This is a fanfiction my friend is currently writing, she doesn't have an account so gave me permission to post it on mine. She's a talented writer, so enjoy :) and review so I can prove I'm not the only one who thinks she's brilliant

Not a lot was known of the Bohemians, there where whispered stories at school of course, apparently they lived underground creating their own music and were looking to fulfil an ancient prophecy to find the place of Living Rock.

I had done as much research as I could about them, what they stood for, what they believed and I found myself very interested in the way they lived. I had read through all the encrypted files about them and something known as the ancient texts. Something that dated back before the 'Gaga years' began, before Globalsoft took over the planet and it became known as Planet Mall, from what I had read it had once been called Earth.

It was now a place where the sun always shone, it never rained, I wasn't quite sure what rain was, but from what I had read it was water that fell from the sky.

Everyone wore the same kind of clothes, listened to the same kind of computer generated sounds that passed as music, did the same dances. Everything was dictated to us by my aunt, an evil woman who goes by the name Killer Queen. Apparently I was her favourite niece, but I knew it was only because I could do things with computer programs that her hired help could only dream of. She didn't know half of what I could do, she had no idea I had hacked into the encrypted files, nor did she know that I was going to hunt out these Bohemians. I didn't want to live in a world with no real music. The computer generated rubbish that everyone listened to didn't move me emotionally, but the music that I had heard through the encrypted files set my soul on fire. It moved me in ways I never thought possible.

I would live my life fighting against my own family if it meant the rest of Planet Mall could hear what I had heard. So setting off for school that day I knew it would be the last day I saw my family...