Simply Irresistible Keeperoilver Chapter 35

A/N: Well my friends, this is the end. Or at least I hope so. This is another one I hate to see end, but, it has to. How I could write a novel of this length, without conflict surprised me. Not just that, but the way it was accepted by you my readers. It was beyond me. Oh I suppose it was the naughty parts that kept most of you around, but they were few.

Stella was my brightest spot in the story. I will miss her and Luna the most from this story, which may surprise many of you who know how much I love Ginny. It's true though. I love writing about Luna, and her eccentric ways. In many ways she was more compatible for Harry then Ginny. She was a calming influence for him in the last three books from canon. I know there are more than one of you out there that agree with me on this. Alan, Bro, and Gov to name a few. This however does not take away from the fact that Ginny was meant for Harry. JKR, in my opinion said as much right from the start, when she said that Ginny loved Harry Potter before she even met him. Before Ron or the Twins met him. If this were not the case, she would not have even mentioned it.

If this is boring for you, then you should skip the rest and get to the end, but I am not finished with this part. I feel there are things I need to say, and this is the best way to do it.

In Deathly Hallows, JKR wrote this book like she was angry at some one for trying to tell her what she needed to do, and who had to survive. She took it out on us for some reason. I mean really, killing off Hedwig, Dobby, Fred, Remus and Tonks was totally uncalled for. She took away from Harry any way of getting to know more about his parents. She left another orphan that had to listen to others to find out what his parents were like. She broke up a family that had been behind Harry from the start, though there were times one of them was in doubt.

Why did Hedwig and Dobby have to die? That really baffled me. It was as if JKR didn't want Harry to have any one close to him in the end, except his two closest friends. Once again we come to the Harry Ginny relationship. Ignored for the most part in the series, how did she justify Harry and Ginny coming together. Like I said, I feel she did it right in the pairing, but she did nothing to show us why.

JKR left gaps in her story you could drive a truck through, which is why these sites have become so popular. Not only does it let us continue the story in our own way, but, it gives young authors a way to test the water, before they try to do a work of their own. It shows them how much people like their style of writing. Hell, even old goats like me have been asked to write a story of our own creation, and were promised to read it, if it was published.

As I look back over the last two years of my writing for this site, I have made new friends, Met some awesome people on line. I have talked to some really amazing authors as well. Some have drifted away from me, but the time we shared with each other meant quite a lot to me.

So, to end this, let me say thank you to all who follow my stories, and give me the courage to continue to write, even when the story sucks, or is so insane, no normal person would think to read it. Does that make my readers insane? Probably not, but they definitely like to get away from reality, even though Harry Potter couldn't be called reality.

Thank you all my friends for sticking with me through all my stories, and telling me how good or bad I am doing. For putting up with my bad stories as well as my good ones. For putting up with my memory loss, bad spelling, extra comas, and foul language. As always, Ollie the Keeper of the Quill.


Twenty years after the fall of Tom Riddle, better known as Lord Voldemort, the world has enjoyed a peace that was still going strong. Though not totally known to the mundane world, the magical world has come to be known by most of the world leaders. It has put an end to many possible disasters both natural, and man made.

Because of one individual, lives thought over at one time were still around and thriving. One such family was the Lupins. Remus and Tonks had been able to give Teddy two sisters he would not normally have enjoyed. Norma and Janet were very close to Teddy. Teddy saw what could have been if the one individual had not accomplished what he did.

Another couple who was in this same mind set was Fred and Amanda Weasley. Fred was another who owed the one person so much. He allowed Fred to enjoy his two children so much. He was so honored by this one person, he even named one of his children after him, Harold Arthur Weasley. His other was named Edward George Weasley. Like their father, they were the biggest pranksters in Hogwarts,along with their cousins Adrienne and Loretta. They were the daughters of George and Verity Weasley.

So many more were included with this group, that it would be impossible to name them all. The one person responsible for all this. None other than the boy who lived, Harry James Potter. But Harry didn't think like this. Harry thought that everything that happened was meant to be, and not by his doing.

