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Man, I can't believe it's been 8 (I was 12) years since I made my first fanfiction on here. Oh Boy, it was shitty. I'm currently a 16 (Soon 17) Year Old Small Music Producer and Mid level competitive Smash 4player in las Vegas. If you go to my bio, you'll find my Music YouTube Channel and my SoundCloud where you can hear art that's actually good with time spent on it. Unlike these shits of a story.

Now you chose this story thinking it'll be a good interesting story.

It's not. It's a shitty cringy Mario/MLP/whatever fanfiction made by 11/12 year old me. Don't take this story Seriously, roast it, make fun of it. And hit me up on my skype or facebook if you wanna have me read them on video or just ask questions like what the fuck I was thinking making these.

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This one is my favorite cause its 200% dumb as fuck. I even wrote a note to another Author omfg

hey whats up guys(justin(TWD98 on youtube)reference)i want to do the first chapter of my story today so here it goes...its gonna be a long hopefaith this story will explain the wings and koops going crazy(if you didnt read the 3th chapter of torture)


enjoy the fic

All of mowzes friends(that wasnt murdered by koops)stand near her hospital found a way bring mowz back by doing a heart ,parakarry,vivian,yoshi jr,yoshi(reguler mario games)bow and peach "did...did it work" kooper said "maybe..." peach said. Peach checked mowzes pulse,but their was no pulse "no...sorry it didnt work" she said getting teary was getting ready to leave till- "stop..." everyone jumped and turned around they all saw...was mowz slightly turning in her hospital bed "koops stop it please" she mumbled in her faced peach,peach smiled nervously "w-what,i thought it didnt work" she said nervously "whaterever guys...atleast she live and well...i hope" parakarry said. yoshi turned to peach "hey,have you talked to e gadd about her wings?" he asked "no...but i think hes pissed off thoe..." she said "should we take her home" yoshi asked,peach was confused for a moment "wait...why us" "because you live closer" yoshi anwser "and im staying at your place for the summer".Peach sighned "ok..." they walked over to the sleeping mouse and picked her up "ok lets...go?" peach looked around to see all of her friends had left "well their all gone..." she mumered

After the hospital

mowz was laying down on her bed having horrible thoughts about wat koops did to to teared up "koops...why" then she rimembered something he said- "everyone thinks im weak and a wimp" he had said "but vhy vould he care...vhen he vent to the thousand year door vith us he had no problum veth et" she said in her german/french accent ( A/N i want ms mowz to have a accent because of how she looked in the game...i had used a texture hack in the game and made her speech bubble have a german/french accent on accedent when i was downlouding the hack so DONT ASK WHY) then her phone started to ring,she answered her phone "hello" "hey mowz its me e gadd" she sighned "vat do you vant" "i can see your upset or infect...terrifide"(dont ask or caplain)" WAIT howd did you know zat" "your speaking in your accent so i know" she sighned again "vell i-" e gadd cut her off "i know i was attacked by koops" "velll,yes" "and he riped off your wings also?" "yes..." "well im sorry mowz both for wat he did to you and the fact i cant put wings back on you" "yeah...ill try to survive vithout them" she said before hanging up the phone "all this stuff about wat happened and talk with e gadd made late for work"(howz off badges)she shreaiked and took off to work

At koops

He paste around the room very pist off "what should i do know" he growled "the cops are after me and i cant go out in public" he continued " wait...if i can find a assassin to do my work for me and go out to kill mowz i woldnt have to worry" he said smiling ran to a phone book to atlest find someone,till he found someone(do NOT ask why i added a phone book i was out of ideas) he diled the number and the person answerd "hello and wat do you want im busy" "hello hunter...i need a favor" "what" "i need you to kill alittle mouse girl" "you mean ms mowz" koops was stuned for a moment "how-" "i know you cause im behind you" koops turned around to see a black shelled koopa with spike collers and a sword "ill kill the little girl for you without pay" the evil koopa said smiling "goood...butt first you should attack her friends first...they might try to fight back" koops said "who should i kill first?"hunter smiled evily " old buddy,didnt do sh!t when i need help!" koops said angrily,hunter smiled "the koopa dies first...ill kill him at midnight

THANK YOU GOD the first chapter is done...took me 3 days to do it manly cause my cosins from atlanta came to stay a few i stoped careing about the errors since theres nothing i can do

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