. Leo and Luna were present as well. The twins would never miss their sister-figure's birthday.

Carly sat next to Jack, her trademark glasses shimmering in the light of the birthday candles. Akiza and Carly had become good friends ever since the Dark Signer war. Sure, the reporter was shy and a little nerdy, but Akiza liked those traits of Carly. The two both valued each other's friendship very much, as neither had any close girl-friends growing up.

And then Akiza glanced at Yusei.

Out of all her friends, Akiza could say without a doubt that Yusei was her closest. He had connected with her the moment they met, even if they were enemies at the time. He had been the only one to reach out to her during her time in the Arcadia Movement, the only one who tried to save her when everyone else deemed her a monster. Yusei, the mechanic from the Satellite, the new King of Turbo Duels, had saved her from a life of darkness, and Akiza admired him more than any other person on the face of the earth.

And over time, her admiration turned into something far greater.

It was true that Yusei and Akiza had become the best of friends in the six months since Goodwin was defeated. But Akiza realized very quickly that her feelings for Yusei extended far beyond that of friendship. She couldn't remember when the butterflies in her stomach began to flutter, nor when the ripe red blushes started crossing her face when they touched. Perhaps she had felt this way even before the Dark Signer war. All that mattered to Akiza now was that she simply couldn't stop thinking about Yusei and how things would be if he returned her feelings.

She loved him. Akiza was in love, by Ra, and she was in love with Yusei Fudo. And he had no clue.

"Are you okay Akiza?" Yusei asked.

Akiza snapped back to reality. She realized that she had been staring into Yusei's eyes for almost a minute. She felt her cheeks grow warm. "Y-yeah, I'm just, um, thinking about what to wish for," she replied.

She turned her head back to the cake, trying to hide her ripe red blush. Akiza's only concern at that moment was concealing her embarrassment, so she decided to just blow out the candles. After closing her eyes for a brief moment, Akiza took a deep breath and extinguished all eighteen flames. Everyone clapped and wished her a happy birthday, and Akiza smiled and thanked all of her friends. Yusei even gave Akiza a hug and said he was happy for her, which the psychic accepted as her stomach did a back flip.

'If only I could face him without acting so nervously. What will it take for me to be just a little bit bolder? What will it take for me to tell Yusei how I really feel?'

That was the question that troubled Akiza every day, one that made her heart ache with a longing to love and be loved.

"Open my present next big sis!" Luna cried.

Akiza laughed and accepted the wrapped package from the younger girl. "Thanks Luna," she said. She unwrapped the box and opened it to find a turquoise bracelet made of beads. "Oh, thank you Luna, this is beautiful." She slipped it onto her wrist and turned it a few times, examining the colors. "And a perfect fit too."

Luna beamed. "I made it myself. I thought it would look good on you, and I had Carly help me with the size."

"Eh, all I did was hold out my wrist," Carly said. "Luna was the one who did all the work." The pre-teen girl smiled proudly.

"Well I love it. Thank you so much," Akiza replied.

After everyone had some cake, the party had moved onto presents. Akiza never had a birthday with any friends since she was a toddler, so the idea of receiving presents was new. At first she felt guilty that everyone spent time and money on things for her, but her friends reassured her that it was fine, and it was the least they could do. Akiza had opened Leo's present first, upon his request, and found a box of the latest Duel Monsters booster backs. Akiza was shocked that Leo had managed to get his hands on such an expensive present, but Leo just shrugged and said he had been saving up for a few weeks. He also mentioned that he would be willing to take any and all unwanted super rares off her hands.

Akiza's parents had gotten her a new cell phone since Akiza hadn't owned one during her time in the Arcadia Movement. Sayer hadn't allowed it since he wanted to control her, but Akiza chose not to dwell on such unpleasant thoughts. When the teen opened the present and found the phone, she jumped up and embraced both of her parents in a loving hug. Akiza also found that all of her friends' numbers were already programmed into the contact list. Her eyes watered as she looked at everything the people she loved had done for her.

Carly purchased Akiza some perfume and hair care products. Akiza was grateful to her friend, as she didn't own much in the way of beauty materials.

Jack's present came next, and he had gotten her a gift card to a local coffee shop. It was a bit tacky, but Akiza considered it a blessing that Jack had given her anything at all. And come to think of it, a gift that was coffee-related was pretty characteristic of Jack. She thanked him, and he simply nodded.

Crow was up next. "Here ya go Akiza," he said. She handed Akiza a shoe-sized box wrapped in red paper.

"Thank you Crow," she said. After tearing away the paper, Akiza opened the box and found a new pair of magenta heels. Her heart leapt at the sight of them. They would go perfectly with her outfit.

"Oh my Ra, thank you so much Crow!" Akiza cried. She gave him a friendly hug and started fawning over her newly acquired piece of wardrobe. "How did you know I wanted these?"

Crow gave a nervous laugh and scratched the back of his head. "Well, ah...Yusei kinda told me that you were looking at those shoes when you two were at the mall once, so I decided to get them for you."

"Really?" Akiza said, looking at Yusei. "You remembered that?"

