Author's note. To all my readers, I'm sorry for not updating a chapter for a year. My reasons for not updating are that I was using a trial run and didn't have enough money to buy a Microsoft Office. I Hope you can forgive me, and to make it up here's a new story for all my readers.

Overlord Exor: This game has only one battle sequence. Thank you for your understanding. However, it will be one huge, epic battle. Thank you for your understanding.

Overlord Exor: In the year 20xx, ashes of hellfireā€¦ Rather, a lovely prophecy told of a baby who would be the catalyst for bringing an unprecedented danger to the world.

"The child born at 6am on the 6th day of the 6th month shall wield limitless power in order to save the world."

Overlord Exor: The people called this infant Super Baby and heavily pampered her as their savior. However, that would not last long. Since the baby grew so famous, so fast, the "Demon General Darkdeath Evilman" has kidnapped her.

Overlord Exor: This is where our story beginsā€¦

Z.H.P (Zettai Hero Project)

Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman

I Hope you all like it. Please leave some reviews and P.S. I have the game and I didn't steal it from anyone's stories.