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Mate of Darkness

Chapter 1

Harry could hear the footsteps coming up the stairs. His uncle was angry. He could tell by the way his uncle's feet slammed down on the stairs as he came up. The beating he was going to get would be worst then the rest, he knew it. The only time his uncle stopped was to unlock the door. He waited in suspense as each lock clicked open. When the last one clicked, he looked over at the door to see his purple-faced uncle.

"It's all your fault, boy!" he yelled as the first punch landed on his face.

He said this over and over again as he punched, kicked and whipped Harry.

After his uncle left Harry lay there limply, bleeping from his multiple wounds. He heard Hedwig hoot sadly at him, pecking at him with her beak. Reaching for his pocket he pulled out an envelope and gave it to her. It wouldn't be delivering to the light. No they had lied to him. This would be going to the ones who won't lie to him; to the one person who had been trying to kill him since the end of fourth year.

Before falling to darkness he was able to order Hedwig to take the letter Lord Voldemort. Then everything went black.

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Lord Voldemort was at a Death Eater meeting when he was overwhelmed by immense pain from Potter's side of the link. Though as soon as it showed up it was gone. He didn't pay that much attention to it. He had dismissed all of the Death Eaters except Lucius, Bella and Severus when the owl flew in. It was white, but there was a big spot of red on it's head. The owl landed on the throne shoving its beak towards Voldemort. There was a letter there, which he grabbed and opened. He could smell a coppery smell as he pulled out the parchment.

iDear, Lord Voldemort, Tom Riddle, Dark Lord or whatever

You're probably surprised I am writing to you. It seems my entire life has been a lie. Did you know that? It turns out I am not a Potter. I know, it surprised me too. Really, I think I fainted. I don't really want to tell who I am, so I enclosed some of my blood. I didn't have any time to enclose it because of my relatives. I'm sure the spots of red are all over the envelope and parchment are mine, so technically, I did enclose some blood, but not in a vial. There is a possibility I am dying at the moment since you have the letter before Hogwarts starts again. If not, I still have a possibility of dying. Don't ask me tell you. Maybe later. The wards are down, by the way, since you used my blood for fourth year, remember? So you can get in without Dumbly and his order of chickens finding out. Number four Privet Drive is my house. Come find me if you want.


Harry James Potter, the boy who went missing /i

The dark lord stared at the parchment, re-reading it over again. He could see the dark spots on the envelope, and on the parchment, knowing it was blood.

"We're going on a rescue mission," he announced standing up.

"Severus, I want you to make a parentage potion. Use the blood on the parchment."

"Yes my lord" Severus said left in a hurry. In a loud crack Lucius, Bella and Voldemort both apparated heading for number four Privet Drive.