So this is a story that was written by one of my best friends, AJ ThaPlatypus. She was really nervous about this so i put it on there for her, so i could get her some feedback. Btw she loves Perry! Well enjoy the story


It was a cool, foggy morning for the Outback. The sun was just peeking over the horizon of the breath-taking Australian wild. Light glistened playfully on the waters outside of the Affleck's den. It was by no means any old den; it was a platypus family's den.

The Afflecks were a well-respected breed of platypus that was known for its pure line. Not anyone of their ancestors had been domesticated or otherwise taken away from their home. Darren and Katy were the twelfth generation of the Afflecks. And as of last night, five new Afflecks had hatched from their eggs.

Darren was proud of his five new sons- and he wanted to make it obvious. That very cool, foggy morning, he led his new family out of his den and into the frigid water. Of course, being platypuses, the temperature had little effect on them, well, all save for one.

Little Erik Affleck was not only the smallest of the bunch, but also the most peculiar. The first thing he did after hatching was perform a well-balanced headstand for his parents. As he stepped into the water, he chattered with frustration. The water was too cold! Were his parents and siblings all crazy?

Finding it a tad annoying that Erik wouldn't come into the water on his own, Darren swam back and reluctantly pulled the panicking Erik into the river. No matter how forcefully Darren swam, Erik continued to grope helplessly for the surface. Cold! It's so cold, he thought.

After much struggle, Darren finally surfaced near the river bank. Erik scrambled up onto the land panting and shivering, making sure he didn't make eye contact with his father. Katy chattered with a worrisome tone, Why didn't he just follow?

Darren answered his mate with an indignant gaze. Turning to their sons, he instructed them to find food and explore the area, but to stay close in case of danger. By danger, Darren meant the humans. The worst enemy to the wild Afflecks.

Erik toddled alongside the riverbank. He was wet, cold, and a tad bit hungry. Looking at the icy waters, Erik blinked as he saw his own reflection staring back at him. Moving on to see something different, he noticed how the ground got dryer the further away he got from the river.

How nice, he thought. Someone actually thought to make dry ground. It's nice to see opinions matter in this world. Wait. Where was he? Erik looked behind him. Wasn't Roland just right behind him? And where was the river?

Terrified, Erik poked his tiny head up out of the grass to see where he was. There was nothing but fog to his knowledge. He squinted his eyes, straining to see through the thick clouds. Realizing he was going to have to do without his sight, he listened to the world around him. Erik heard voices.

"I saw one, mate! Just over there! In the brush! C'mon now!" a human's voice said. Of course, Erik, being only a day old, had no clue how to tell the difference between a human's voice and a platypus' chatter. So naturally, he followed the voice.

"There you are you little bloke!" said a different voice. Erik started at the noise. It was closer than the first one. Where could it be coming from? The next thing he knew, his feet were no longer on the ground and something very large was grasping him. With no time to think and no time to figure out what had even happened, Erik found himself face-to-face with a human being.

"Hey, Joey! You got one!" the other voice laughed. "Snatched the pricy little bloke right out of the brush, eh?"

"You bet'cha, Dave. I bet 'e'll give us some dough. Nice coat on him, all we have to do is get him bigger and sell 'im to those unsuspecting Americans! Hah!" Joey laughed.

Erik's tiny heart sped like a race car in his chest. He didn't know exactly what these humans intended to do, but whatever it was: he knew it was not the best of intentions. He was going to die, and he was only a day old.

So Erik fainted.

Okay, so just in case you didnt notice, Erik is Perry. She is really good at being creative and the next chapter is from Phineas' POV

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