Yusei smiled. "Of course Akiza. I remembered how happy you looked when you thought about wearing them. How could I forget?"

"Well that was very sweet of both of you," Akiza said. "In fact, I'm going to try them on right now."

She slipped her shoes off and stepped into the new ones. She wiggled her feet and took a few steps to test them out. "Once again, perfect fit." She glanced at Crow. "How did you know my size?"

"Well, I guess I'm just extremely observant," Crow boasted. Akiza gave him an unbelieving stare. "Okay fine, I called your parents to get the correct size."

"And there's no shame in it," Setsuko commented.

Akiza smiled and turned back to her friends, and she found Yusei holding out a present to her. It was a slender black box that had no wrapping, It did, however, have a card on it bearing her name.

"You wrote me a card?" she asked. Yusei nodded. "Aww, thank you Yusei."

"Go on," he said. "Open it."

She nervously accepted the card from the object of her affection, trying desperately to keep her hand from shaking. She unfolded the card and read the cheesy birthday rhyme that was printed on it. Then she read the words written in pen:

When I first met you almost a year ago, I knew that you were a special person.
These past few months with you as my friend have been the best of my life.
Even though we were brought together in dark times in our lives, just know that I will always be there when you need me.
Happy Birthday Akiza, I hope this one is your best yet.
Your friend, Yusei

Tears came to Akiza's eyes as she read Yusei's words. Normally, Yusei was stoic and reserved, so receiving such kind and heart-warming words from him was a dream come true for Akiza. She considered the card itself as a present because she knew Yusei wrote those words with her in mind, and she cherished every letter.

Before Akiza could thank him, Yusei held out the box to her, motioning for her to open it. She smiled and accepted the present, the girl now unable to contain a faint shaking in her hands. She was thankful that Yusei didn't notice how nervous she was at his touch.

"Hmm, I wonder what it could be?" Akiza pondered, hoping to stir up some conversation to put herself at ease.

"Only one way to find out," Yusei replied.

Akiza opened the package, and what she saw instantly took her breath away.

The slim black box was actually a slim black necklace box. And inside it was the most beautiful silver necklace Akiza had ever seen. It had a thin chain that shimmered in the light, weaving itself down to the charm hanging from it. The charm itself was a silver rose with ruby red etching that twisted into the petals of the flower. The rose also gave off a faint glimmer. It was the perfect size necklace, not too big nor too small.

Akiza was breathless. All of her friends' gifts had been special, but this one was...beautiful. The very nature of the gift showed that Yusei thought she was pretty enough to wear it, or at least that's what Akiza wanted to believe. A fresh film of tears covered Akiza's eyes as she remained transfixed on the precious treasure she now owned.

"Erm...do you like it?" Yusei asked. He appeared a little worried since Akiza hadn't spoken for a while.

"Like it?" Akiza whispered. She jumped up and threw her arms around Yusei, resting her head on his shoulders. "I love it Yusei! Thank you...thank you so much, it's beautiful..."

Akiza pulled away and immediately became aware of how close she and Yusei had just been. She felt yet another blush creep onto her face, as well a tingling feeling in her...unmentionable parts. Akiza silently berated herself for becoming aroused at such a time and tried her best to quell her desires.

Yusei gave a warm smile. "I'm glad you like it. I've never bought jewelry before, so I wasn't sure if...well...you would like my present."

Jack snorted. "Rule number one Yusei; if you buy a girl jewelry, shewill like it."

Akiza chose to ignore his snide remark and enjoy the rest of the evening.

After all the presents had been opened, the party started to wind down. Leo and Luna fell asleep around eleven, and Crow volunteered to take them home. The remaining teens sat together on the couch, munching on the remnants of the cake and talking about anything that came to mind. The entire time, Akiza was acutely aware that Yusei was sitting right next to her, and the tight space of the couch allowed for very little room between them. His hand kept accidentally brushing against her thigh every so often, and it was driving Akiza up the wall.

It was all Akiza could do to maintain her self control. With every glance Yusei gave her, with every time they touched, she felt herself growing more aroused. She managed to keep herself restrained whenever she got turned on around Yusei (and it happened a lot), but even the strongest nerves of steel have breaking points. She could only imagine how good it would be to feel Yusei's skin on her own, and the image of him naked caused her nether regions to throb. This was quickly shaping up to be a night Akiza spent relieving her sexual desires when she was alone in her bedroom.

Much to Akiza's relief, just when she thought that her panties might soak through with wetness, Carly stood up and announced that she had to leave, prompting Jack to offer her a walk home. Strangely, Jack had been a considerable gentleman when it came to Carly, and it was no secret why. They both liked each other, but Carly was still too shy to tell Jack about her feelings, and Jack didn't know how to instigate a normal relationship. For the time being, the two were content to remain good friends that shared a few close moments every now and then.

Yusei left shortly after Jack, but not before giving Akiza one last birthday hug that made Akiza want to stroke herself until she came. Being held against his muscled chest was almost too much to handle. But she managed to smile and thank Yusei for his wonderful present before he hopped on his Duel Runner and sped off. She sighed as she shut the door, sad to see Yusei go but relieved to finally be able to satisfy herself. Akiza was about to walk upstairs into the refuge of her room when her mother called out to her.

