Dragonette Destined

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Summary: Epilogue Compliant. Harry has been having 'problems' for a while. A new healer discovers the problem but reveals him to be a Dragonette Destined which is a new problem.

Pairings: HP/GW. HP/OMC. HP/OFC. HP/TN (Theodore Nott).

Warnings: Slash, hints of het, hints of polyamorous relationships, mentions of nudity, mating, swearing, some English slang insults, some English slang. Mature scenes will come later in the fic, after about 60000 words into the fic (the last couple of chapters), I shall not mark where they begin as I am warning you now – do not read if under-aged or if male/male intercourse offends your delicate sensibilities. I have kept the mature scenes to appropriate for this site as best as I can with my understanding of the rating system.

Author note: This fic is, as of today 6-6-12, nearly complete. I am up to 58000 words so far and have everything from there to the end plotted out. It was inspired by There Be Dragons, Harry written by Scioneeris.

This fic, in my opinion, starts off with a series of peeps into Harry's life and there are time skips to keep the pace up and keep it all rolling on through. This fic is about the journey, quite a lot of information will be give and a lot of new people introduced. I tried very hard to keep the new people I introduced reasonably brief except those people I felt were important. I hope you enjoy it, and that you bear with it as it is long…it has taken me several days to write.

29th January 1999 – Harry age 19years

"Well Harry I really think you should see a healer about it." Harry sighed in frustration. He and Ginny had been talking about this for the last few days and he was fed up with the conversation. Maybe she would drop it quickly today like she had every other day. But then again they'd tried having some intimacy again today only Harry hadn't been able to and had had to purely pleasure Ginny, which she had enjoyed no questions asked. Only she'd wanted to return the favour, and being unable to it had meant they were having this conversation again, naked in Harry's bedroom. As for seeing a healer… he really didn't want to go down that route. The very thought of seeing a healer was horrifying and embarrassing.


"No Harry I'm serious! We're getting married in a few months, how are we supposed to have sex and have children and be a married couple if you cannot get and maintain an erection. I mean you're attracted to me right? You aren't attracted to men?" Harry nearly blanched at the look on Ginny's face. She looked very upset and Harry hated the question he now had to answer. He swallowed and took hold of his fiancée's hands, holding them tightly in front of him and looked imploringly into her eyes.

"Ginny, I am attracted to you. Not to anybody else now or ever. I have never felt attracted to another bloke, you are my one and only. I love you and I want to marry you." Ginny sagged with relief and placed a light, gentle kiss on Harry's lips.

"So then…then attraction and love isn't the issue. If-if you can't get an erection then it must be something medical like, like I don't know, spell damage perhaps?" Harry nodded a little, frowning all the way. He hadn't been hit with any spells during the war that he knew of, but then it could be something liked with the fact that he died out there, there could have been a stray spell that hit him, heck he might even have caught an infection while camping out and horcrux hunting. Who knew?

Harry felt his frustration mounting but also his vehemence ebbing away, perhaps seeing a healer was his only choice.

"Okay Gin. I'll book an appointment at St Mungo's."

"Oh good. Thank you Harry. Just let me know when your appointment is and I'll take the time off training."

"No! Merlin no! Ginny you're not coming with me to see a healer about my dick! I'll see him alone. It's embarrassing enough knowing it doesn't work and having to see somebody about it, I'm not dragging you along for to be audience to it all." Ginny seemed to swell in anger then. She pulled back and her lungs inflated to their full capacity making her breasts stick out too, since she still hadn't put any clothes on. Harry was distracted for a brief moment by a large cluster of freckles by Ginny's sternum before Ginny started talking in a harsh voice she'd obviously learned from her mother.

"Harry James Potter I am going to be your wife and…"

"Exactly! You will be my wife, my wonderful caring and understanding wife. And as such you will understand that I will be uncomfortable talking about my history and problems with anybody, which is why I will go on my own so that I feel less uncomfortable." Harry almost crossed his fingers out of sight beneath the blanket as a lucky gesture to hopefully get Ginny to agree to his wishes. It took a minute…and then another before Ginny slumped down again and rearranged herself so she was lying pressed against him on the mattress, snuggling up ready to go to sleep.

