The black is the lyrics, and the regular is the thoughts/actoins.

Playground school bells wring

They are all gone... Why are the all gone?



Rain clouds come to play

He took hem away... Why did he do that?



Has no one told you shes not breathing?

She got in her car, and drove.

Hello, I'm your mind

Theirs no time for the radio

Giving you someone

Theirs no time for life.

To talk to...

Hes coming


Its Halloween.

If I smile and don't believe

She got out of the car.

Soon I know Ill wake

Police cars rush past her

From this dream

To the people he killed.

Don't try and fix me

Trying to catch him

I'm not broken

Like they can.

Hello, I'm the lie

She walked into the Myers house

Living for you so you can hide

And went up stares

Don't cry

She sat on the floor.

Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping!

She pulled out the knife, his knife.

Hello I'm still here!

Micheal Myers came in the room, prepared for a fight.

All thats left...

She put the knife in front of her, and looked into his eyes

Of yesterday!

And slit her trough.

I hope you liked it. Its set the halloween after Halloween one.