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"Wow, your ass looks great"

I giggle and spin around to face my best friend.

"How many times have I told you to stop checking me out? Your husband's going to get jealous!"

She throws her hands up in defeat, "What can I say? An ass like that deserves to be commented on."

I laugh, shaking my head. Having Rosalie Hale as a best friend does wonders for the ego. Hard to believe considering she's probably the most beautiful person you'd ever see walking down an everyday street. In comparison, she's a butterfly among caterpillars. I've certainly adopted the habit of counting calories being friends with her.

"Well thanks for letting me borrow these jeans. They're the magic behind the ass. They're fantasstic."

"When are you going to admit that your ass is fantasstic with or without designer jeans?"

"Shut up," I say bashfully before turning back around to face the full-length mirror.

I'm wearing an off the shoulder blue blouse with Rose's enchanted dark jeans, and black strappy heels.

"You look awfully nice for a casual lunch. Are you secretly trying to seduce Orbit's man, hmm?"

I laugh out loud at the mention of the oh-so-apt nickname Rose has given Tanya. Orbit—because she's a dental hygienist and her teeth are so big and white she looks like the spokeswoman for Orbit gum. She also has an irritating habit of saying "Fabulous!"

"Oh please, this is the first time I'll even be meeting him, Rose."

She shrugs before sitting on the naked bed that used to be mine. It, along with the mirror, dresser and a couple of small suitcases are the last things left in the bedroom I've lived in for nearly a year. But officially, as of tonight, my new home will be at 18 Twilight Rd. apt. 5E with Tanya Denali and her boyfriend Edward.

She pets the bare mattress fondly, "I'm really going to miss having you around, kiddo."

I try not to let her see my frown as I move to sit beside her.

"You know I'll be here so often, it'll be like I never left"

"How about you just not leave, and I won't have to delude myself"

I give her a pointed look and place my hand on her softly swollen belly —we've had this conversation a million times. Rose and Emmett are going to be a family soon and I would never allow myself to intrude upon such a monumental moment in their lives. Besides, my bedroom would make the perfect nursery. Rose likes to argue that they could easily transform the guest bedroom for the baby, but this room is much closer to theirs. Not to mention the guest bedroom is a necessity due to their frequently visiting families, and once the baby arrives, they'll be coming around even more often.

"You know it's too late for that" I say.

"And you know I'll keep insisting even after you've fully moved out and your fucking name is off the mailbox."

I laugh and hug my best friend, "I would say I'll miss you too, but there won't be any space to do so in. I'm a twenty minute drive away and we work together boss lady, in case you've forgotten. Where do you see us missing each other fitting in to that schedule?"

"Uhh duh," she says and begins counting off with her fingers, "you won't be here at Friday night movie time, at Sunday night spa hour, when we want to binge eat junk food at ungodly hours to reward ourselves for working out for ten minutes, when I need to sneak into your bed after Emmett and I get into a fight, when one of us needs to borrow an emergency outfit or shoes because none of our one million satisfy us, when-"

I press my hand against her lips because it's obvious she's getting extremely emotional. Rosalie is the toughest chick I know, and there's no doubt in my mind that seeing her shed a single tear will lead me to shed a thousand.

"This baby's turning me into such a pussy" she whimpers, rubbing her belly.

I bite my bottom lip, "Rose, you're my best friend and I love you. My moving out won't do a thing to change that. The only time you won't be seeing me is when your eyes are closed in slumber."

Her eyes are glassy but she manages a smile, "I love you too"

I narrow my eyes at her, "Yet you refuse to come to this lunch with me"

She laughs, and as always, it has the power to lighten the mood.

"Unless you want me to rip Orbit's extensions out by the end of the night, I should stay home."

I scoff at her before checking the time. I still have about ten minutes before I need to leave.

"I don't get why you hate her so much" I say.