"Alright then. As long as you promise to not skip anything and be completely honest." Harry fingered the scar on the back of his right hand.

"I don't lie Ginny." He said simply, remembrance of Umbridge's detentions searing him to the core still. When he completed auror training next year he would make sure an investigation into all such dark items was carried out. He couldn't wait to pass auror training, the classes were dull and the spells useless compared to what he'd used during Hogwarts and the war. Harry could only hope things got better soon or Ron and he would quit and do something else.

"Alright then Harry. Just book an appointment tomorrow."

Harry shut his eyes. He'd book the appointment tomorrow, absolutely. He'd also book it during his lunch period so he'd only have a limited time to be in the healer's consultation room.

5th June 1999 – Harry age 19 years.

"Did you take it?" Harry smiled over at his bride, still dressed in her wedding gown and looking the picture of beauty. Harry had married his wonderful Ginny just that morning; this was the happiest day of his life, and the happiest day of hers. However Harry and Ginny had waited the entire day for the night time to come and with that the wedding night which they had been patiently waiting for four months. Harry had been to the healer a few months ago and the healer, after questioning Harry's sexuality and sexual experience had decided that Harry was unable to maintain an erection due to spell damage and had therefore given Harry a potion to help. There were risks involved however, like becoming sterile, experiencing bleeding and rashes, but to the couple it was a way forwards.

"Yes and then I brushed my teeth." Harry answered with a grin. Ginny's face lit up and she stepped towards him.

"Is it working?" She asked, breathless and eager. Harry knew the wait had tortured her, it had tortured him too. However after sorting things out with a healer back in January they had decided to wait until their wedding night to sleep together for the first time. It would be Harry's first time, though Ginny had experienced sex with a previous lover.

Harry wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him so she could deign the answer for herself. She cooed and wiggled a bit leaning up to kiss him. Harry couldn't keep the grin of his face.

"Oh yeah, it's definitely working. Take me to bed husband." Ginny commanded with a soft loving smile. Harry didn't answer, he couldn't. His heart was swelled with love and his body heated with passion. This is the moment they had been waiting for.

It was the start of the rest of their lives! Harry couldn't wait.

September 2003 – Harry age 24 years.

Harry was absolutely ecstatic but completely unable to concentrate! Ginny had told him that she was pregnant right before he left for work and now he had a whole pile of paperwork to do and no possible way for him to concentrate.

Harry was going to be a father. He didn't know whether to be terrified or excited but he was happy, unbelievably happy. A Father. Harry was going to be a Father! What did he need to be a father? He'd have to research it all. Oh! And he'd need to make a family tree…not one by hand either Harry would go to the Goblins and get them to make him a family tapestry which used blood to go forwards and backwards through the generations. Harry would go to them during his lunch break.

Oh but Harry knew h also needed to make a trip to Flourish and Blotts to see what kind of information books he could get about parenting…or better yet he could just ask Molly or Hermione, they would be a lot more informative about it than some book would be. In that case then Harry would go to Gringotts first, start the family tree process and make a new bank account for 'unnamed Potter', buy a book of baby names, buy some baby things which were gender neutral and buy Ginny a fantastic present…maybe he'd buy her the new broom on the market. No couldn't do that, she was pregnant so she couldn't fly. He'd buy her flowers, jewellery, new clothes and book them a table at a nice restaurant.

"Mate…that doesn't look like the Higgs report." Harry snapped his gaze up from the parchment he'd been frantically scribbling on to see Ron standing at the other side of the desk. Harry felt colour flood to his cheeks and a huge grin spread across his face. Ron gave Harry a small confused smile back. "Blimey mate, what's got you so happy?"

"Ginny's pregnant!" Harry burst out, the words tumbling from his lips in a hurried slur that made his heart nearly explode. Ron's face transformed completely, from confused to shocked and then to ecstatic. Ron rounded the desk and yanked Harry up into a bone crushing hug.

"That's fantastic mate! Congratulations! We've got to go out for a beer and celebrate!"

"Bu-but I've got so much to do and I'm so excited. I was busy planning what to do during lunch. I want to get Ginny a special something too. I'm going to be a father!" Ron just burst out laughing and Harry couldn't help it, he laughed too. He was so happy!

He was going to have a family of his own – just what he'd always wanted. All his dreams were coming true.

