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By Darkryt Orbinautz:

Her Violet Lullaby

Chapter 1

Her Black Ballad

The ancient, blue-gray stone of the former castle of the Royal Pony Sisters, located deep, deep within the unnatural Everfree Forest, warded off intruders and would-be tomb raiders with it's dark, imposing structure.

Until tonight, at least. The sound of hooves against stone echoed out throughout the topmost room, while lights of lavender and dark blue magic emitted from the windows, catching the attention of other ponies who had been sitting lower on the tower.

"Look! Up there!"

"Twilight might be in trouble! C'mon girls, we gotta help her!"

The five ponies began galloping to the rescue.

Twilight Sparkle, the protege of Princess Celestia charged at and teleported out of the way of her opponent. The raven mare who was preventing the Sun from rising and no doubt holding her sister, Princess Celestia, hostage. The imposing Nightmare Moon. She was having to fight her all under her own power separated from her...fri...aqaintances.

The two charged at each other, horns alight. Just before Nightmare Moon's horn could pierce her flesh, Twilight teleported out of the way.

Nightmare Moon's vampire eyes darted around the room as she searched for opponent.

Twilight panted, using the brief break. She was Princess Celestia's student. She couldn't fail to defeat Nightmare Moon now. She had never failed Celestia before, and she was not about to start now. But Nightmare Moon was wearing on her, draining her energy and ability to stand. She looked around the room tiredly, hoping to find somewhere to escape and rest longer.

"Wait..." she thought to herself.

Twilight sat on all fours on the pedestal and in front of the pearls containing the Elements of Harmony, trying to activate the 'spark' that would reveal the sixth one.

Dark blue, starry smoke poured into the room, slowly encircled the Elements and Twilight, the unicorn gasping as she realized what was happening. A white flash brought her to the topmost of the tower, facing her opponent dead on.

"The Elements!" She concluded to herself, searching the room for the pearls. Spotting them, she rushed over and closed her eyes to as she tried to activate them again, succeeding to a limited degree, as the pearls began swirling about.

"Yes! Yes! Success!"

Purple smoke began consuming the Elements again. Hearing something, Twilight Sparkle opened her eyes and gasped again. She tried to use her magic to dispel the smoke, but it, seemingly sensing her motion, blasted her away with a bolt of lightning.

Struggling to stand even more, Twilight rolled on to her singed stomach, looking on despair as Nightmare Moon loomed over the Elements.

"No! No!" She hissed.

Twilight smirked, confident in her nearing victory.

The Elements stopped swirling suddenly. Twilight's ears flopped down in sadness, while Nightmare Moon began cackling.

"AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Nightmare Moon reared up and brought her front hooves down with purpose, the transfer of energy shattered the pearls into fragments. Purple clouds of starry magic loomed over, flashing thunder in a seeming celebration of victory.

Twilight just sat there dumbstruck while Nightmare Moon boasted of the foalishness in challenging her. Twilight's eyes started to water. "I...failed..."

"-you could beat me! Furthermore-" Nightmare Moon's gloating came to a halt when she noticed Twilight's soft crying. "Oh, what's the matter, my little pony? Do you not like the night?"

Twilight sniffed and wiped her eye with her hoof.

"Answer me honestly!" Nightmare Moon snapped before Twilight could answer.

"Well...yes, I suppose." Distant memories of her classmates mocking for staying up late to look at stars came fading back in, suddenly not so distant. Echoes of being accused of being a 'weirdo' 'nightbird' and 'freak' ringed around in her hear.

A 'Piiiiinnng' came from Nightmare Moon's horn, unnoticed by Twilight Sparkle.

Notes starting playing in her head. Soothing notes, comforting notes. Twilight Sparkle began sobbing loudly.

"Oh, now what?" Nightmare Moon hissed. She covered her mouth with her hoof. That was no way to talk to a mare in distress. "I mean...what is the problem, my little pony?"

Twilight sniffed and snorted. "I'm...I'm Princess Celestia's personal student...and...I failed her."

Nightmare Moon's eyes narrowed on Twilight eerily...almost hungrily.

"Why is a single failure so bad, my little pony?"

"I...I never failed her before!" Twilight bawled. She quieted down suddenly when she felt something wrapped around her. Nightmare Moon's wing. Twilight shivered from the cold coming off her. Seeing this, Nightmare Moon took in a deep breath, her magic suddenly adjusting her body temperature. The cold suddenly felt different to Twilight...like a comforting cold. Like putting ice on a fresh wound. She fidgeted.

Nightmare Moon beckoned her. "Come. Don't be afraid."

Twilight budged closer, burying herself in Nightmare Moon's coat. Her tail rippled with an alien pleasure from the sensation.

Nighmare Moon eye drooped unamusedly as she realized Twilight was still crying. "Still upset, my little pony?"

"Yes." Twilight replied, slightly muffled. "Now what would Celestia think, knowing I was...was cuddling her corrupted sister?"

"I do not know." Nightmare Moon half-fibbed. She had an idea, but wasn't willing to commit to her. "What was your name, my little pony?"

"Twi...Twilight Sparkle."

"Very well then, Twi-Twilight Sparkle. Would you do something for me? Look out the window."

