Author's note: This story is a companion piece to Pickwick12's "The Protector's Daughter" ( www. fanfiction s/7917182/1/The_Protectors_Daughter) and is incomplete without it. Hers came first, so I suggest you read it first or alongside this one. They run parallel to each other, but the scenes do not have a one-to-one relationship.
She is writing the story from her OC's point of view, and I am writing it from Finch and Reese's points of view. In my mind it's set just after "Baby Blue."
Chapter titles are from Our Mutual Friend.

A Cry For Help

Finch woke Reese up out of a deep sleep in the grey early morning. "We have a new number, Mr. Reese. It is a schoolchild, aged twelve."

"Another child? Are you getting sentimental, Finch? First a baby, and now a schoolchild?"

"I don't dictate what numbers the Machine gives me, Mr. Reese," Finch said coldly. "Her name is Katherine Russell. She lives with her legal guardians, Judy and Robert Bradley. Attends school at Reginald Middle School, only a few miles from here. Good grades, no reports of delinquency. An entirely normal child, to judge by her records."

"No one is ever entirely normal, Harold," Reese said with a slight mocking dig in his voice. "But you have a point. Children in trouble tend to be runaways, not good students. Anything else? Why does she live with her aunt and uncle? You should track down her parents. This might be about them and not her."

"If I'd needed you to tell me how to do my job, I would have told you when I hired you. I've already traced her parents, or at least her mother. Her name was Jenny Russell, Judy Bradley's best friend. Married once, fifteen years ago, kept her married name and gave it to her daughter, though it doesn't seem that her ex-husband is the child's father, as the father is not listed on the birth certificate. She died ten years ago, leukemia. I'm trying to find information about the ex-husband as well as the father. It shouldn't be too hard to trace her movements thirteen years ago. Looks like she lived in Kansas then. I'll keep digging."

"I'll head to the girl's school, talk to teachers, find out if she's been in any trouble lately. Later I'll go talk to the guardians. What kind of paperwork can you give me?"

"Let me see. A fellow teacher should do it. Here are your teaching credentials with the State of New York."

"Whatever made you think I would need teaching credentials?"

"You would make an admirable teacher, Mr. Reese, particularly in an inner-city high school."

Reese could have sworn Finch was smirking as he left to go find teacherly clothing.