Luke opened his closed eyes. He couldn't believe what he saw. The short red hair, the armor, the sheath, and the katana that Luke had made.

"Cecily?" Luke whispered. Cecily turned her head just so Luke could see the smirk written on her face. ~yep, that's Cecily alright. ~ thought Luke to himself.

"What's the matter Luuuuuuke? Couldn't the great Sacred Blacksmith beat the Man In Black? I thought that it would be easy as pie for you. I guess you have gotten weak." Cecily said this sarcastically. But because of the way Luke is, he took it literal.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY I HAVE GOTTEN WEAKER?! I HAVE PRACTICED EVERYDAY FROM THE CRACK OF DAWN TILL IT'S SO DARK THAT YOU CAN'T SEE YOUR OWN HAND IN FRONT OF YOU!" Cecily looked at Luke's face. Then she fell on her knees from laughing so hard. Luke looked at Cecily with pure confusion. He had no idea what it was that made her laugh, but soon he found himself laughing as well. But it was cut short by the Man In Black.

"I'm sorry; I don't mean to interrupt your reunion. You should have stayed dead Cecily; your lover boy there would have been joining you soon. But now you can both die together." The Man In Black laughed evilly, then charged at Cecily and Luke. Cecily just stayed in her spot and when the man In Black was close enough she charged at him. Her sword went right into the Man In Black's stomach. She felt the blood on her face but this time she didn't freak out. She pulled her sword out. But then she realized that it wasn't his blood she felt, it was hers. She looked at her shoulder and saw that it was bleeding really fast, and that the Man In Black's sword was in her shoulder. She grabbed the sword and pulled it out. But the pain was great. She was about to fall, but Luke caught her. She looked up at him and smiled.

"Thanks Luke." Then her eyes shut. Luke's eyes were wide with shock. He looked at Cecily.

"CECILY! CECILY! HEY COMMON WAKE UP!" Luke started to cry.

"C-common Cecily. I-I don't want t-to lose y-you again." Luke had been holding Cecily and his face was buried in her hair. He never noticed that Lisa had walked up with a left less armed Aria. Lisa put her hand on Luke's shoulder. He looked up at Lisa with red and puffy eyes. He still had tears coming out of his blue eyes.

"Can I have a look at her? You can still hold her; I just need to take a look at her. It that OK?" Luke simply nodded his head. He let Cecily go only a little bit. Lisa checked her pulse. It was there, but it wouldn't be there unless they stopped the bleeding. Then Lisa looked at Cecily's shoulder. ~It would have been a lot worse if Cecily hadn't pulled the sword out. ~ Thought Lisa. Lisa took some of the bandages that she had in her bag and wrapped them around the wound.

"Hey Aria? What happened to your arm?" Asked a very horrified Luke. Aria just looked at her arm, then at Luke.

"What? I only gave up my arm so that way Cecily could come back." Luke looked from Aria to a sad Lisa, to a sleeping Cecily. He smiled, and then he stood up with Cecily in his arms. By this time The Man In Black had disappeared. No one really cared though. He turned his back to the two other girls and walked, with Cecily still in his arms, to his home. He knew that Cecily would be scared when she woke up so he thought that a familiar place might settle her down. She was at his and Lisa's place more than at her own home. He also decided that it would be her choice about telling her mother and maids that she was alive.

Luke's P.O.V

When we got to my house, I went straight to my room. I pulled back the covers the best that I could, well since I had Cecily in my arms. The Man In Black was gone, Cecily was alive, Aria was alive, and Lisa was alive. But I felt like I was dead, just dead. I had let Cecily get hurt again! What is wrong with me! The Man In Black was right about one thing though, I had broken my promise. Not once but TWICE! Geez, I really need to work harder with protecting and keeping my promises.

"Luke?" I was so shocked that Cecily had woke up that I fell out of my chair that I had pulled over from my desk to sit by the bed. I saw Cecily's face, and she had a shocked and worried look on her face. I started to laugh and she just looked at me with a now confused look. I sat on the bed and as soon as I sat down, Cecily jumped and gave me a hug that caused me to fall over a little.

"Luke I missed you so much. I have waited by the gates for 2 years so that way either one day I could join you back here or you join me up there. I was so shocked when I saw Aria come. I asked her so many questions but she told me to follow her. I did so and she told me to wait a minute, and when she came back her arm was gone. And in its place stood a bloody stump. I started to cry but she said that it was just her arm as a price to bring me back to you. I asked her what she meant by that and she said that you had been really depressed because you loved me and that you were going to kill yourself after you killed the Man In Black. When I heard that I came down in that flash of light. That's when I saw that you were about to die. I had to jump in front like that. I-I just c-c-couldn't live with m-m-m-my self knowing that I h-h-h-had let you die right in f-f-f-f-f-front of me." I had been so shocked that everything was being told to me in slow motion. It was only when Cecily had started to cry that I came crashing back to earth. I held her closer to me than ever before. After about fifteen minutes of her crying, everything was silence. I looked down at her sleeping face. I was kind of tired myself. I went to lay her on the bed again, but she had a tight grip on my shirt. I smiled at her and lay down next to her. As soon as I did so she curled up to me like a cat. And then we fell asleep. I want to say one more thing about this though; I don't really believe that the Man In Black is actually gone gone. Just hiding because he knows that with all that everyone has together as a team, he can't beat it. And as the other Lisa had told me once before, Nothing beats love. So goodnight world and those who have read this story.