"Akiza dear, did you open all of your presents?"

Akiza quietly groaned that she would have to wait even longer for her sweet relief. She sighed and walked into the living room where her mother was. "Sorry mom, what was that?"

"I asked if you opened all of your presents," Setsuko replied.

Akiza racked her brain, matching each gift to its giver. "Yeah, I opened every gift from my friends. Why do you ask?"

Setsuko frowned in confusion. "Oh, well then who could this be from?" She held up a brown envelope with no writing on the front. "It didn't have a card with it, and there's no address on the outside, so it couldn't have been mailed. I thought maybe one of your friends had brought it over."

Akiza took the envelope from her mother. "I don't remember seeing any of my friends with this." She turned it over curiously to find that it was blank except for two words written in a black felt pen: For Akiza.

"That's strange," Akiza muttered, trying to edge her way up the stairs. Her desire for relief had subsided a little bit in the face of the mystery, but her womanhood was still throbbing with need.

"Well, I suppose you could go ahead and open it now," Setsuko said. "Maybe you can guess who left it by the gift, and at least you'll know what this mystery friend gave you if they ask."

Akiza inwardly sighed, suppressed her discomfort and tore open the paper, still trying to get upstairs quickly. An opaque card sleeve dropped out of the package and into Akiza's hand, and from the stiff but flexible feel, Akiza could tell that a Duel Monsters card was inside. She turned over the card and observed it for a second before reading the name. She was about to study the card text when the name fully registered in her brain. Her eyes snapped back to the top line of the card, and she read it aloud this time.

"The Dark Magician Girl?" Akiza said, staring at the picture of the female spellcaster on the card.

"I've never heard of it," Setsuko said.

"It's one of the rarest and most powerful cards in the game," Akiza replied, now fully interested in the gift. "It was one of Yugi Moto's ace monsters, and it's also one of the most...iconic cards in the world of Duel Monsters." In truth, the card was a sex symbol for duelists everywhere, but Akiza settled for a euphemism while explaining to her mother.

"How rare is it?" Setsuko asked.

"Almost impossible to find, probably. And even if you did find a real one, it would be worth a small fortune," Akiza replied. She examined the card closer, her curiosity overtaking her desires. "There's no way this is real...someone must be playing a joke on me."

"Are you sure?" Setsuko asked. "How do you know it's fake?"

Akiza slid the card out of its sleeve and turned it over in her hands, careful not to damage it in any way. After a moment of searching, she couldn't find any sign that the card was a fake. Even more surprising was that the card was in completely mint condition, not even slightly bent from play or shuffling. While that made Akiza even more suspicious as to the authenticity of the card, she saw no evidence that it was forged.

"I don't know, but I guess I'll get it checked out by an expert tomorrow," Akiza said. After saying goodnight to her mother and replacing the card in its sleeve, she jogged up the stairs and into her room.

Akiza locked the door, set the Dark Magician Girl card on her dresser, and began to strip down to her underwear. She couldn't wait any longer to relieve herself, her bottoms felt like they were soaked through with her own essence. After removing her shoes, coat, corset, stockings and gloves, Akiza was left in only her bra and panties. She flipped off the lights in her room and laid down in her bed. After taking a moment to steady herself, Akiza slowly edged her panties down to below her knees, exposing her most private area.

Akiza then closed her eyes and conjured up an image of Yusei.

A dark figure sat on top of the dresser as she surveyed the room. She was still getting used to consciousness outside of her normal realm, but the adjustment was always quick. It had been a long time since she had seen a human, much less interacted with one. But now that she had been called, it was inevitable that some duelist would soon become her partner. That was the way it happened with all duel spirits summoned to the mortal realm, or at least the ones called outside of a duel.

She looked over to the bed where she assumed her new duelist laid. The girl had fallen asleep long ago, but the memory of her passionate display was still fresh in the observer's mind.

"This is who has come into possession of me?" she wondered aloud, knowing that the sleeping girl could not yet hear her. The transition between the spirit world and the mortal one was not fully complete. "This is who managed to awaken my spirit?"

She shrugged, accepting the fact that fate had paired her with this person, and that there was a purpose behind it. She twirled her staff in her hands as she got a closer look at her new master.

"Hmm, she is pretty, and certainly well-endowed," the figure said, referencing Akiza's succulent breasts. "Not to mention she must be quite the duelist to have awakened me." She giggled, recalling Akiza's self-pleasuring and massive orgasm. Her bed sheets were still wet. "Wow, I haven't seen anyone that horny in a long time. That girl has some serious sexual needs that she needs to deal with. But no matter, right now the question is what wish of hers was powerful enough to summon me, and why does she need my help?"

She glanced over at Akiza's nightstand, finding a picture of her and a boy with spiked raven hair and a yellow mark across his right cheek. The boy had his arm around Akiza, and he smiled happily into the camera. Akiza was smiling at the camera too, but there was a faint blush across her face.

The spirit looked from the picture to Akiza's naked form, and back to the boy in the photo. "And I think I just found the answer..."

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