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Their entrance had been like no other. Phineas was on Perry's left, and Ferb was to his right. Isabella and the 'Flowerside' Girls came in behind them, and his mom took up the rear.

No matter how spectacular the wedding had been, Phineas would always recall having covered both his and Perry's eyes when his mom kissed Mr. Fletcher. Perry had been a comedic addition, too.

Just as the pastor of the church bent down to grab the rings, Perry had seen a need to lick his fingers, which made no sense in the long run, but was good for laughs later on.

After the wedding, they'd all gathered in what was called the 'Fellowship Hall' to celebrate the newlyweds. Phineas couldn't recall there ever being a time that he'd seen his mom so happy after the death of his dad.

"Well, Ferb, it looks like you can't get rid of me now," Phineas said with a smile. He lightly punched Ferb in the shoulder.

"Considering the fact that we'll be sharing a house; no, no I won't," Ferb smiled back.

For a long while, the two of them said nothing. They watched their parents shove cake into each other's faces, dance, throw cake at other innocent bystanders, and (because it was only natural for newlyweds to do so) kiss.

Soon they averted their attention to Perry, who was aimlessly wandering around looking for spare crumbs to snatch up. Phineas picked his pet up and laughed. There would be no more cheese for Perry, that was certain.

"And what do you suppose you're doing?" he asked the platypus, who chattered in response.

"Perhaps he's looking for more cheese," Ferb suggested.

"Yeah, I figured as much."

The boys sighed in unison. That day had been tiring, and they owed about ninety percent of that to Perry, who seemed completely unaware of the havoc he had created. There were still bits of dirt in his fur, and he smelled suspiciously of chili.

"Say, where did that chili smell come from, Perry? I'm positive my mom didn't order any chili,"Phineas gave a sideways glance to Ferb.

"Your guess is as good as mine," Ferb shrugged.

"I was wondering, Ferb, if perhaps, since we're brothers now, and all, could we ask to share a bedroom? It'd be like a sleepover every night! We could wake up and start inventing instantly!"

"That sounds good to me," Ferb agreed.

"This is gonna be awesome! Just imagine, we can make every day of every summer the best day ever!"

"Yes, we can do anything we want, whenever we want."

"We can do the impossible! Anything we could ever think up, we can build it, you know we can!"

"You have a valid point, but we can't do everything, we're not perfect beings or anything."

"Ah, don't be a downer, Ferb! You're an amazing builder! Anything and everything I come up with, you can build! We need to make a pact- a pact that says we will try everything in the best of our abilities to make summer the best every year, no matter what the cost!"

"Until the end of high school?"

"No! Until the end of our lives! We're brothers now; we stick together through thick and thin, though sickness and in pain, until death do us…"

"Phineas, I know we're at a wedding, but, really?"

"Sorry, Ferb, the moment got to me."

"I understand your point though, there's really no need to go on. I understand that brothers are brothers until the end."

Ferb clasped Phineas' shoulder, perhaps to make him stop lecturing him on the rules of being a brother. They both went silent for a minute. Or two. Perhaps ten. It may be sufficient just to say that both Phineas and Ferb lost track of time.

Excitement filled the car as the step-brothers rode to their home. The fact that they could now call each other brother was cooler than anything Phineas could ever have created.

As soon as they got home, Phineas and Ferb ran up to what was now their room. Ferb would sleep on a sleeping bag until he got an actual bed to place in the room. Their first night as brothers was going to be awesome.

"Now, this isn't a sleepover boys," his mom warned. "I want you both to get your sleep. I promise you'll still be in the same room when you wake up."

Perry hopped up onto the raft bed beside Phineas. He took a questioning look at Ferb and then gently fell asleep next to his boy.

"Good night, Phineas," Ferb said, pulling the sleeping bag over his shoulder to fall asleep comfortably.

"Good, night…brother," Phineas said, laying back and drifting into the best sleep he'd had since his dad had died.

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