2nd April 2008 – Harry age 28years.

Harry was utterly exhausted but he trudged his way through Diagon Alley in the rain shower to reach Gringotts. He had never been so glad that Ginny had decided to go traipsing off to god knows where and had taken little James and Albus to Molly's first. That left Harry with one blissful Saturday free of his energetic children and his hormonal wife. Harry was going to enjoy his day of freedom, he'd decided to go to Hogwarts to visit Neville and have a little chat with the portrait of Albus Dumbledore in the headmaster's office.

Or better yet maybe he would go and have tea with Narcissa Malfoy, he'd really enjoyed his tea last time with her because it had been so relaxing. Despite their differences Harry got on very well with the pure-blood lady. Their friendship had bloomed once Harry had repaid her the life debt by freeing her, Lucius and Draco from the clutches of Azkaban. Harry wasn't friendly with the other Malfoy's though, the two Lords were still stuck up and poncy but Harry liked Narcissa a lot.

First though Harry had to go to Gringotts and arrange the extra vault for his and Ginny's new arrival. He trudged up the marble steps to Gringotts and slid inside out of the rain. There was only two month left to go of the pregnancy then Harry would have a little baby girl who they had lovingly decided to call Lily Luna. Harry could not wait to hold his little girl in his arms. It would be wonderful; Harry had loved holding James and Al for the first time too. He'd never felt a love so huge before. Now he'd get to be a father for a third time and have a daughter to spoil instead of just a niece.

"Mr Potter." Harry gave the goblin at the desk a small not and smile.

"Good morning. I would like to open a new vault please, one for my daughter, and would it be possible to see inside he family vault? Only I've not seen the family tapestry since the day I made it." Harry didn't know why he hadn't seen the tapestry. He'd had it made the day Ginny had announced she was pregnant with James. It had taken three months to weave, Harry having to go to Gringotts to imbue his magic into the tapestry's wool so that the tapestry would be able to link solely to him and his family magic. Once it had been weaved Harry had needed to donate blood while the goblins then took a week to do an expensive and time consuming ritual that made the blood soak into the tapestry in such a way that the tapestry would then write the names of all the beings before of people who shared Harry's blood. The tapestry would also go forwards in time too, and when a new person was added to the tapestry the tapestry should write them in.

Harry hadn't seen the tapestry though. James had been born early, Ginny had wanted to go almost immediately back to work so Harry had needed to take some paternity leave from the aurors and balance keeping a house, keeping a baby and keeping the wizarding world. He'd only communicated with the Goblins via written correspondence since then. Once things began to calm down though Albus was on his way and the whole thing started again. So Harry had been busy, too busy to see the tapestry.

"Right this way hen please Mr Potter. Do you have the vault keys in question?" Harry produced them from a chain around his wrist. The goblin smiled, a sharp tooth filled grin that was neither pleasant or unpleasant. In fact smiles on goblins were mostly completely emotionless, just smiles to try to make the goblins seem a little more congenial than they actually were. Since the dragon incident at Gringotts though the Goblins did give Harry a lot of respect, and a lot of space. "You will need to collect a sum of money no less than ten galleons to start a new vault. We shall do that first and the new vault will be number one thousand three hundred and ninety one."

They rode the roller coaster down to the vaults, Harry feeling invigorated from the ride. Maybe he should take the time to fly today; he hadn't flown for a few weeks. Giving the key to the Goblin Harry stood back while the door opened then he went inside and counted out one hundred galleons to start of Lily Luna's own vault.

They then went to Lily's vault and Harr signed the appropriate forms, leaving the date of Lily's birth blank as they did not know it yet. Once the gold was inside it Harry had to fill out a form so money would be transferred into Lily's vault each month. Thirty galleons were sufficient enough and equal to what James and Albus received. By the time she completed her Hogwarts education she should have a pretty sizable sum of well over 6000 galleons. Harry was lucky to have such a well-paying job and to be Lord Potter and Lord Black. Oh! Speaking of Lordships, Harry should decide which of his children would be heir to which one.

"This is the vault your family tapestry is in Mr Potter." Harry smiled and handed over the key to the vault. Once the goblin opened the door Harry went inside. "I shall wait upon you here Mr Potter."

