December 24, 1870.

What a day for a job, farmers, hunters, and loggers, worked all day long getting their hands dirty and making money for their

Needs. And not for themselves.

While others, were working out in the city, and making money

For a living.

And yet, people steal money like tomorrow: cheating in solon

Games like Poker, selling items at unfair prices, and robbing banks. To them, it was a game, To us, it's illegal.

Of course, we're all human beings and we all screw things up,

But who would steal money out of Mr. O'Donalds pocket?

Yes, Mr. O'Donald, the millionare who lives in Richmond, Virginia. He owns so much money, that he owns a company with a Food market,, a coffee shop, and yes, a Bank.

Now it's that time of the year again, the time to get new workers.

Mr. O'Donald paid the printing press for posters and letters.

''About how many would you need again?'' Asked the Printing

Press, not knowing he'll start the company again after an unexpected fire accident.

"As many as possible, I'll need posters too.'' Mr. O'Donald

Said, handing him the money.

So ten posters and letters were printed in December 24, right before Christmas:



3 workers-FOOD MARKET.

4 workers-COFFEE SHOP.

3 workers-BANK.



Everyone who is interested went to the Building a few days later, except one:

'' Who in tarnation is Mr. O'Donald?'' Asked one farmer.

''Oh! He used to worked for you in Maine, he was a

Lobster man.'' His wife said from the kitchen.

The farmer thought for a moment. ''Oh, well, I'm not working for THAT old man.'' He replied, as he continued to eat his bread.

10 people arrived at the Building that day, but these aren't any

People who were looking for a job, they all have dark secrets,

Pain, and misery. But their poor lives will soon change once they met this mysterious man…

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CHAPTER 2.- Sherlock Mystery.

December 25, 1870.

In a quiet town, one Christmas evening, the famous Sherlock Holmes, was missing since December 20.

He was investigating in a Bank Robbery scene in Maine,

And was supposed to return in December 18, but he

Never did since.

Dr. Watson was in Maine also, but he hadn't heard from him since Sherlock was in the crime scene, and disappeared .

''Oh, where is Mr. Holmes?'' Dr. Watson thought to himself, at his inn room.

''Well, he'll be back. Knowing he always gets himself into


Dr. Watson sip his tea, when suddenly, someone knock on the door a few times.

Dr. Watson was surprised to hear it knock at midnight.

Watson stood up slowly. ''Um…come in…?''

The door open quickly and in went non-other Mr. Holmes.

Dr. Watson was shocked! Mr. Holmes sat down as if he was

Working all day, and was chased for miles.

Panting, Mr. Holmes reached for a cup of tea, and pretend as if nothing has happened.

Dr. Watson didn't know what to say, he was speechless.

''How…Why…W-where were you? You been gone for

Days!'' He finally asked confused.

Mr. Holmes looked at him with meaning-full eyes, stood up, and replied ''I was trapped in the Bank with the robber

For days, but I managed to escaped.''

Dr. Watson waited for more, but he said nothing else for

The rest of the night.

Dr. Watson knew something mysterious is going on with him, and he's going to find out.

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