A.N.: Please, read! After I finished "A Second Chance", I decided to write a simple sequel (4, or 5 chapters only) telling about what happened to Thor and Loki future after the Yggdrasis war. I uploaded this on DeviantArt a long time ago but decided not to upload it in here because I wanted to finish it first. But life got in the way, I stopped writing it and just now I realized it's not up yet. So I decided to upload it here for you, my amazing readers, and I hope it brings happiness to your heart as it brought to mine when I wrote it. I am currently writing "Ancient Kings" but if this one chapter receives a good rate I might finish the whole sequel after finishing Ancient Kings. Thank you.
PS: If you haven't read the whole "A Second Chance" story this might have major spoilers. You have been warned ^^

"Thor, please, calm down!"

They were in the waiting room. Thor was extremely nervous, the reason Loki had come to stay with him. The God of Thunder, now wearing a simple but beautiful white T-shirt with jeans, walked around endlessly, murmuring something to himself. Loki, on the other hand, was sitting on the small seat next to the door, his blue T-shirt and black pants wavling around as he tried to calm his brother down.

"Thor, please, relax! Jane will be fine, you just need to give her some time!"

"She… Sh-shouldn't she be ready already? I-It's been some time since she went into the room and-"

Loki sighed. Thor was already using contraptions. Maybe living on Midgard for a year had not been such a great idea after all…

"Brother!" Loki called him again and this time got up, holding the God of Thunder by his shoulders and staring into his blue eyes, shining with worry "I told them it would not be wise to let you stay with her! All of this nervosism of yours would make things harder for Jane! And here you are, choking on your despair while she is having your baby!"

"I-I can't help it, I-I just-"

"Thor, listen to me!" Loki called him once again, losing his patience "She is in good hands! They will take care of her, everything is going to be fine, but you really need to calm yourself down! Being this desperate will only make her feel uneasy! This is supposed to be the most important day of your life!"

Thor took deep breaths while looking at his brother. Next to their seat¸there were two woman apparently waiting for a friend who was also giving birth. They smiles as they saw Thor's worry as if trying to make him feel better. He smiled back but was still afraid.

"Brother… What is your name?" Loki asked suddenly in a very low voice.

Thor just stared at him in confusion. "Wait, what?"

"What is your name?" Loki asked once again, serious. Thor thought before answering, still confused.


"And who are you?"

"I… I'm Thor, Son of Odin!"

"And what are you?"

"I'm the God of Thunder!" Thor answered with might, yet with a very low voice. Loki smiled.

"Yes, that is right! And will you, the God of Thunder, let this insecurity bring you down? Will you let this insecurity take over you and your wife?!"

"No, I will not!" Thor answered confident but suddenly forgot about his own words "But I'm still insecure about this…"

They did not know for how long they waited. The truth is that, for a worried daddy, it seemed to take hours. And when they finally called his name, his heart almost seemed to stop with excitement.

"Mr. Thor?" An old lady called with a cheerful smile over her lips and he got up, trembling with happiness as she saw her expression. She nodded and he hesitantly followed her, leaving a smiling Loki behind. He gave him a last glance before leaving and he nodded, making him feel more confident.

A few minutes later, the old lady came back.

"Are you Thor's brother?" The lady asked the magician who nodded once again "He wanted me to call you"

Loki got up and for a second he felt his legs tremble. It felt strange but, at the same time, it felt… Magical. He was going to meet his brother's child, his brother's little girl, his… His niece. How could such a simple matter turn him into such a fragile man all of a sudden? How could the mere thought of having a new member on the family make his heart burst with happiness like this? It felt easier to understand Thor's worry at this point but he simply smiled to himself, patiently following the old lady.

She gave a slight knock on the door before entering the room and when she did, Thor turned around, his blue eyes red with happy tears, an unknown emotion running through his heart...

Loki froze for a second. Jane was laying on the bed smiling peacefully. His brother, his "big bro", turned to face him with a look he had never seen before. A look that fell over him with an abrupt intensity as he saw the fragile and tiny baby laying on his arms.

He sighed as if with something on his troat, an ear to ear smile covering his lips. The small body was curled into a little ball, protected his her daddy's strong arms. As the lady left the room, Thor slowly approached his moved brother with shining eyes "N-No, she... She might cry!" Loki told him but against his own words, let a single tear fall as he felt the little human on his arms. Holding her with care, he could not help but feel amazed by nature's beauty... The sleepy little girl opened her eyes as looked to the man holding her. At first it looked like she was going to cry... More tears, however, ran down the man's cheek as she held his finger with such small hand, finding comfort in this stranger.

"Look who's here, sweetie..." Thor whispered to his daughter, caressing her head "Say 'hi' to uncle Loki"

Loki chuckled, feeling the small hand's grip tightening around his index finger "She has your eyes" he said and Thor smiled, looking to the man in front of him. To see his little one holding his little girl was just... It could not be explained. He simply took a deep breath to control himself – He had already cried too much – and said:

"She already likes you. Look, she doesn't want to let go of you!"

"She is perfect... Like an angel. A wonderful and little angel" The magician said. That was his niece. His brother's daughter! Time had gone by so fast… Things had happened in a blink of an eye… And now Thor was already a father!

"She is our angel. And do you know why?" Thor asked and Loki looked to him "Because this is our family"

Their family. Both smiled to each other, memories suddenly filling up their minds. If only Odin could see this…

His boys had become grown up mans. And now, their heritage would keep on living on.