Title: Sevemn Deadly Sins

Character: Drew

Notes: Oh, how I love Drew. And sadistic Drew just makes it all better. I really hope you love this as much as I do; I think this is actually one of my best pieces of work. And so, I dedicate it to you, who is reading this now. This poem is for you. Let's hope this doesn't mean that you're Drew's next target. Enjoy!

Drew is the scarlet woman;
who hides in her crimson bed,
and watches with cherry eyes as
her claret lips pout,
and her hands are stained cerise.
She walks away from the crime scene
in her ruby high heels,
and the red bed sheets
bid her goodnight,
and whisper,
Down with the bloody red queen.

You were always going to break;
pretty Drew,
gorgeous Drew,
"Oh, how we love you!"
It was only a matter of time
and time's never exactly
been on your side.
You want more -
more, more -
and they sure as hell
aren't going to take it from you.
The scarlet woman;
rich Drew,
beautiful Drew,
Drew who needs more.

Some sane part of you
that you ignore
says that you're glad it's only here
when they can fight back.
try to fight back at least.
You know that they'll
win in the end.
Pretty Drew;
oh, how they broke you.
They were so much better;
they were loved.
You were feared.
You let the green eyed monster out
from under your crimson bed.

More make-up;
shelter your cherry, empty eyes.
More clothes;
don't want them to think
that you're losing your touch.
More boys;
oh, how they love you,
and you just can't get enough.
You want more,
so Drew,
you eat them up,
and toss them aside.
You were taught not to play
with your food.

Oh, you're prideful, aren't you,
lovely little lioness?
No one does lovely
better than you.
Drew, with your full, claret lips.
Whatever anyone else says -
"They're wrong!"
because no one's right
'cept you, right,
You're pretty; perfect.
Your pride is in danger,
and yet all you do is hunt.

Oh, little dreamer girl;
dream in the night,
in the morning,
whenever you don't have the will
to get out of bed.
Why should you?
Here, all the bad is pushed away,
stored and filed for later.
You don't want to change;
why should you?
So you dream, of scores of boys,
coming to you and your bed.
You and your Venus flytrap,
stained cerise.

You play innocent, sometimes,
to get what you want.
Play docile;
play pretend.
It's a game, in a way -
how many boys can you trap
with your little girl
Eyes that burn with fire,
and that tight, tight dress,
full, open lips,
ruby high heels;
you're a devil woman, waiting to pounce.

A change in the weather
is enough to set you
A toe out of line;
a tiptoe too loud.
You'll scream and you'll scream -
'til the act wears you out.
Your hands stained scarlet;
the blankets a sea of crimson,
and a head,
set out on a cherry platter.
Claret lips press a cerise kiss to the cheek -
and ruby eyes that shine with fire
wink at the red bed sheets,
waiting for the maid to scream
bloody murder!