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"My sister sent you both magazines and letters. I bet her letters will explain it," I say, picking up another cookie as Jasper stands up.

"I gotta go check on my guys. We have a patrol to do soon."

"I'll see you when you get back man," I say as we do our secret handshake.

"I gotta go check on my patients too," Edward says, taking his stuff and doing our handshake before walking to the medical tent. I reread the letter she sent me while eating more of her cookies. I wonder what possessed her to write to Jasper and Edward. I know she was very young when I left, but she'd supported me even at the tender age of ten. Here she is, at the age of only twenty, and already a college graduate. I pull out my Maxim and put on my iPod and relax til my next shift.

~Ch 2~


I leave Em and Ed behind as I go to check on my guys. Everything checks out, and everyone is ready to go, so I run to my bunk to drop off my stuff. I can't believe little Bella has sent me this stuff. I wonder what's in her letter. I check the time, seeing I have five minutes I rip it open to see what it says.

SFC Whitlock,

I'm sure by now you've heard all about me from my knucklehead brother, Em. I'm also sure you are probably wondering why I sent you those magazines and this letter. Well, simply put, I thought you'd like some comforts of home, and a smile from getting a letter.

FYI... I warned Em that he had to share the cookies, so if he didn't, let me know and I will send you some directly. I also told him if he didn't share, he wasn't gonna get any of the next batch, LOL. We all know how Em is around food.

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. From what Em tells me, you forever have a smile on your face. Now as for the magazines, I took what Em has said about you and Captain Cullen and put it to use. Em said that you are from Texas and like to hunt and fish. He also said you are into History. Hence the fishing, hunting and history magazines. Feel free to let me know if you want more, or different ones. I would be glad to send more.

I know I am Em's kid sister, and eight years younger than all of you, but I want you to know how much I appreciate all that you, Em and Captain Cullen do for our country. You don't have to write me back, but I'd at least like to know you got the stuff I sent. Feel free to send a letter or email me back at bswan20 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Stay safe,


Well that was very sweet of her, I think, I will have to write her back a quick note when I get back from patrol. I grab my gear and head out to my men.


I take the stuff Em handed me back to the medical tent with me. I have to check on a few patients who got hit with a roadside bomb a few weeks ago. Everyone seems to be healing nicely so I take my stack of goodies to my desk. I set down what looks like some awesome reading material in favor of the letter. I'm wondering what she has to say to me, especially since I have never met her. I've only heard about her from Em. I pull her letter out of the envelope and smile when I see her girly writing.

Captain Cullen,

I'm sitting here giggling as I write your title. I know how pissy Em is that you are a higher rank than him. I just flat out find it hilarious that someone has one-upped him. Finally. Although, I am wondering how you managed that. Feel free to tell me if you want.

I hope this letter and the magazines find you in good spirits. I hope I got you all of your favorites to read. I figured with being stuck in the middle of the desert does not 'an up-to-date on the latest and greatest medical advances doctor' make. I laugh at this. She's funny. And so right. I wish we had more access to the outside world, but with all the missions, we are always under a communication ban. Now back to my letter...

I've sent you the American Journal of Medicine, Emergency Medicine and a Men's Health. I thought they might have some interesting articles to keep you up-to-date on what's going on in the medical world back home. Feel free to send me a letter back, or email me at bswan20 (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know if you want more, or different ones, in the next shipment.

Also, can you please let me know if Em shared the cookies I sent. I told him that if he didn't, he wouldn't get any in the next box. And that I would only send them to you and SFC Whitlock instead.

Please stay safe,


Well this was awfully nice of her. Em's mentioned her over the years. He feels bad for leaving her when she was only ten years old. I've seen some pictures of her over the years and she was such a cute kid. I add up how long we've known each other and how old she was when he entered the Army, so that makes her all of twenty now. I think I remember Em saying she just graduated Summa Cum Laude from Washington State. How did she do that with only being twenty? I decide to find out, so I grab a pen and some paper and start to write.

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