"Thank you. I won't be too long." Harry answered the goblin and ventured deeper into his vault. He had to dodge around the tables littering the place and the piles of gold and artefacts here and there. Near the back of the vault was the tapestry, Harry could see it. Harry crossed to it eagerly, he'd get to see his family as it evolved and potentially learn any names that constantly appeared through his line, like whether all the Evans' girls had flower names.

Harry's eyes fell immediately to Ignotus Peverell near the middle of the tapestry, Ignotus' brother's names right next to them. Linked with Ignotus was Adelheidis Peverell, formerly Smith. Down from them were about thirteen children, seven of whom died unmarried and childless, four of whom were girls and the rest were boys. Harry knew the invisibility cloak went through Ignotus' son's line so Harry followed through the oldest boy's line only for it to end two hundred years later with the relative only producing girls. Finally though Ignotus' youngest son Leodegan's line they descended into Potter's. Harry found his grandparents then James who was linked to Lily. Lily's mother and mother before that and again before that had indeed all been named after flowers but the flower names had only descended through those women and hadn't gone on to be any of the other girls' names. There was a Primrose, Iris and Violet. It was Grandmother Violet who named both her daughters with flower names, Lily and Petunia.

Harry then traced down to his name and felt everything inside him freeze. His name was there and it was linked to Ginny then there was nobody. None of his children were there. Harry felt a thousand things rush through his mind. Was it an error on behalf of the tapestry? Had the magic not been cast right? Did the tapestry he'd ordered only do past family relations? Harry refused his mind to think about the other side of the equation.

"Goblin! I don't know your name but you know I mean you! Come here! Come here now!" Some feet shuffled into the vault and Harry turned behind him to glare fiercely at the goblin that entered his vault.

"Yes Mr Potter, you called?" The goblin said sardonically. Harry felt his temper rise, but he'd learned a long time ago to control it, the only problem was the rising temper wasn't hot – it was icy cold. Harry swallowed and pointed to the tapestry, something sharp felt like it was lodged in his throat.

"This…this tapestry is supposed to show my family…my whole family. My parents, my grandparents, my great grandparents, my cousins, my wife, and my children. Where are they?" The goblin gave the tapestry a quick peruse, then the goblin moved closer. He moved so close in fact that his abnormally large goblin nose pressed into the tapestry. The goblin narrowed his eyes then sniffed, then his hands felt over the fabric of the tapestry and a small stubby fingered hand reached for the magnifying glass at the goblins' side. Holding the magnifying glass up the goblin inspected the tapestry once more. Harry waited, holding his body completely still though his heart was hammering so fast in his chest he thought he'd faint or collapse because of the rise in blood pressure.

"You are correct Mr Potter. The tapestry does show your whole family, as it is." Harry went to open his mouth, arguments rushing to the front of his mind and communicating with his voice and lips to form words. There must be something wrong, the tapestry must, it must, be faulty!

"I have two children! I have two boys, James and Albus, and I have a girl on the way. My wife's pregnant right now so why don't my children show up on the tapestry. What did I spend all my money on to have a tapestry which misses the three most important things in my life? I want…" The goblin interrupted, holding up a hand with sharp pointed fingernails.

"You have a fully functioning Family Tapestry here; there are no mistakes either in the tapestry's construction, nor the spell work that I can find. It appears to be a complete family tree. I can, if you like and for a fee, take the tapestry into the goblin hold and have it investigated for any flaws which are not immediately noticeable."

Harry nodded frantically, snatching the tapestry down from where it hung. The sharp thing in Harry's throat was digging in now and growing bigger. Harry's heart was beating on a complete and utter overload and there was a stinging coming behind his eyes.

"Yes. Yes let's do that! Any fee you like, just investigate it." The goblin nodded and rolled up the tapestry.

"60 galleons for the investigation will be sufficient Mr Potter, he fee will be deducted from this very vault later today. If you have finished your business I suggest we leave the vault." Harry nodded again, feeling completely unable to talk.

He walked slowly to the Gringotts cart feeling a little detached from the world. His hearing dimmed, his eyes felt suspiciously wet and Harry was sure his heart was going to give out soon it was racing too fast.