Harry's own life was one of what dreams are made of. He had two wives, Luna and Ginny. He had six children, Stella, Remus and Ariana, all from Luna. From Ginny, he had James, Lily and Orion. Stella and James went through Hogwarts together, and were model students. Finished tops in their class, and both left school to become important members of the Ministry of Magic. Remus, Ariana, Lily, and Orion were still in school.

Hermione and Richard had two children as well, Rose and Hugo. Both of them were still in school.

Ron and Lavender had one child, Molly, still in school.

Hogwarts was filled with students named Weasley or Potter. It was also filled with new Professors. A new Headmaster, and Assistant Headmistress. Neville Longbottom and Hermione had taken over when Minerva decided to hang up her robes and Join Albus and Filius in the WWW. She wanted to have fun for a change.

When Aberforth decided to sell his bar, Filius bought it, and expanded his business. It doubled his space, doubled his merchandise, and the profit more than tripled. Albus and Minerva spent time both in the back and up front. They loved to see the merriment of the children as they went through the store to see what was new on the shelves. Many of these were from the two. Filius and Richard still did a lot of research on new items both for the shop, and the MMLE.


At forty years old, Harry's hair was now what you called salt and pepper. He was upset when ever someone mentioned this to him. It was made even worse when they made the comment about how his wives looked as young as when he first married them. Not that it wasn't the truth, but did they have to rub it in. He was growing old, while his wives stayed young and beautiful. When Luna and Stella stood side by side, it was hard to tell the difference between the two. Both of them were very proud of this fact. It was the same for Ginny and Lily, though Ginny had a darker shade of red hair than Lily did.

Even with the salt and pepper look, Harry never lost the energy to live life to the fullest. He took trips with his wives back to their special places, but always with them both, so that they could experience the joy that the land shared with it's visitors.

Guam had changed quite a bit. The Japanese had purchased a strip of land along one of the many beaches, and built hotels there. They opened up restaurants, bars and dance clubs on the main road outside of Tamuning. Visitors from Australia, Japan and China filled the streets of the island.

In Thailand, things didn't change too much. Scenic wise that is. It thrived with tourists though, many from the USA. Harry took Ginny and Luna back to the shop where Harry bought Luna and Ginny's jewelry. And it had grown in size. The man who took care of Harry was now a half owner, and he remembered Harry as if it were yesterday they met. He asked Harry if he ever found out about what type of insect was in the amber, and almost passed out when Luna pulled an article from her purse that showed what it was and how much it was worth.

Yes, time had been good to the trio. They enjoyed the life they lived, and loved the people that surrounded them. Both family and friends.

They enjoyed the fact that because of Alastor, the Ministry was now more modern. Well not so much Alastor as it was Louise, who was now his wife. She was a major influence in his life. He was retired from the base in Maine, and now they lived Spain, on the southern shores. He had purchased a villa for them to live in, and enjoyed visits from his friends many times a year. Many were the nights he relived old memories with them. Louise would laugh at some of the things they talked about.

James, Lily, Sirius, Marlena, Remus and Tonks were his favorite visitors. They got along great with Louise and the ladies became the best of friends. The age difference made no matter to them.


Life continued on as the group grew in size and age, but none ever let the age get them down. Most were given a second chance to live, and live it they did. It was a beautiful life, filled with beautiful people.

Harry and his wives felt it would be soon that they started losing family members again, but this time the loss would not be so bad as the last time, as they got to share life with them all. Yes they would be missed, but it was with love that they accepted this point of fact. Everything must come to end.


Author's End Note: I know it was short, but there was really not much left to say. It would seem that most of this chapter was me talking to you. It probably was, and I will probably hear about it.

Well, friends, this is the end of another tale from the Keeper. That makes twenty three I have put to bed now, and Twenty four will soon follow.

I would like to take this time to apologize to Willow who is my friend that I said I would write her story. It was too close to AKTM in the beginning, so I figured I would wait for a while. I have another though that I have talked to Teach about called (Bad Love). It is a story of Harry preparing to start sixth, and thinking about his life to this point. He goes over the girls he knows in his mind, and how he never seems to find one that likes him the same way he does her. Not just this kind of relationship, but also of family. Or the lack there of.

Until next time, may all your new year resolutions come to fruition.

As always, Ollie the Keeper of the Quill.