It has been a couple of days since Munkustrap became the leader. But that wasn't the only difference. It was Spring in London. All the queens were happy picking up the most beautiful flowers they could find and now many toms and queen were falling in love for each other, so you could see couples walking around the junkyard.

Now it was night and Alonzo and Mistoffelees were washing up the dinner dishes. Like almost every night, Bustopher was in a club. Victoria was practicing her dancing skills with the other young queens. The two toms didn't say anything for a while until Alonzo stopped cleaning his dish and looked at his brother.



Alonzo took a deep breath and continued.

-I'm leaving the den.

Mistoffelees gasped for a moment. His brother was leaving the den? Why would he do that? What about uncle Bustopher? All this questions came to his mind.

-Why? Aren't you happy here? What about uncle?

-I already told him and he understands. I'm happy here but you see, Jemima and I have been talking and we're mates now and we want to build our family together.

Those were enough reasons for him to leave their den. He and his siblings were adults now and Alonzo was the elder. Mistoffelees white face became a sad white face. Alonzo looked at him once more and put his paw in his brother shoulder.

-Hey, I'm just changing den, not solar system. And one day so will you and so will Victoria.

-I know that but it's hard to leave uncle Bustopher alone. He raised us since… you know.

-He spends all the time in clubs and he told me that he'll be happy if we leave the den because he wants us to have a better life.

Mistoffelees smiled at his brother, still sad he was leaving, and went back to his dish.

-Did you tell Victoria about this?

-No, but I will tomorrow. –said Alonzo.

They said nothing for a while again. Outside they could see for the window in front of them the full moon. They smiled to the moon but Mistoffelees looked down when he saw Cassandra passing by and stood there looking at her, losing himself in her beautiful green eyes. Alonzo saw him looking at her and started laughing.

-Why the hell are you laughing?- asked Mistoffelees.

-You should've seen your face. AHAHAH! It was priceless, bro!

Angry, Mistoffelees threw water to Alonzo and his dish fell and broke in hundreds of little glass pieces, but Alonzo didn't care.

-I was just kidding. It's good that you finally found it.

-Found what?- asked Mistoffelees perfectly knowing what he meant.

-Found love. C'mon everybody knows that you love her since you were a kit. Don't deny it, I know it's true. Admit it! Admit it! Admit it!

-Fine, it's true. –he shouted -I like her since I was a kit. But anyway I should forget her.

-What? Why?- shouted Alonzo while he was picking up the glass pieces.

-She is way to good for me and she likes Tugger. Like almost every queen.

-How do you know if she really likes him? Look at Jemima. She used to be with Tugger all the time but that was just because all the other queens were. Maybe she just does it because all the queens do.- explained Alonzo.

-Yeah, maybe but I still am afraid of her answer and there's one more thing I have to tell you.

-Oh ok, what is it?- asked Alonzo.

-Do you remember that school of magic in Newcastle that was having auditions in London?

Alonzo nodded.

-I auditioned and today I got the results. I got in. I can go to that school in Newcastle. But it's so hard to decide. If I go I leave the Jellicle Ball, my family, my friends and… Cassandra. If I stay I will never be a good magician and if Cassandra says "no" I might regret for the rest of my life. –explained Mistoffelees.

-Why did you even audition? If you knew it would be hard to choose between the Jellicle Ball and the school?

-I don't know I didn't think about any of those things. I went there just to see the other magicians and then I auditioned because I wanted to show them my powers, but I never thought I would make it.

-Well – started Alonzo- if you need to decide quickly, you should go talk to Cassandra and tell her your feelings for her. Look there she goes. Go talk to her.

Mistoffelees was petrified. He had no idea about what he was going to say. Alonzo put his paws in his brother's shoulders and pushed him to the door.

-C'mon Romeo go get your Juliet.

Mistoffelees looked at him and gave him a nervous smile. He took a deep, very deep breath and walked to her. She was alone sitting in the top of an abandoned car looking at the stars with her green eyes sparkling. He stopped walking for a while. He had no idea about what he was going to say but he suddenly felt something hitting his neck from behind. He looked back and saw a small inoffensive rock now on the floor and he saw his brother looking at him he realize with that rock that Alonzo meant "C'mon keep going!". He looked at her again and started walking and once he reached the car he jumped to the top of it.

-Good night Cassandra.- he saluted.

-Oh good night Mistoffelees. I was so focused in the stars and you scared me.

He was a little bit embarrassed and tried to control himself so that his cheeks wouldn't get pink.

-Oh sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. Do you mind if I seat here with you?

-No I don't. Go ahead.

He smiled at her and sat right next to her. He wasn't used to do this kind of things. He was alone most of the time and no one used to sit next to him when he was alone.

-Look at the stars. Aren't they beautiful?- she asked looking at them.

-Not as beautiful as you are. - said Mistoffelees looking at her with a cute little smile.

She heard it and looked at him with admiration.

-You really think so?

He nodded.

-Wow. That was the first time someone told such a sweet thing. Thanks Mistoffelees.-she thanked however she suddenly made a sad face and a tear came out of her eye. Mistoffelees noticed it and asked her.

-What's wrong Cassandra? Why are you sad? Can I help you?

-Oh, Mistoffelees. I received terrible news from my mother. My elder brother Francis was sick because he ate a fish that was poisoned, and, he died this morning.- more tears came out of her eyes.

He felt sad for her. He knew what was losing the parents, but he thought that he would get crazy if Alonzo died to. He only met Francis once when her parents came to the Jellicle Ball to visit her and he liked him a lot because he was a friendly and funny cat. A tear came out of his eye to.

-Oh, I'm sorry to hear about him. He was an amazing cat. I hope he can find peace in the Heaviside Layer. Hey don't feel so bad. Death is just a path that we all must take. Some take it earlier, some take it later, but we will all see each other again in this world or in another world. This is what I think when I remember my parents.

-Those were such wise words, Mistoffelees. It makes me feel better. Thanks again.- she gave him a smile with some tears still.

-Hey look I was thinking. Would you like to hum,go out with me tomorrow night? You know just go for a..a walk and talk after dinner in another place.- he stammered.

-Yes. That would be lovely. See you tomorrow night then.- she kissed his cheek and went away back to her den. Now his cheeks really turned red. He heard a laugh behind him and it was Alonzo hidden behind the car.

-Alonzo what the bloody Heaviside are you doing here?- he shouted.

-I'm sorry I couldn't resist it! AHAHAHAHAH! Man you should look yourself at the mirror and see all your facial expressions. They are priceless. –he laughed even more.

-Oh shut up you! I got a date and that's all that matters you idiot!- Mistoffelees answered.

-Woohoo! Way to go Romeo!- Alonzo put his paw in his brother shoulder and they walked back to the den.