Whoa, it's been a long time since I uploaded something here o.o Now, with this whole Avengers sucess going on (And my new fanatic love for Loki and Thor), my inspirations is back and here I come with a new fanfic. Don't worry, I've not forgot about "Until the End" and I pretend to upload it all this vacation. Thanks for the compreehension ;)

He didn't know what would be waiting for him inside the vortex. He didn't know if the fall would kill him or if something would be waiting for him on the other side. He knew just one thing.

He felt scared.

Thor held Mjolnir even tighter as he saw his brother looking down into the spinning fluid, an enigmatic look in his eyes. He didn't want to fall; yet, he understood everything had gone too far. He just wanted to finish this, to let go, to forget it all. There was no reason to live anymore...

Thor smiled, trying to confort him with a look that said there was still hope, that they could fix everything together. Everything would be alright...

"I could have done it, father!", Loki screamed, his tone of voice becoming that of the little boy he once was. He was scared but, more than that, afraid. Afraid Allfather wouldn't understand his motives. Even now, he just wanted to make him proud just as Thor always did... Just to make sure they woldn't forget him. "I could have done it! For you! For all of us..."

Odin looked to his adoptive son, feeling and understanding what was going on. Loki had done everything wrong, it could have been different... But he was his son.

He just wanted to be worthy.

"I know, my son", Odin whispered, barely able to speak as his throat felt dry and Loki's eyes filled up with tears. He couldn't understand what they meant for his eyes lost focus as he saw the younger man's hand slowly letting go of the hammer...

But Thor had been faster and with his free hand held his young brother by the arm, holding it as tight as he could.

"I will not let you fall! Never again!", Thor said, tears dripping from his own eyes and falling into the emptyness and the vortex behind them closed by its own. It was over.

It took a few seconds to pull both of his sons back to the – Now broken – Bifrost Bridge. He was tired but managed to help and as soon as both young boys met solid ground, they were enveloped by Allfather's arms.

"My children..." whispered The King of Asgard, trying to keep his trembly voice calm. He had both his beloved ons within his arms again, in safety. He didn't try holding his relief and didn't let go until he thought he should.

That would be when Thor asked him to. For a moment.

Odin got up and gave a last look to his heirs before leaving them alone. He smiled when he saw Heimdall and other warriors approaching him.

Loki stood on his knees, not able to look into his brother's eyes. He would rather stare into emtpy space, somewhere he knew he wouldn't find disappointment, nor regret, nor shame. Yet...

"Brother..." Thor called, patiently, his voice calm and low so only the trickster would hear.

"Thor, I'm..."

And he felt the world spin around as he felt his brother's arms hold him like they had never done before, tightly, strongly, making sure he would never let go again. The God of Thunder closed his eyes, not believing he was here so close.

"I-I thought you were going to fall..." Thor said through tears and held his brother's face with his hands, looking into the green eyes he knew so well. They were hurt, ashamed, but shining with life and hope. And he would make them shine even more than they had ever done! "I-I'm sorry for... For not being the brother I should have been! I-I..."

Loki took a deep breath, feeling dizzy. Was he dreaming? Had he died? What was going on? He did things wrong, hence the reason he decided to let go of Mjolnir at the very last moment... But now, Thor was apologizing. Thor, his best friend, his older brother, the one that had always believed in him even if not showing it. The Mighty Thor, the heir to the throne, the-

Who cared? He couldn't fight against it. This was all he ever wanted: To be loved by the only one he loved more than anything in the world. He let his body fall into his brother's, just like he always did whenever he had a nightmare when he was a kid...

He felt safe once again.