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I woke up at 10 today.


I took my lazy ass out of the bed, and dragged myself to the bathroom. I turned on the spray and, started showering. Yeah, no duh. I lathered my favorite shampoo up and applied it to my hair. I rinsed it off, and started to put some conditioner on. I finished and went out to my wardrobe. Alice can be such a pain when shopping, but she has good taste. I picked a dark purple top with elbow length sleeves, and dark wash skinny jeans. I put on a pair of purple converses.

I loved those shoes. I had dark green, purple, dark blue, black, and light blue. And I had a thing for knee length high heeled boots; just like an inch or two high.

Any thing other than that, I will be in the ER before you know it. I remember when that actually happened. Alice had insisted we go shopping for shoes, and she picked out a high heeled shoe that was 5 inches high. I said no. She said to at least try it on. I did. She told me to walk. I hadn't even walked 2 steps and I broke my ankle.

I laughed at the memory, and started to pack.

As I put my last article of clothing in, my phone rung.


"Bella, we're downstairs and you need to hurry up.", said the voice of Alice.

"Fine I'll be down in a 10 minutes."

I switched off the lights in my bedroom and bathroom. Then I took out some white sheets, and covered all the furniture. I won't be here for a while.

And then I hurried downstairs.

"It took you eleven minutes Bella",

"Shut up Alice."

And then we're off.

5 hours later, we were getting hugs and kisses from Grandma Swan.

"Oh my Isabella. Look at you. You've grown!", she said.

"Hi Grandma. How've you been?", I said.

"Hey, there are more grown girls who would like hugs from the best?", Alice said somewhere behind me.

Grandma just laughed and went to go and hug them. I was left to carry the entire luggage to each of our rooms.

The house was very big, and there were a lot of rooms. So we each had a room to ourselves. No regrets there.

I stashed my luggage in the humongous closet, and changed into sweats and a t-shirt.

That night I had another strange dream.

This time, there was a silhouette aginst one of the tress but nobody was there. Weird.

The next morning I was walking around.

Suddenly, a hand clamped onto my mouth.

Cliffhanger! I am evil and I know it.