CLASH! Two swords clashed on the battle field. Luke's eyes had fire in them while The Man In Black had nothing but a cold dark look. Swords clashing went on for about fifteen minutes before Luke decided that they were never going to get anywhere by only doing that. With his back turned to Lisa and Aria he started to talk.

"Ok, as much as I would prefer not to ask for any help, what do I do? I can't get a single hit at him like this." Aria and Lisa looked at each other with a worried look. Then an idea popped into Aria's head.

"Luke, what if you used me? Then that way you could use my wind powers. Well?" Luke had put on a sad look and then he shook his head.

"Sorry Aria. I can't do that." Aria looked shocked as did Lisa. Aria shook her head not understanding why.

"But why Luke? You just said that you had no way of hitting him the way you were trying!" Aria was getting very mad. Luke smiled, but it was a sad smile. Luke's bangs covered his eyes. He sighed.

"Why? Because you are Cecily's sword. I won't take that away from her. And you know that. You were taken from your owner again. And just for that, I WILL kill that monster over there." Luke said the ending of that with a growl. Now normally Luke keeps his cool, but when things about Cecily are brought up and he knows that someone (The Man In Black) had done something to take whatever it was away from the other, he gets mad.

"Oh, I am the monster? I don't think so. You're the one who loses his cool really fast. Also, It's your fault that what's her name? Oh, right Cecily. It was your fault that she died and on top of that, you broke the promise that you made to her. You said that you would protect her. And now you have failed her. Die!" And with that The Man In Black charged at Luke. Luke dodged with a step to the left. He ran to the other side of the clearing. When the Man In Black ran at Luke again, he didn't move, but instead stuck his sword out.

On the other side of the clearing, with Lisa and Aria.

''Lisa, can you do something for me?" Lisa nodded her head.

"I need you to say a couple of words when I turn into a sword ok?" Lisa only nodded her head again. She knew the words. She knew what was going to happen. But all Lisa could do was hope that it would work. Aria nodded her head, gave Lisa a hug, then looked at the two fighting swordsman. Aria smiled then turned into sword form. Lisa smiled at the sword.

"Chara Saara. May to come to the dead. Bring back what was once lost." Suddenly a light flashed.

Back at the fight.

Luke had fallen on the ground. The man In black's sword was about to go into Luke's heart. But It never came. Only a loud noise.