Rose had gone with me the first time I'd viewed Tanya and Edward's condo. They were looking for someone to rent a bedroom to and I was desperate for a place to live. With Rose already five months pregnant and the soon-to-be nursery in need of immediate renovations, I'd been ready to make an offer at the first decent place I could find. And Tanya's condo was more than decent—a spacious, high-ceiling two bedroom, equipped with the most drool-worthy kitchen I'd ever seen in person. Not to mention I would have my own private bathroom with a Jacuzzi in it. Holla!

I can't help but cringe inwardly—even my subconscious knows I'm not cool enough to pull off saying "holla".

Throughout the entire tour, Rose kept a disdainful eye on Tanya, watching her like a starved hawk. She'd been huffy the entire way there and I'd chalked it up to her being upset over my moving out. She'd hate whomever I decided to live with as long as it wasn't her.

"I don't hate her. I just think she's a conniving bitch with an ego the size of the sun. Oh, look at that, another good reason why her name is Orbit."

I laugh, "Well she's not all bad—she was very reasonable when we were negotiating rent payment. Since I'm going to be living with her now, you should start playing nice. And try to cut back on the Orbit thing before I accidentally slip up in front of her."

I stand and Rose immediately swats my behind hard.


"Isabella Marie, don't you dare defend her. This baby has me in a very fragile state right now. Mark my words, if I catch you replacing me with that swine, I will shoot you in the kneecaps."

I laugh loudly and flick her nose, "As if I could ever"

Rose gives one firm nod, "That's what I like to hear"

As I move to the dresser to grab my purse I say, "Again, she's so terrible, yet you're making me go on this lunch date with her alone."

"Her guy will be there, so you won't be alone. The question is why won't your guy be there?"

"Because he's not my guy." I say, exasperated, "I've already told you, Jake and I are keeping things casual and I don't want to confuse him by involving him in my life too much."

"B, I think the guy is already confused. Writing you romantic little love notes all the time just screams "exclusive" to me. But, hey, I've been wrong before."

Rose is actually hardly ever wrong, and she's right about those love notes. I've known Jake for three months now and we've been sleeping together for one of them. He's a nice guy and pretty good in the sack, but he just isn't someone I can see myself going anywhere with. I've been trying so hard to force something that isn't there that the poor guy probably thinks we actually have a future together. If nothing else though, Jake's an exceptional friend and I don't have the heart or desire to blow him off completely.

But those damn love notes keep popping up in the most unexpected places and at the most unexpected times. If I were as invested in him as he seemed to be in me, I'd probably swoon at how sweet he could be. But as we are now, it's getting pretty worrisome.

I roll my eyes, "Okay, well then I amend that statement to 'I don't want him any more confused than he already is.'"

"It's just lunch with your two new roommates, drama queen, it's not like you're introducing him to the family."

I shrug, "Whatever, it's too late now anyway and I'll just have to suffer the consequences."

Maybe I should've invited Jake. The last time I'd been alone with Tanya, I'd been unable to find a single thing in common for us to talk about. She, of course, had been able to fill the silence with things I had absolutely no interest in. I don't think she even noticed my lack of participation in the conversation. If Tanya was any indication of what her Edward would be like, I was in for the most uncomfortable lunch date of my life.

As if reading my mind, Rose shakes her head and says, "They're probably one of those obnoxious couples that feels the need to kiss after every sentence."

I shudder, even more upset now because Rose is likely right. I could just imagine Tanya as one of those girls who needs excessive physical confirmation of her relationship in public. Don't get me wrong, I find nothing wrong with a little PDA. But something tells me that watching the two of them will probably lead to the expulsion of my lunch before I've fully digested it.

"They're probably going to treat me like a third wheel. Think I should just cancel?"

Rose shakes her head, "Too late now, they're probably already on their way. But luckily for you, I have a solution."

My face brightens immediately, "You'll come?"

"Not on your life, sister." My face drops. "Emmett!" she calls.

From his position in the living room, her husband hollers "Yeah?"

"Come in here, por favor."

He enters the room a moment later.

"What's up?" he asks then looks over at me, "Whoa, you look nice"

I smile, "Thanks"

"Bella needs you to take her to her lunch date with Orbit and her slave boy." Rose explains.

