I Would

I FUCKING LOVE 'ILoveMyStarkids' who suggested this 1D, this is a great song, I had never heard it before! I hope this is the kind of thing you hoped for? And I hope it isn't to shit.

So this is the most accurate fic in relation to their ages I would have ever written, just imagine all the Warblers were one year younger when they started filming Glee (it means Riker would of still been at school).

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Curt was lead out on one of the sofas on the Dalton set, day dreaming about a certain Warbler, who everyone was waiting for to finish school and get to set so they could start filming. Riker. Curt knew he shouldn't be day dreaming about his friend, correction best friend, especially when the daydreams involved a ridiculous amount of kissing and Riker being Curt's boyfriend. This, well as far as he was concerned, would never happen, no matter what he did.

"You're here earlier than usual" Titus's familiar voice rang out above the murmur of the other Warblers voices, Curt opened his eyes contemplating on whether to get up or not.

"Yeah, my boyfriend dropped me here from school" Riker said, and Curt's eyes fell closed again and he let out a defeated sigh, that was another thing, Riker was already taken. Oh and even better he apparently had a car and he was in high school and there was Curt a grown man, still didn't have one. At least he could drive though, unlike Titus.

"Oh, so when are we going to meet this prince charming?" Dom asked, joining in on the conversation,

"You could meet him today after shooting today, he's going pick me up" Riker said, sounding less enthusiastic than he probably should,

"That sounds great" Dom said, "Doesn't it, Titus?"

"Yeah, great, whatever" said a very distracted sounding Titus, who could be distracted by literally anything,

Oh what a fucking joy, Curt thought to himself, meeting Riker's boyfriend, you know what else would be a fucking joy? Falling into a pit of boiling lava.

Filming that day seemed to go far too quickly for Curt's liking. He liked, no loved, spending time with Riker on set but today whenever he saw Riker all he could think was that he was going to have to meet his boyfriend and act as nice as he possibly could.

"There he is" Riker said, pointing to a car driving into the parking lot. They had just finished filming and Dom, Titus, Curt and Riker were all stood in the studio parking lot wait for prince-douche-face-charming to show up. The car pulled up close to them and the driver slowly got out and as soon as Curt saw the dudes face he wanted to hit, because he just had one of those annoying faces. Punching his best friend's, boyfriend in the face probably wouldn't be deemed appropriate so instead he put on his best smile.

"Matt, these are my friends" Riker said, "Guys this is Matt", Matt smiled at them all and Curt knew the guy was good looking; he still wanted to hit him though.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you" Dom said, offering out a hand for Matt to shake, "I'm Dom"

"It's nice to meet you too Dom" Matt said, shaking Dom's hand, Fuck, Curt thought to himself, he's polite as well. Plus he had at least five possible tattoos, so this guy was nice, good looking and a bit of a badass, Curt thought he could never compete with that.

"I'm Titus, it's good to meet you" Titus said, also shaking Matt's hand,

"Titus… that's a cool name, it's good to meet you too" Matt said, smiling brightly back at Titus,

"I'm Curt" Curt simply stated and reluctantly held out his hand for Matt to shake,

"Nice to meet you, Curt" Matt said, smiling at him, "I've heard a lot about you", that then caused Curt to smirk at him.

"Really?" Curt asked, "All good things I hope?" his question was defiantly more directed at Riker than Matt,

"Of course" Riker said, smiling innocently as ever. Once the introductions over, Riker said that he and Matt needed to go so they wouldn't be late for the movie they were planning on seeing at the cinema and said their goodbyes.

Curt went home that night and just laid on his face on his bed, he felt so defeated. The way Riker looked at Matt made Curt feel like crying. He just wished Riker would look at him like that.

A week had passed since he last saw Riker and met Matt, and he wouldn't see Riker again for three days since that's when they were next filming, well that's what Curt thought anyway. Curt was lead sat on his sofa, watching some hold horror movie on TV when there was a knock at the door. Curt groaned to himself, turned the TV off, dropped the remote on the sofa and got up to answer the door.

"Oh hey" Curt said, immediately cheering up when he saw it was Riker and then his spirits immediately dampening again when he saw Riker's eyes were all red and puffy, he had obviously been crying, "Come inside, what's wrong?" Curt asked and Riker wandered into Curt's apartment, immediately taking a seat on the sofa,

"I – I – Uhm – It – ugh" Riker stuttered, trying to find the right words but he just started crying,

"Hey, shhh" Curt said, dropping on the sofa next to Riker, wrapping a protective arm around Riker's shoulders and pulling him down so Riker's head was resting on his shoulder. Curt started to stroke Riker's hair trying to calm him down, since he was now sobbing. I swear to fucking god, if this is because of Matt I'm going to beat the shit out of him, Curt thought, rage building up inside him when he thought of Matt.

When Curt noticed Riker was calmer he tried asking again, "Hey, what's wrong? You know you can tell me."

"I got into a fight with Matt, I told him I loved him" Riker said, oh and there was that knife in the heart Curt felt, "and he just got really mad, the thing is I don't actually love him, I know I'm just with him to replace some one, I know I can never have, but he makes me forget about that person sometimes. So I said it and he just got angry and we started arguing but I don't want to lose him, because he is the only way and I can forget who I really love."

"Riker, you can't just replace someone you love with someone else, you know that, right?" Curt asked,

"Yes, but it's not stopping me from trying" Riker said, letting his eyes fall shut, the last thing he wanted was a talking to,

"Well if Matt won't even say he loves you back, then it defiantly won't work with him" Curt said, "Wait, did he say he loved you?"

"Your right and no, he didn't" Riker said, he knew Curt was right; Matt was not going to be the one to make him get over who he truly loved,

"Well, if I was him, I would" Curt said, and shit, why did he say that? Curt could have actually punched himself in the face,

"What?" Riker said, confusion evident in his voice, "You would tell me, that you loved me, why?"

"Because I love you" Curt said, and he honestly didn't know why he was saying this, but he just had to keep digging a bigger hole for himself,

"I'm such an idiot" Riker said, rubbing his hands on his face,

"No you're not, why would you say that?" Curt asked,

"Because you're the one I thought I could never have" Riker replied.