"Please…please let it be a mistake in the tapestry…" Harry wished, thinking or saying or wishing the words. The goblin sitting next to Harry put a hand on Harry's leg, Harry looked down. His leg had been twitching wildly but began to calm. He glanced to the goblin, there was an odd look in the goblins eye. Harry couldn't stop what came next.

All those times Ginny had come back late over the years, all those times she had gone out late and come back flushed but excused it as her having been flying. All those times they had argued about Harry being unable to have the level of passion in their sex life that Ginny had wanted. All those times Harry had made sweet gentle love to his wife after ingesting that potion only to find when he entered his wife she was soaking wet already. All those times they had avoided each other for weeks. Those times before they had found out Ginny was pregnant that Ginny had been frantic with her need for sex. Those times when Harry had caught her crying for no reason but had her dismiss it as hormones.

"There's nothing wrong with the tapestry is there…?" Harry knew the words fell from his lips because the gobin's face looked utterly serious and a little sad.

"I don't believe so Mr Potter." Harry nodded and felt his heart shatter. A pain tore through his heart, his breath shuddered. The icicle in his throat grew unbearable and Harry choked. Then he felt a cough tear from him followed by a sob.

"They…they aren't my children…" Harry shut his eyes trying to shut out the world. He dug his hands into his eyes but that released a dam of tears. Streams poured down his arms and drenched his sleeve.

"Mr Potter? Mr Potter, we have arrived." Harry barely heard the voice through the roar in his ears. He stood up when nudged and walked.

He walked towards the doors of Gringotts not caring for the voices calling to him or greeting him. He didn't see the people wave or the people point in concern. He walked through Diagon Alley and into the Leaky Cauldron. He didn't stop to greet Tom the barkeep, just took some floo powder and threw it into the fire and yelled his home address.

"Master Harry's home! Can Yizzy be…Master Harry? Is you being alright?" Harry walked past the family house elf Yizzy and collapsed into his arm chair hiding his face in his hands. The house elf fluttered and flustered, wringing her hands and dancing around her master. Harry could see the tiny feet of the elf fidgeting through his fingers.

"Yizzy…could you go and get James and Albus' birth certificates." The house elf stopped moving.

"Birth certificates Master Ha-"

"Yes Yizzy. Birth certificates. You know where they are, you filed them away for Ginny I know you did. Now, I want to see them."

"Master Harry I's…" Yizzy began, her voice betraying her a lot. Harry felt his world break apart a little bit more. The house elf knew…Yizzy knew that he didn't have children. Ginny betrayed him and covered it up. How many other people knew? How many people knew Ginny was a cheating, betraying, adulterous…Oh Merlin his wife betrayed him? The woman he loved…He loved her, she was his world! And the children! They were his entire world and he didn't have them anymore. But-but he had to see proof for himself. He knew it, he absolutely 100percent knew it but he wanted it written in black and white.

"Yizzy, go and get me their birth certificates or I will get you clothes." The house el squeaked and wit a crack was gone. Harry felt a whimper pass his lips, the sound barely reaching his ears but he did hear it. He pressed his lips together and tried to hold himself together for a moment or too. Just until he had proof. Another crack and there was Yizzy crying but holding out two pieces of parchment.

"Thank you." Harry took the parchment from the elf who started ringing her hands together and looking absolutely petrified. Harry closed his eyes and took a shuddering breath. He breathed for just a minute, he had to know but it was absolutely terrifying. How does a person bring themselves to look at a piece of paper that holds the truth of his life for the past decade almost? It could break his family apart! If they weren't his children what would he do? What could he do? He couldn't leave them, he loved them. He'd raised them for years thinking they were his…they might not be his blood but they were his. But what if they weren't legally his? And what to do about Ginny?

Harry tried to bring up his terribly occulumency shields and block those thoughts for a minute. Taking a deep breath and steeling himself up Harry opened his eyes and looked through the parchments in front of him. James Sirius Potter, born February 27th 2004. Mother Ginerva Molly Potter, maiden name Weasley. Father Kosma Daffyd Morgan. Adopted Father Harry James Potter.

Harry felt sick. Sick right to the core. His stomach churned wit nausea and pain wrecked his body. He looked at the next piece of parchment. Albus Sirius Potter, born 5th August 2006. Mother Ginerva Molly Potter, maiden name Weasley. Father Kosma Daffyd Morgan. Adopted Father Harry James Potter.