"Uh, sure, something wrong with your car?"

"Not exactly" I say contritely.

"Baby, she doesn't need a ride, she needs you to go with her."

A look of panic overcomes his face. Rose has filled his mind with exaggerated horror stories regarding my soon to be roommate, and I think the guy might actually believe Tanya keeps carcasses in her basement. I rush in.

"Please, Emmett, please, please, please, please, PLEASE! I don't want to be a third wheel, and Rose refuses to come. You're my only hope! And if you do this, I'll buy you whatever you want on the menu."

For once, the promise of free food doesn't seem to sway him. But before he can refuse, Rose, my dear best friend, steps in with the big guns.

"Em, you go with her and I play naughty maid for you tonight, with the garters. You don't go and I burn the costume."

"I'm ready when you are" He says immediately.

I laugh and jump into Rose's lap, hugging her gratefully. "Why are you so amazing?"

She shrugs, "I ask myself that, everyday."

When Emmett and I arrive at Bella Italia, I'm certain we're running late. Traffic had been terrible, and we'd needed to stop for gas on the way over. But Orb—Tanya and Edward hadn't even arrived yet.

Once we take our seats, we order drinks to pass the time. We finish them, and they still aren't here. The two of us go over the menu so many times, I'm sure we have it memorized. Emmett is in an irritable mood because he's starving and I've denied him every single time he's asked if he could just place his damn order already. He huffs and complains every time another table is served, but I'm just thankful he hasn't thrown one of his temper tantrums—yet. As for my temperament, I just feel guilty for dragging him here. A larger part of me though is more grateful than anything for the calm before the storm Tanya is sure to drag in.

When she does finally show up, it's her scent that I notice before anything else. I have no words to describe it other than perfumey. Tanya smells very strongly of perfume—artificially sweet and overbearing, unnatural and tainted, a cover, a front. It sets off warning bells, as if the amount of perfume she wears is necessary to disguise the extremety of her inner fuckedupness. My stomach immediately rolls before attempting to lurch into my esophagus. But I stand and force a smile as she pulls me into a hug.

"Isabella!" she squeals excitedly as if we hadn't just seen each other yesterday for the legal finalization of things.

"Hey, Tanya" I manage.

She makes us do this really awkward side-to-side sway motion several times before she finally releases me.

She takes a step back and I notice she's wearing nude pumps, similar to a pair I own, and a floral chiffon mini dress. And Rose thought I was overdressed.

"So so so so so sorry we're late. I was needed at work a little longer than I expected."

"Don't worry about it; we haven't been waiting too long." I say, and try not to giggle when I hear Emmett scoff behind me.

"Good, good" Tanya says and takes a seat across from me and Emmett.

"Where's Edward?" I ask, looking around, which is pretty stupid since I have no idea what he looks like anyway.

"Parking the car, he'll be here any minute. And whose this, Bella, I didn't know you had a boyfriend. Especially not one so handsome" she grins.

Emmett and I share an awkward glance before chuckling, "This is Emmett, Rosalie's husband. He's practically my brother"

"Oh! Well that's awfully… generous of her to let you borrow him for the evening." She says as her eyes pinball back and forth between us suspiciously. "Nice to meet you"

"You too" Emmett says shortly, no doubt still put out about having his meal delayed.

"So, have either of you ever been here before?" Tanya asks, "I hear they have delicious pasta primavera! I wonder how many calories that has. I'm on a diet,"—she's a stick—"and I really shouldn't have anything that exceeds 200 calories for lunch. But, hey this is a celebratory occasion, right? Not that that's really any excuse to let myself become a disgusting fatty, because, let's be honest, there is no excuse for that, am I right?"

She starts laughing and Emmett and I just stare, unsure of whether or not this extreme superficiality could actually be genuine.

