This is my first contribution to the smuckleberry week. So this one is masturbation.

"Do you know the one thing that we have never done sexually?" Rachel asks me in the middle of lunch.

"What, I can't think of what we haven't done, we've done role-play, anal, all kinds of kinky shit, what haven't we done?" I ask confused.

"Masturbated together," she says as if it is obvious.

"You mean you want to fuck yourself with your fingers while watching me jerk off?" I ask her making sure I have got what she is saying right.

"Yep, my house tonight, 7 o'clock, my dad's are out and the door will be unlocked for you, remember to lock it after you," she replies and then walks out of the room.

Holy shit I am going to watch Rachel fuck herself tonight.


"Rachel, it's only me baby," I call out letting her know that I am here. I lock the door and then bound up the stairs 2 at a time.

I walk into her room and find her spread out, naked and waiting for me.

"Hey Noah," she says to me in a sex filled voice.

"Fuck, you're so beautiful," I say to her.

"Strip Noah," she orders me, and I don't hesitate I can't wait to get this show on the road.

As soon as I am stripped and my raging hard on is exposed I walk over to the bed and go to kiss her, only to be stopped.

"No contact at all until we have both got ourselves off," she tells me.

Her hands trail down her body, stopping at her boob's, she is twisting and pinching her nipples making herself moan, her eyes locked on mine the whole time.

When she has had enough of tit play, she lets her hands trail down to her bare pussy.

She draws a finger up her slit and moans, "Fuck I am so wet."

She traces her fingers around her lips, teasing herself.

"Fuck, Rach, does that feel good?" I ask her.

"So good," she moans and I decide that now is the time to begin to play with my cock.

She dips a finger into her entrance and moans at the contact. She slowly pumps it in and out at a slow pace.

After about five minutes, she begins to pick up the pace so I do the same to the pace of my jerking off.

"God Noah!" she moans out.

She adds another finger and is practically riding her fingers.

Her other hand reaches down and she begins to play with her clit.

"Fuck, it's so fucking good Noah," she says her eyes trained on my cock.

"I'm gonna, I'm gonna. Fuck I'm coming Noah!" she says and it's enough to make me blow my load all over my stomach and hands too.

"Rachel," I say as I come.

When we both come down from our highs, we cuddle and just talk for ages, just like we always do. This is something that will stay in my spank bank forever!

Hope this was hot enough for you. R&R