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Eight months later

Eva ran her fingers over the texts. An uncomfortable tightness closed in, but she ignored it. She was home now. Earth was as it should be.


"Please," she murmured.

A few minutes later, and he set down a steaming cup by her hand. She smiled, looking up at her all-too human lover as he sat down beside her.

"Thanks, Zach."

"No problem." He took her hand and squeezed it. "How's the translation coming along?"

"It's fine. Nothing taxing, but the university wanted me to re-translate it. I owed them a favour."

"I guess you're fluent than most." His eyes twinkled, kind, soft, and her heart lifted.


She leant against him, and his arm tucked her close. So warm. Nothing like Loki had been.

"Do you miss him?"

Eva bit her lip, thoughtful. "I want to say no, but he was so different to everything. He knew things, and I…" She closed her eyes. "You'd like Asgard. It's beautiful…"

Zach kissed her head. "Maybe you'll go back someday."

"Mm. Maybe."

They both knew she wouldn't.

"Come on. Bring your coffee. We'll go out to the park. It's not that busy yet."

She chuckled, sitting up and standing. "Alright. Give me five minutes."

"I'm giving you one."

"No!" Laughing, Eva grabbed her keys and phone, nearly spilling her coffee in the process. "Damn it, Zachary!"

He grinned, pulling her hand; she rolled her eyes, but went willingly.

As the warm air hit her face, she found herself smiling. It felt safe. Zach felt safe. He didn't care that she'd slept with a god. He didn't care that she'd shared the bed of that dictator. And there were no paparazzi now, no accusing glances. No debriefing, no court dates (she'd walked free eventually). No one really seemed to care anymore. It was all in the past. Loki was gone, and she was nothing more than a PhD student.

She had to admit, she kind of liked it that way.

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