One of them is Bleeding

These are all from my Tumblr page so if you recognise them that would be why :) The prompt that was sent to me is 'Rikurt prompt: One of them is bleeding' :D And BIG news... well for me... since there was no Rikurt captain, a bunch of people who ship Rikurt on Tumblr said i can be the captain and of course i said yes so wow im captain \o/ if anyone has a problem with that just go ahead and tell me :)

It was a hotter than usual day, so as usual on hot days Riker told a few of the Warblers they could come to his house to use the pool.

Titus, Dom and obviously Curt had shown up to use the pool, Curt and Riker had been dating for a few months and Curt was round the Lynch's house a lot,

"I cannot take this heat" Dom said collapsing on one of the Lynch's beach chairs that had been set up near the pool,

"Same here" Titus said, sitting down on a chair next to Dom,

"I don't mind it" Curt said, taking his t-shirt off "I always like the heat"

"Yeah well, you don't you like it when you get sunburn the next day and all you do is complain" Riker said, throwing a bottle of sun tan lotion at Curt, who just rolled his eyes and started putting it on himself. Ross and Rocky then came running out of the house, clearly trying to race each other to the pool,

"You lose" said Rocky, after jumping in the pool and his head reappearing above the water,

"No, you did" Ross said, splashing water in Rocky's direction,

"WATER FIGHT!" Rocky yelled, splashing water back at Ross as fast as he could. Curt smirked and dive bombed into the pool splashing Rocky and Ross. Riker jumped in the pool and joined in on the water fight, then Ryland appeared out of the house with two water pistols, he kept one for himself and gave the other to Titus.

"Curt!" Dom called, from his chair where he was sun bathing,

"Yeah?" Curt asked, from the edge of the pool,

"Your phone went off" Dom said, "I think someone rang you", Curt then jumped out the pool and half ran, half walked to his phone. As he did, he slipped over in a patch of water landing face first on the floor,

"Dude, are you okay?" Titus called, he was the only one to see Curt fall over, Dom had gone back to sun bathing and the others were two distracted by the water fight,

"My nose" Curt said, as he sat up on the floor, Riker saw that Curt was bleeding and was out of the pool and to Curt's side in seconds, "I think I broke it"

"Yeah, it looks like it" Riker said, lifting Curt's chin and taking a better look at his boyfriends nose, "You could use Luna Lovegood right now!"

"What?" Curt asked, completely confused as to why Riker would say that, right at this moment,

"She fixed Harrys nose in the Half-Blood Prince remember" Riker said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, Curt just laughed at his boyfriend. Riker smiled, and leaned in to kiss Curt, just as there lips touched there was puking noise made my Rocky and Ross said something along the lines of "We don't need to see that!"

"Well you're gonna need to go to the hospital" Riker said, rolling his eyes at his brothers and pulling away from Curt. Curt just nodded and stood up holding the bridge of his nose to stop it from bleeding too bad.

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