"P-Put them back now please Yizzy." Harry handed the parchment back to the hovering house elf and quickly ran to the bathroom. He barely made it to the toilet before he threw up all his breakfast into the toilet. Sobs tore his throat, catching the vomit on the back of his tongue and setting off the gag reflex all over again. He retched and retched, barely able to breath between expelling all his breakfast and stomach acid.

James and Al weren't his. They weren't his.

"Master Harry?" Harry gasped in a breath before retching once more, only to expel nothing else from his body. He snatched up his wand and cast several cleaning spells to get rid of the vomit and to clean his mouth before he sunk to the floor and rested his head against the wooden floor panels. His children, his beloved children and his lovely wife weren't his. All of them belonged to Kosma Morgan the brother of Ginny's best friend Valmai from the Holyhead Harpies. Who had known? He was such a fool. He had been completely bested by a wife who slept with a man behind his back, and then got him to raise that man's children. Oh James and Al…James with his red-brown hair and beautiful brown eyes and Albus seemingly have inherited all Harry's colourings except Harry knew that Valmai had pale skin, black hair and green eyes so her brother at least carried the genetics to make such a mix in a child. The face structures of all his children were so unlike his own. They were too young yet to have personalities that matched Harry's but James at last had a mischievous streak…that obviously came from the Weasley side and not from Harry's dad though. Harry's life, his family was completely false. It wasn't his.

And yet he still loved his boys.

"Master H-h-harry Po-tter s-s-sir?" Harry wiped his eyes and tried to concentrate on words. Yizzy looked completely distraught, pulling on her ears and eyes streaming silent tears.

"Yes Yizzy?"

"Y-Yizzy bad e-elf." Yizzy whimpered and Harry closed his eyes once more in grief. Yizzy had known and she'd had to keep it from him too.

"No you're not. You were made to keep it a secret weren't you?" Harry whispered, unable to do more because he was just so drained and so sick. Yizzy nodded.


"P-pretend I never found out Yizzy. I don't know. I've not seen them. Everything will be fine." Harry didn't know who those words were for. Could he pretend like this had never happened?

"Master James and Albus is loving you Master Harry Potter sir. They is loving you like you is daddy." His heart clinched again and Harry felt a moan tumble from his lips once more. He'd have to stay now. His sons loved him, he knew that. They just weren't his sons. What could he do?

"I'm going to bed Yizzy. When…" Harry swallowed trying to force the words out even as he struggled to stand up. "When Ginny and the kids get home, tell them I'm ill okay?"

"Yes Master Harry." Harry stumbled past Yizzy, pulling at his clothes on the way up to his bedroom. He stripped of his outer robe and jumper before shoving down his jeans and sliding between the covers. His clothes littered the floor but just as Harry closed his eyes to shutout the world Harry saw Yizzy picking up after him and magically closing the windows.

Harry didn't sleep at first, too many thoughts flooding through his mind and too many tears falling for him to drop off. Eventually he fell away though into fitful dreams.

"Daddy! Daddy wakeup Daddy!" Harry felt small hands shaking him awake and he blinked around the darkened room frowning and trying to figure out what was going on. His eyes landed on young James who was grinning cheekily from his position on Harry's chest. Ginny stood at the edge of the bed holding Albus in on arm and holding the other arm out to stop James falling just in case he did slip.

Everything came rushing back and Harry felt sore all over once again, his voice catching in histhroat as well as something hot and unpleasant. James didn't seem to notice though because the little boy climbed up Harry further and planted a very wet kiss on Harry's cheek followed by a snicker.

"Ewww slobbery kisses." Harry managed to say without much enthusiasm. He did manage a smile though and James' face light up with childish delight.

"Kisses for Daddy!" James giggled and Ginny laughed a little there too. Albus, unable to talk yet, gurgled and cooed.

"Yizzy said you were poorly Harry, so we came up to see how you were." Harry nodded at Ginny's words and James put his hand on Harry's forehead imitating what Harry and Ginny did to him when he was poorly.

"Daddy got hot head mummy. Is he sick? His tummy sick?" Harry nodded and pulled James into a tight hug feeling tears well up again.