She continues to ramble on. I make a solid effort at trying to pay attention, but it isn't long before my attention wanders. I avidly pretend to listen as I look past her towards the people entering and exiting the restaurant. My eyes bounce from one thing to the next, and I'm beyond feeling guilty for being rude at this point. Something tells me she enjoys her conversations more when they're one sided, anyway. There's a lovely bouquet of flowers arranged by the door that I cannot take my eyes off of. The arrangement holds a myriad of tropically colored flowers that, no matter how hard I try, I cannot recall the names of. It's so beautiful that I make a mental note to ask the hostess standing beside it for the name of the restaurant's florist. I want to send a bunch to Rose. She would love them, especially now that I can't be physically with her as often as we'd both like. Hopefully, they can put a smile on her face when I'm not there to do so myself.

A dark figure passes in front of the flowers, effectively blocking my view.

I blink hard as if broken from a trance. I'm almost offended that he's gotten in my way, and crane my neck to continue my observations around him. When I can't make out enough to truly satisfy, I pin the perpetrator with a scowl.

And it's as if I've become entranced again.

I see a face that is so shockingly familiar, so painfully and permanently etched in my memory, and so fucking sorely missed that I have to shake my head to make sure my mind isn't projecting his image before me.

There's no way.

When I clear the cobwebs, I'm sure that he isn't just a figment of my imagination.

Standing by the hostess' booth, looking every bit as handsome as I remember, just more deliciously muscular, is Edward Cullen—the boy who took my virginity on the night of graduation, six years ago, and never looked back.


"Are you sober?" he rasped, breathing his beautiful breath into my ear.

I was leaning my back against the wooden panels of Jasper Whitlock's basement walls. The heavy bass from the startlingly loud speakers thumped through them like a pulse, and beat steadily against me. I felt alive with the room, with the music, felt it enter and race through me like repeated shots of adrenaline.

Heat waves radiated off of every solid surface my eyes made contact with, making everything appear hazy and warm. In the glow of the dim blue strobe lights, I could see a heavy cloak of smoke circulating around us, wrapping us all up in the allure of carefree teenage mischief and dirty fun. The scent alone was a live entity in the room. It was as if someone had placed a spell on us all.

I was smothered in it—the Jack and Coke, Bud and Smoke, Drama and Tears, Lies and Fears…

No, I certainly was not sober.

His beautiful palms—which I had spent countless periods fantasizing about during our shared biology class—were pressed flat against the sides of my head. He hovered above me, suspended by pure upper body strength as if he were doing push-ups against the wall.

I felt something flutter down below.

He panted into my face, awaiting a response from me.

"Your breath smells like…like Winterfresh gum" I mumbled against his collar bone, my lips pressing against his flesh with the movement.

He threw his head back, chuckling.

I smiled because he was so fucking gorgeous, and I couldn't help it.

Then, one of the three billion kids crowding the basement knocked into him, pushing him one step closer to me. He stumbled, and I grabbed hold of his waist to steady him. Except, more than anything, I was just holding him closer.

His torso pressed fully into mine, my head fitting perfectly into the crevice of his neck. I knew I should've let go, but I almost physically couldn't. The alcohol was doing miraculous things to my bravery, and I maintained possession of him. For this one moment, I could truly pretend that he was mine. That the sweetest, most attractive guy in all of Forks High history, actually belonged to me.

In the midst of all the confusion, and despite the spell of the mystical fog, he kept me hyperaware and ultrasensitive.

And as the slut soldiers eyed us disdainfully from the other end of the room, I could pretend that they were nonfactors, and I was the only one he ever paid any attention to.

He hooked his thumbs into the loops of my jeans at my hips, his long fingers splaying wide on my sides, setting off a mini earthquake in my belly.

And we just stayed that way—my hands clinging to his shirt at his waist, and his on my hips. As if we belonged to one another.

And I couldn't remember a single moment in all of my four years of high school when I was nearly as content.

"Edward, honey, over here!" I distantly hear Tanya call.

His head turns in our direction.

Stupidly, my first reaction is to laugh at his obvious confusion and tell him that she isn't calling him. No, she's calling her Edward, not mine.

But he flashes a small grin in recognition and that is when my stomach absolutely plummets.

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