"Time can't erase a feeling this strong."

Summary: A bit of irrelevant, random fluff!

Fandom: Doctor Who

Ship: Eleven x River

Author: Merzy!


"Hi, Honey. I'm home." A voice called out clearly followed by soft click of the front door closing. Her lips curved in a bright smile at the sound of it, River Song did love it when her husband says that.

She heard a set of familiar footsteps behind her, entering the kitchen. He finds her doing the dishes, a favor she did for her mother, he believes.

"What kind of time do you call this?" She replied, the way she always did when he said those words to her, feigning annoyance. She was going to keep up the pretense when warm arms wrap themselves around her waist. She closes her eyes in content as he pulls her close to him, the back of her head touching his chest.

"Hmm.." He mindlessly hums as he kisses her neck lovingly. "I missed you."

"Did you now?" She tells her almost automatically, their teasing and flirting became as much part of their relationship as they themselves were.

"Yes." He says softly.

"Good." She whispers. "Because I did too."

"You better." The Doctor smirks before smiling with glee as she laughs at his remark.

River turns around to face him and wrap her own arms around his neck, then she presses her soft lips against his warm ones. Her Husband kisses her back right away, eagerly even. Their sweet embrace quickly turns into a passionate one. Their urgent hands get more and more so while they explore the other's body. River wraps her legs around his waist and The Doctor carries her up the stairs and into their bedroom. The clothes come off quickly after. He shows her how much he loves her and in return She shows him how much she loves him.

River Song cannot live without her Doctor.

And The Doctor cannot live without his River Song.

They were one for the other, and that was the way it will remain through time.


A/N: Well there you have a bit of irrelevant and random fluff! This was kind of useless to be honest! I'm just bored! First time writing Doctor Who so forgive me if this was OOC or something! lol! Hope you enjoyed nonetheless! xD