He Said She Said

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Chapter 1

"Here, that the scroll and leave us alone." Shouted Sasuke.

"Ku, ku, ku…" the strange Grass nin chuckled. The hand that was waiting to catch the scroll that Sasuke had tossed, was secondary as the strange nin was suddenly struck by a rock.

They all looked up and saw Naruto standing on a higher branch, a very pissed off look on his face. He leapt from the branch to put himself between his team and the nin, his normally laughing blue eyes were a cold as steel and slitted in the center. He managed to catch the Heaven scroll that Sasuke threw.

"Sorry I'm late, something tried to eat me that I didn't agree with." He said. A relieved look graced Sakura's face. He then looked at Sasuke. "What the hell do you think you're doing teme?" Naruto said his voice rising.

"He was more powerful than we are, I had no choice!" yelled Sasuke.

"And what color is the sky in your world you dumb bastard that made you think he was just going to let you go after you gave him our damned scroll?" Naruto shouted right back.

"Ku, ku, ku. Very observant of you Uzumaki…" the Grass nin said, her voice becoming more raspy and masculine. "So, my little pet didn't finish you off. I must admit, thought, you did take me by surprise. You've impressed me Naruto-kun. I'm quite surprised to see your still standing after taking on a summon of that size."

Naruto snarled. "You'll find I'm just full of surprises Hebi-teme!"

"Grass nin chuckled some more. Perhaps you'll entertain me more than the so called Uchiha prodigy. Be warned little genin, no matter how good you think you are, I am far above your level of skill. After all, I am one of the Legendary Sannin. I am Orochimaru." The nin finally introduced himselt to Naruto.

"I don't care if you were Kami herself." Naruto shouted. "I will not let you harm my friends.

Orochimaru watched as the blond in front of him began to change. He saw Naruto's nails elongate into claws, his whisker marks widened and his canine teeth became more pronounced, while his spikey hair style became even more wilder and untamed. He saw the slitted blue eyes turn blood red. The boy crouched low and let out low, but menacing growl.

"You are the Yondaime's Legacy, aren't you Naruto-kun? It doesn't matter, you are nothing compared to my power." Orochimaru started to chuckle again.

Sasuke and Sakura could feel the killing intent coming from their blond teammate. Orochimaru's was enough to freeze them in place and make them feel helpless, but with Naruto's added, it was overwhelming, Sakura was on her stomach from the force of it, Sasuke was on his knees, both Genin were trying to back away from the force they were feeling.

Naruto looked over his shoulder from where he was crouched, his voice was rough, "What's the matter, afraid scaredy cat?"

Orochimaru used that second of distraction to attack. "HIDDEN SHADOW MANY SNAKE HAND!" he shouted.

Sasuke barely managed to dodge the dozens of snakes that shot out of Orochimaru's sleeves.

Naruto seemed to vanish in a blur, only to reappear above the snakes, which he started to run down their length.

Orochimaru had a shocked look on his face as Naruto sliced his face to shreds with his claws.

However, Naruto's victory was short lived as the Sannin and his snakes turned to mud.

"FUCK!" Naruto cursed. The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end and he managed to jump out of the way as a gigantic snake, even bigger than the one that had tried to eat him earlier, attacked him.

"IS THIS ALL YOU GOT HEBI-TEME?" he yelled as he stood in front of the snake, his clawed hands clenching as he prepared to fight in a moments notice.

The snake however turned and went straight for the frozen Sasuke, who could only watch in horror as the giant serpent came at him, its fangs dripping with venom.

Naruto growled and appeared between them once more, his fist impacting with the side of its head, snapping it away from its target and impacted with a tree before vanishing in a puff of smoke. Naruto glared at Sasuke. "Why are you just kneeling there, coward?"

Sasuke glared at Naruto, but it had the same effect as water hitting a window, because all he could do was stand there and tremble in fear. "Why aren't you even trying?" Naruto hissed at him as he cocked his fist back and slugged the kneeling Sasuke in the face. "SNAP OUT OF IT TEME!"

Sasuke was angry. Angry at Orochimaru for attacking them and reducing him to a small child. He was angry at Naruto, because everything he'd said was true, and he was most of all angry at himself for being weak, and a coward. It was how he'd acted back when Itachi had slaughtered their family.

Sakura could only watch the battle taking place before her, it was beyond anything she could do and anything they should be able to do as a team, yet her eyes watched as Naruto, not Sasuke was fighting off a legendary Sannin by himself.

"You are definitely interesting character Uzumaki Naruto. But I cannot allow you to interfere any further with my plans. Not even with the power of the nine-tail can you stand up to my power." Orochimaru said reappearing.

Naruto growled. "Big mistake Hebi-teme." Naruto leapt at him and the two were blurs of motion, the only thing marking their passing to the naked eye was destruction of several trees and branches.


If it weren't for the blasted Kyuubi, I'd make his body my next vessel rather than the Uchiha's. Orochimaru thought to himself as he was forced to avoid the claw swipes from the blond.

Naruto smirked seeing Orochimaru's look of irritation mixed with surprise and fear as he kept him on the offensive and away from Sasuke.

"Heh, scared Hebi-teme?" Naruto snarled as he kicked, swiped and did his best to tear the Sannin's face off. The blond was breathing heavy at this point.

Orochimaru seeing an opening with his years of experience, he opened his mouth and stretched his tongue out and wrapped it around Naruto's ankle and flipped him into the air.

Orochimaru quickly went through a series of one handed seals, he caught Naruto with his tongue, securing his arms and torso.

The blond struggled and kicked with all his might, but could not get loose. Orochimaru noticed the seal on Naruto's stomach around his naval. Opening his right hand, small purple flames appeared on each of the Snake Sannin's fingers.

Five Elements Seal! Orochimaru mentally shouted as he slammed his hand against Naruto's seal.

The blonds scream of pain filled the forest, all over everyone heard his pain.

"NARUTO!" Sakura screamed! "Sasuke-kun! Do something!"

They could only watch as Naruto's features receded. His blood red slit eyes returned to their normal unslitted blue, his clawed hands returned to normal looking hands and the whisker birthmarks became thinner, his canine teeth shrunk back down.

Orochimaru chuckled as he threw Naruto into the nearest tree after confiscating the scroll the blond Genin had taken from Sasuke. He smirked as he looked at the other two Genin and incinerated it.

Naruto slammed against the trunk of the tree. Sakura saw him beginning to fall and frantically threw a kunai, it snagged Naruto's trousers.

She turned hearing Sasuke scream and watched as Orochimaru's elongated neck was withdrawing. Sasuke slumped unconscious.

"What did you do to Sasuke-kun?" Sakura rushed to the boys side.

"Ku, ku, ku. He's not as advanced as I would have liked. He will know what I've done to him soon enough. He will seek me out, do not get in the way, I spare your life this time girl." And with that he faded away, his laughter leaving Sakura chilled to the bone.

"Naruto. Naruto. He did something to Sasuke-kun!" Sakura yelled.

She looked where her blond teammate was, and frowned. She went closer and stopped dead in her tracks. "What the hell? Who are you?

Hanging where Naruto had been was a slender girl with curves, long blond hair that if she wasn't dangling would be down to her narrow waist.

Sakura looked closer. The girl had whisker marks like Naruto and she saw the clothes were a size larger.

"N-Naruto?" she whispered.

Sakura was lost, she had no idea what to do, both of her teammates were unconscious and for some reason, Naruto was a girl.

And better looking than me. Sakura mentally whined.

"What am I to do?" she asked her unconscious teammates.

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