My life was perfect. I had got accepted into an awesome college. The library was huge. My father is the police chief of the police department. I lived in New York City, the most amazing city in the USA. I had my two best friends, Rose and Alice. I had two horses that was upstate had my uncle's estate, named Knight and Midnight. And… that's it. That's all I could ask for. A perfect life for me was a happy one.

Okay enough about my life. Let me just give you some background information. I might sound too informative, but hey I talk a lot when I'm talking. Let's see: my favorite color is blue. I love books. And I love my horses, Midnight and Knight. Midnight is the calmer of the two but can really kick your butt if he wanted to. Knight is the most conceited one. He likes to off. Midnight's coat is so black; it almost looks like the night sky. Knight, being his conceited big self, also has a black coat. I don't know, I have a thing for black horses. Oh, it's also one of my favorite colors. And no. I am not Goth. No I am not.

Alice is the little pixie who has short black hair and is short. But don't underestimate her. She could take a grown man down with one kick. She has a thing for fashion. And I swear, if you don't listen to when she gets mad, she will give you a hideous make over that will make you never want to see the mirror again. Believe, I'm speaking from personal experience. Rose is a car freak. She loves them. Rose is gorgeous, but she can be pretty fierce. Men, all ages, goggle at her when she passes by. Well maybe not toddlers and boys who aren't old enough for this. Any way, I'm the quietest and the most stubborn one of us all. I can get super angry. I am funny, energetic. Well I don't know about beautiful, I don't look at myself that way.

My dad and mom got divorced when I was real little. Then she took me and moved to Florida. And met Phil. Her new husband. He was a nice guy, but I missed Charlie, my real father. The one who understands me the most. And honestly Florida wasn't my state. I needed to get back to my city. Manhattan aka New York City.

But I'm not here to tell you about me. I'm talking about the biggest horror movie of my life. And here we go.

Authors Note:

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