Authors Note:

I DO NOT own anything having to do with The Sacred Blacksmith. The only thing that belongs to me is the idea in the story.

There sometimes there is never a happy ending for anything. Luke thought this to be the case for him. The day that he lost Cecily to The Man In Black, was also the day he decided to eventually take The Man In Black life then his own. He could not live without Cecily and he also had to avenge her muder. Lisa had told him that she will support him all the way. She said that, yes she would be sad, but she has Aria so therefore she won't be alone. Lisa had cried for an hour streight. After Luke talked with Lisa for who knows how long after, he set out to find Aria. He knew that she lived somewhere in the town, it was just finding her that would be the problem. One of the servents from Cecily's house/mansion was looking at some fruits. More than likely to make her famous fruit salad. Thought Luke. Once she was done picking out the fruit she would need she started to walk away. Luke ran after her, he hoped to the Gods that she knew where Aria lived.

"Ummmm hey! Fio Wait up!" At the mention of her name, Fio turned around and seeked out who was calling her name. When she saw Luke she smiled. She had grown attached to the young boy, who in reality was a boy to most people, despite him being around 15.

"Hey Luke! Long time no see. How have you been?" Fio asked as soon as Luke had caught up to her. Luke smiled at the girl but was also somewhat sad, simply because Fio reminded him so much of Cecily.

"I have been doing good. What about you and can I ask you a question?" Luke said this kind of fast. But Fio was able to catch all of it suprising enough.

"I have also been doing good and what is it that you need to ask me?" Luke had finally caught his breath so he wasn't panting anymore.

"Do you know where Aria lives? I need to talk to her about someone. It's an emergency." That was Luke had to say otherwise knowing how the young girl is, Fio would have thought Luke was going to ask her out.

"Umm of course I know where she lives. Do you remember where you, Lisa, Aria, and Cecily used to hang out at?" Luke nodded his head really fast.

"Ok, go there. She lives there. Oh and good luck with everything. It was nice to see you again. Tell Lisa that I said hi, oh and can u do the same for Aria? She hasn't been around since Cecily..." Fio suddenly looked really sad, remembering the murder of the young girl. Almost everyone except her mother was forced to sit back and watch. Everyone told that Cecily had died from snapping her neck the wrong direction when she had fallen off a cliff. hates Luke for not protecting her daughter from death. Then soon after that died from age I guess you could say.

"Hey I told you before to keep a smile on your face did I not? And plus even If I die I won't go down without killing The Man In Black." Luke told Fio before taking off running to see Aria. It was a long run. But Luke was able to gt there in around half an hour. If you had walked there then it would have taken you 45-60 minutes to walk there. Luke saw that Aria was planting some red flowers in front of her porch.

"Hey Aria. Been a while hasn't it." Aria slowly turned around and when she seen who it was she ran over to LUke and gave him the biggest hug anyone had ever been given.

"Luke what brings you here? Where is Lisa?" Luke smiled and started to talk.

"Well, I kinda need to talkk to you about something that I intend to do." Aria nodded her head and began to listen.

"Well since we all know who it was that killed Cecily, The Man In Black, I have my intentions on hunting him down and killing him. And even if I don't die by The Man In Black, I do still have intetions on reuniting with Cecily in the other world. So I must ask that you will be there for Lisa when I do die." Aria had looks of sadness, madness, then a look of sympathy.

"So what you are telling me is that even if The Man In Black doesn't kill you, you will kill yourself?" She sounded angry at the last part. Luke flinched at her angryness, she has never been one to be that way, even as a Demon Sword. Luke nodded his head. It was quiet for a few minutes before Luke spoke up.

"So because of that I must ask you, Will you please be there for Lisa? YOu two are the only ones that know about this so I must also ask that you don't say a word about it to anyone." Aria nodded her head.

"Ok I will. But why are you so bent on dieing? Just why?" A sad, but happy smile came onto Luke's face.

"Because I love her. She was always there for me, but never there for her. I made her a promise. I promised her that I wouldn't let anyone hurt her. But I broke that promise, because all I could do was sit back and watch The Man In Black kill Cecily right before my eyes. I also don't want to live a life without her. She was more to me than I let her know. Damn, why could't I have been there, why couldn't it have me?" Luke started to cry. The only ones who have ever seen him cry were Aria, Lisa, and...Cecily. She was always there for him. She always did something to make him feel better, made him cookies, made him dinner, or just simply sat there with him crying into her shoulder. Aria took Luke and huggedd him until he finnaly stopped crying.

"You love her so much that you would take your own life to be there with her." It was more a statment than anything but Luke answered back with a simple nodding of his head. Then he got up and looked out towards the setting sun.

"But I am doing this for Cecily. Not for myself. Also, Aria, I will kill the man who murdered Cecily and I will do it without fail. That's a promise." Then he wiped his eyes and turned around. A smile was on his face. Aria couldn't help but smile right back at him. Although, anyone who had been around her for a long time would have known that her smile was a fake one. Aria knew that Luke was dead serious. Anyone could tell when he was making a joke, but they also knew when he wasn't joking around. Aria also knew that everyone was going to lose Luke, one way or another.



Me: What? What did I do this time?


Luke: Give me a reason on why I shouldn't use my Katana and kill you with it.

Me: (anime sweat drop) Well, ummm because I can make it into a good ending. (Smiles nervously)

Cecily: Can you really? It's not like you can bring a person back from the dead. Luke you can put your sword away.

Me: Bingo! Cecily you are a genius! You just wait.

Luke: ya umm I'm leaving. You girls creep me out way to much.

Luke leaves

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Cecily: This outta be good.