Dragonette Destined

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Summary: Epilogue Compliant. Harry has been having 'problems' for a while. A new healer discovers the problem but reveals him to be a Dragonette Destined which is a new problem.

Pairings: HP/GW. HP/OMC. HP/OFC. HP/TN (Theodore Nott).

Warnings: Slash, hints of het, hints of polyamorous relationships, mating, swearing, some English slang insults, some English slang. Mature scenes will come later in the fic, after about 60000 words into the fic (the last couple of chapters), I shall not mark where they begin as I am warning you now – do not read if under-aged or if male/male intercourse offends your delicate sensibilities. I have kept the mature scenes to appropriate for this site as best as I can with my understanding of the rating system.


31th December 2028 – Harry age 48 years

"Three…two…one…HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Harry stood up and cheered along with his family and mateship as the wireless radio announced the transfer from 2028 to 2029.

"Happy New Year, mate." Brancis murmured and a hand on Harry's neck drew him in for a kiss. Harry hummed into the kiss enjoying the gentle contact and keeping it sweet because the children were still awake.

"Ewww! Come on, Batya! Stop kissing, Papa!"

Harry sighed, the short kiss broken by his eldest daughter Elodie, who was stood there with an impish smile and swirling blonde ringlets. "Well, thanks young lady, for ruining the few kisses I get nowadays! Why do you always ruin my kissing time, huh?" Harry teased and grabbed the seven year old around the waist, hoisted her up and tickled her. Elodie squealed and shouted trying to get away.

"Elodie, quiet down! Don't wake Linnaea!" Asguard hissed and Harry quickly put his girl to rights and stopped kissing her. Elodie darted away quickly and went to see Katya who was giving her Mamka a hug in celebration. Harry sat down next to Asguard and ran a finger over the small hand of Linnaea, Asguard's two year old daughter.

"Sorry, Asguard." Harry said and Asguard gave him a smile and shrug.

"Ah! Niko get off! I said a kiss not a mmmm…!" Harry laughed at his son who had just been grabbed up in a steamy kiss by his mate. Nikolai had proved to be just what James needed over the years. He was serious enough to be respected, had a sense of humour wild enough for James never to get bored, maintained the mateship with a strong hand, and continued to kiss James thoroughly at odd points during the day, reminding James that he was loved. Niko finally released James, Harry was glad to note, but had obviously thoroughly kissed him because James had a dopy eyed look on his face.

"On that note, Patrik we are going to bed. My beautiful ladies? I shall see you in the morning. James, say goodnight." Niko demanded and for a moment James seemed to do as he asked and gave Esmerelda, one of the mateship's carriers, a gentle kiss on her lips before pulling back. James then seemed to snap out of the haze he was in, shook his head and shot a glare at Niko who smirked unrepentantly. James scowled for a moment more then grinned. He threw himself down at their other Carrier's feet.

"Oh Tanith! My beautiful Greecian Goddess of sugar and spice and all things nice! Please save me from this beastly Dragon! Save me and I will be yours to command for the rest of my days!" Tanith rolled her eyes and tugged her skirts from James' grasp. James gave her his best puppy eyed look and Harry had to look away because he didn't want to see much more of his son's interaction with his mateship.

"Goodnight everyone!" Everyone seemed to start leaving then. They were staying at the Volos Castle for the next week. Because it was the festive season Brancis had taken that as a good excuse to gather all his treasures together under one roof. Even the Russian families had come for Christmas, though they had left to spend New Year at home and with all the people around, Harry was glad that side of the family had left. Having near onto fifty people in the castle was far too many, in Harry's opinion. All the children everywhere had been disastrous, all those mates, all those pregnant Carriers…hell on earth.

"Good night, Mister Potter." Harry turned to Scorpius, Emmeline's husband of two years and gave him a handshake.

"Good night, Scorpius."

That was another thing that helped increase the number of people in the house. Emmeline was married, Leif had a fiancée, Antonia had joined a mateship, Albus had a fiancée, Lily had a boyfriend, and Dimitri and Rene had friends over to celebrate the New Year so the house was packed.

