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Life's Tough; Get a Helmet

By: Miyukyshan

Hello again, everyone. I retired this story a long time ago, but recently came back to the world of FanFiction. I decided I would put this story back up after some serious editing. I was so young when I wrote it... Hope you all enjoy it as much as you did the first time.

Chapter One


The alarm clock screamed and brought Rin out of her uncomfortable sleep. She reached out and slammed her hand down hard on the offending object. Rin groaned and slid lazily from her bed before limping over to her dresser mirror to survey last night's damage.

She glanced at her reflection and winced. An ugly purple and black bruise surrounded her left eye and a small gash above her eyebrow had crusted over with dry blood. Groaning, she pulled off her shirt and examined a large bruise that wrapped around her hip.

"Maybe that beating was a little worse than I thought," Rin whispered as she twisted and turned in front of the mirror. She sighed and made her way to the closet to figure out what she would wear to hide her injuries. A few minutes later, she emerged in a long-sleeved shirt, tight black jeans and black boots. Rin then tried to cover up the bruises on her face with makeup.

Rin stared hard at her reflection. The bruise around her eye had been successfully covered, but it was still swollen and the gash was very noticeable. She shrugged and limped out of the bathroom. After pulling her long brown hair into a tight ponytail, Rin hobbled down the spiral staircase and into the kitchen where the live-in maid tossed her an apple.

"Thanks, Oba!" Rin called as she headed for the front door. "Hey B, do you have my backpack?"

A man in a crisp black suit appeared out of the hallway carrying a black bag covered in chains and pins. "Your school bag, Miss Rin," he said.

Rin smiled fondly and rolled her eyes before hoisting the bag over her shoulder. "Thanks B, and for the thousandth time, just call me Rin! You've known me since I was what, six?"

"Actually, since you were four, Miss Rin," B responded with a small grin.

Rin rolled her eyes again. The doorbell rang right as Rin was about to open the heavy oak doors, and she smiled when she saw who was waiting for her.

"Sango!" Rin grabbed her and pulled her into a hug.

Sango smiled and patted her young friend on the back."Hey Rin, how are you feeling today?" she asked.

Rin plastered a fake grin on her face and said, "Great, really great." She knew by the look Sango gave her that she hadn't been convincing. "So, are you ready to face the perv who somehow managed to fall deeply in love with you?" Rin teased.

Sango clenched her jaw and stuck her tongue out at Rin before grabbing her arm and dragging her out of the house.

Rin cried out and yanked her arm back. Sango stopped immediately and turned to face the young woman cradling her wounded arm.

"Oh Rin, he did. How bad is it?" Sango asked.

Rin frowned when she saw the pity in Sango's eyes. "Oh shut up! You know the nightly routine. And it wasn't as bad as it usually is, just a few bruises and a little limp," Rin said, earning a glare from her friend. Ignoring Sango, Rin moved to walk past her but nearly fell as soon as she put pressure on her leg. She heard Sango snort and scowled.

"Okay, okay, so it's a lot of bruises and a big limp," Rin mumbled under her breath before walking out of the manicured lawn with her friend in tow.

A few minutes into their walk, Rin realized that someone was missing. "Sango, where's Kags?" she asked.

Sango glared at Rin and frowned. "Rin, only you can take a completely normal name like Kagome and make it something weird like… Kags. And she's out sick today. Some popular jerk-off put something in her food."

"Are you kidding? What did they do?"

"Poured some of their smelly cologne in her drink. Wanted to see what would happen. Stupid jerks."

Rin heard a twig snap and glanced over at Sango. She smiled when she saw that her friend had no idea she was about to be ambushed. Without any warning, Miroku slammed into Sango and the two went hurdling down onto the hard cement sidewalk. Sango stood up and kicked her attacker in the gut.

"Miroku, you big creep!" Sango yelled.

Miroku crumpled into the fetal position at her feet.

"Ouch, Sango! Why'd you have to kick me so hard?" Miroku growled from his spot on the ground.

"Why did you attack me?" she hollered back.

Rin sighed and limped over to Miroku and struggled to help him up.

"Another rough night with your dad, Rinny?"

Rin dropped her eyes to the ground and kicked at a pebble she found. "Yeah, I guess. But it wasn't as bad this time."

Miroku glared hard at Rin and Sango watched in amazement as Rin shriveled away from his eyes.

"How do you do that? She doesn't even flinch when I give her that look!" Sango whined.

Miroku shrugged before hoisting Rin over his shoulder.

"What do you think you're doing?" Rin yelled. "Put me down right now!"

Miroku ignored the weak punches to his back and tightened his grip around her legs. "Well, with you injured again we're going to be slowed down. I can't afford another tardy," Miroku chided.

Rin grumbled and let him carry her the rest of the way to their school.