"Yes sweetheart, daddy's poorly." Harry said those words and it felt like a balm on invisible wounds. It soothed a little but didn't get rid of them completely. James called him Daddy and as long as his son called him daddy then Harry would be okay.

"Your tummy bad?" Harry nodded again.

"My tummy and my head and my chest. Hurts a lot." Harry confessed to the toddler. James looked sad for him and gave him another kiss, just managing to stretch his face up to kiss Harry's chin.

"You look terrible Harry. Come on James. Let's leave Daddy to have a rest so he can get better." Ginny held her hand out to take James from Harry. For a moment Harry felt like clutching James tightly and refusing to let go, but he threw away that thought immediately. Harry did not want to bring up what he had found today. He had children he loved and that loved him, he'd think about the rest later. Besides, considering her crimes Harry would rather Ginny confront him with the truth herself as opposed to him confronting her with it.

"Bye bye Daddy. I get you potions okay?" Harry shook his head negative to that and pulled a funny face at James who clambered down from the bed.

"Potions nasty." Harry said imitating James' comment from the last time James was sick. The little boy just got a stubborn look on his face.

"Poorly people have to take potions to make them feel better. You said that daddy." Harry nodded and Ginny laughed tugging James gently from the room.

"Sleep well Harry."

13th June 2008 – Harry age 28years.

Molly smiled at him from where she held the baby standing next to Ginny's hospital bed. Ginny gave him a tired smile from the bed and Harry wandered over, Ron, Hermione, Rose and James following him. Harry was holding Albus, the toddler fast asleep in Harry's arms.

"Do you want to hold her Harry?" Harry hurried over a little quicker, a heavily pregnant Hermione moving to take Albus from him only to be butted out of the way by a protective Ron. Hands free Harry raced the remaining distance and slowly, gently and carefully took the little bundle in yellow from his mother-in-law.

"Lily Luna Potter." Ginny announced but Harry barely spared her a glance. He gazed at Lily and traced his finger over the baby girl's lips, chin, and plump cheek then up to her forehead. Gently stroking down the baby's nose Harry met the gaze of a bleary eyed new born baby. Bright blue eyes which could turn any colour in the weeks to come stared up at him. She had red hair already, it was quite sparse but it was there, bright red atop her wrinkly head. She was absolutely perfect and Harry felt tears burst from his eyes. He gave a harsh sob. She was perfect but not his.

"Harry?" Hermione said and Harry heard a hurried footstep forwards. He glanced up to see Hermione frowning in concern. Harry shook his head and tried to give her a smile. He flicked his eyes over to Ginny who was looking quite alarmed too, something lurking in her eyes and her cheeks suddenly going pale.

Harry darted his eyes quickly back to Lily. He'd promised himself that he would carry on with his life and with his family not giving away that he knew the big secret. He'd love Lily like she was his own and should that bastard Kosma every come calling for her Harry would fight him off. Should Ginny want another child, Harry would not oblige her. Harry had told her he had to stop taking the potion to give him an erection because it had caused a sort of depression and he had been advised by a healer to stop taking it. Harry knew that made him the liar now…but it was a small lie compared to Ginny's.

"Harry, you okay?"

"I…" Harry shook his head and forced a laugh, pushing away the thoughts. He gave a smile to the people around the room. "I have a daughter."

There was relieved laughter around the room and Harry quickly got on with his duty. He crouched down so that James could see his sister. The toddler asked usual questions, like why was she so re and why was she so small. Albus tried to touch the baby then he tried to hit her, having learned that lots of things could be activated it he hit them. He was only 1 and a half after all. Harry then let Ron hold his niece and went over to give Ginny a brief kiss before picking up Albus from where he was trying to waddle around the room.

Harry smiled around the room and forced himself to smile genuinely, to find a happy memory and use it to fake the happiness. He was happy he had a daughter, Lily was a perfect healthy baby girl and Harry loved her…but Harry felt rather empty and detached. Lily wasn't his…none of it was his. He'd just keep going as he had been, keep going and they would be the family of his heart, not the family of his blood.

Authors Note 2: I realise that should anybody find out that their children weren't actually their children they would go ballistic and with Harry's temper he would have blown up the house. However, I needed him to just keep clinging onto the idea that they were his, just for a while longer.