"I'll put Leonid to bed for you love." Yevgeniya said quietly as she delicately held Harry's only son. The two year old boy had all of Yevgeniya's colourings except for his bright green eyes, and had all Harry's features. In essence he looked like a red haired, pale skinned version of Harry.

"Sure. Thank you." Harry kissed Yevgeniya lightly on the cheek then gave his sleeping son a kiss. How he loved Leo…loved all his children! Speaking of children, his last, so far, biological daughter was causing havoc because she was over tired. Theodore looked overwhelmed, poor man, as Harry's little girl ran around and around in circles around his legs. Tyshawn was too busy giggling to help and Brancis was busy chatting to Rene and his friends to be of any assistance.

"Run, run, run, run…" Harry snickered at his daughter's words and approached carefully so he wasn't seen by the little girl. She seemed a little too involved in her game though to notice so Harry lost his carefulness.

"Harry, please, do something about your demon." Theodore begged, trying unsuccessfully to pick the girl up. Harry didn't say anything, just shot Theodore a cheeky grin. Harry then bent down and waited until the black haired hyperactive child ran forwards. Quickly Harry scooped her up and cradled her close.


"Hetty, sweetheart, I think it's time to calm down now."


"No, loveling, it's bedtime." Hetty pouted, green eyes sparkling. Hetty, or Henrietta, looked nothing like her mother Celeste and instead everything like Harry's mother Lily, only Hetty's hair was black not red. Hetty had Harry wrapped around her finger and the little girl knew it.

Celeste had been quite interested in Harry's choices for baby names but in their mateship it was the carriers who chose the names of the children. Celeste had used the flower naming tradition to choose the name Elodie, and Harry was incredibly grateful. Harry had thought she would continue with flower names when they had their second girl, but instead Celeste used Harry's tradition of naming the children after people he loved and respected. Thus Celeste had chosen to honour somebody with Hetty's name. Harry hadn't liked it at first, but it had grown on him . Celeste named their second daughter after Harry, choosing the French feminine form apparently. Harry felt honoured and embarrassed, but he loved his little girl and giving her the nickname Hetty made things easier.

"Night night, Dad." Hetty stretched her lips forwards as if they would stretch out and kiss Theodore goodnight from the foot and a half distance between them. Harry sighed, Theodore laughed, then they both moved closer together so Hetty could have her goodnight kiss.

"Right then, I'll take the girls to bed." Harry offered and located the other two young children in the room. Seven-year-olds Elodie and Katya, the child of Tyshawn and Yevgeniya, were over by the fireplace nattering but looking weary.

"I'll see you afterwards then." Theodore said and stroked Hetty's hair for a moment. "Brancis was having us all go to his room, except the women of course." Of course, the Carriers only shared their beds when they felt like it, not when the men felt like it.

Harry shivered and nodded…they were all meeting in Brancis' room. Oh my. Didn't that make him hope the children went down quickly. It was rare for them all to spend time in Brancis' room but when it happened…oh when it happened, Harry was always blissfully worn out come the next morning.

Theodore gave him a sultry smirk which made blood flow to two different areas of Harry's body. Half the blood went south but the other half flooded his cheeks.

"You still blush."

"Yeah, well…"

"I love you."

The look Theodore gave him had Harry turn and rush away. If he got the kids to bed fast then he could have all the things that look promised…and more.

The End.

Authors Note.

So there we have it. Thank you for reading this story and a big thank you to all of you who reviewed.

A few people mentioned they didn't like that the fic was ending and I do have to agree with you. So, on that note I'm going to leave you with an offer, and also with a tentative hint of what's to come.

The offer: If you wish to you may use the idea of Dragonettes in your writing, in fact I'd even encourage it. I would love to read anything Dragonette themed so please, write away and tell me where I can read it.

The tentative hint/promise: I am trying to work out the characters for a new Dragonette mateship where the pairing will be Terence Higgs/Harry Potter. I had so much fun with Theo that I'm branching out among the Slytherin characters. This fic is slow going however as I'm barely finding time to construct a plot mentally let alone draw out the characters on paper and sketch out the plot. So, here's your tentative hint/promise. Anyone with any ideas is welcome to contact me, I always find time to read messages.

Thank you again!

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