It was just a request, but Twilight felt a nagging feeling in her head. All it was a request, but Twilight felt she had to do it. Something about notes. Notes that were telling her to obey. Tearing herself away from Nightmare Moon and rising up like a zombie, Twilight's gait was just as undead she walked towards the window and stared out into the endless sky.

After a few moments, Nightmare Moon walked over to besides Twilight. "Beautiful, isn't it?" she bent down to whisper.

"Yes..." Twilight agreed, slightly entranced. Murky, inky black fog crept into the rims of the whites of her eyes.

"Look at this from my perspective, Twi-Twilight. I want ponies to appreciate my night. To appreciate the work I put to raise the moon every single night. Nopony did, does, or ever will. They all love Celestia too much for that. Beautiful, perfect Celestia, who can do no wrong. You understand, since nopony would appreciate it, why I came to the conclusion I had to make them appreciate it, right?"

"You're beautiful..." Twilight Sparkle told Nightmare Moon instinctively.

Nightmare Moon smirked. "Thank you."

Twilight's head rocked back and forth on her neck. "But...without the Sun, plants will wither...crops will die out...food supplies will run out...ponies will starve."

"Rest assured, Twilight Sparkle, once I am accepted as the one, true, Princess I will do everything in power to keep that from happening. I will let the Sun shine, if only for the briefest of moments, so that Ponies will not die." Nightmare Moon told her proudly, gesturing with her wings and hooves. "Corpses can't express their appreciation real well, you know?"

Twilight giggled at Nightmare Moon's joke. Even somepony as dark and jealous as her enjoyed laughter.

Laughter...the word struck at Twilight for some reason, but the notes in her head drowned it out. Twilight looked up to look Nightmare Moon in the face, their eyes locking. Twilight lost herself, looking dead straight at those emerald eyes, green like the sea under moonlight.

Nightmare Moon licked her lips, temporarily showing her fangs. She bent down again, Twilight edging her own self closer until their lips meant. Twilight was unable to suppress herself as Nightmare Moon's forked tongue snaked it's way. The unusual split of the serpentine tongue felt out of this world, to the point that Twilight's tail whipped about and her back hoof lifted up and down in excitement.

For a split second as Nightmare Moon's tongue pulled out of her mouth, Twilight Sparkle briefly thought of Spike, screaming in disgust, of her parents shaking their heads in shame.

But she didn't care. The notes in her head were practically screaming now. Screaming for Nightmare Moon to spirit her away and have the Night Princess ravish and ravage her body. With boldness, Twilight wrapped her hooves around Nightmare Moon's neck just as it was pulling away and brought it back down, an act which surprised Nightmare Moon slightly.

"You are a bold one, aren't you?" Nightmare Moon thought, though she relaxed herself and let Twilight slurp her tongue on the Princess' fangs.

"Mmmm..." Twilight moaned before finally breaking away. "Princess?" Twilight asked warily.

"Yes, my dear Sparkle?" Nightmare Moon answered.

Twilight kicked her front hoof, the way ponies do when nervous. "Would...would...you...ravish me?" she asked hopefully, the notes in head blaring loudly and the murky mist in her eyes having a put a red vertical line straight through her pupils.

Nightmare Moon smiled. "Of course, dear."

Nightmare Moon's mane of stars grew and began tangling around Twilight's midsection, lifting the small pony up into a position that would be easy to...ravage.

Twilight groaned and flailed her back hooves in anticipation, ready to throw everything, Spike, Celestia, her acquaintances- everything for her new Princess. The One True Princess, who would bless the ungrateful ponies with stars and constellations every night-

The sound of a door being thrown open disrupted Twilight's internal thoughts.

"Twi'! Y'all in here?"

"Hang on, Twilight! Assistance is on it's way!"

The murky fog and red slashes in Twilight's eyes faded , and she quickly teleported out of Nightmare Moon's grasp.

"You think you can destroy the Elements of Harmony just like that?" The unicorn questioned.

Nightmare Moon just stared, undaunted even as the the Rainbow blast of the Elements of Harmony bent down to purge her.

"Whew!" Spike exclaimed as he took his redundant dragon costume. "That was some Nightmare Night, huh Twilight?"

"Yeah..." Twilight Sparkle answered without enthusiasm as she undid her Star Swirl the Bearded cape.

"I'm gonna brush my fangs and hit the hay."

"You go right ahead."

Spike left the room, leaving Twilight Sparkle all alone in the library floor. She trotted slowly over the window, where she could dimly see the statue of Nightmare Moon in front of the Everfree Forest.

Twilight rested her elbows (...Knees?) on the window panel and sighed, gray murky stuff and red slashes appearing in her eyes as she remember the sight of 'Nightmare Moon' bellowing at those ignorant foals...such power, such grace...

Twilight crossed over her heart area with her hoof at the statue in the distance.

"Hail... the One True Princess...My One True Princess."

Author's Notes for 'Her Black Ballad'

So there you have it! The re-write of "Her Violet Lullaby"! Sorry for taking down and up so much, but third times the charm!

If there was a particular bit of the old version you remember and would like put it back in, put in in a review or something and I'll see what I can do.