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Chapter 8

'Great, just great' Cyrius thought as he put got into some dress clothes. It had only been an hour since Celes has gone back to tell Nea the good news that Cyrius's family was coming over for dinner. Just as he left the room he stopped realizing something about what Celes said. "Shit" he hissed under his breath. She had said that he wasn't with those horrible people meaning that she new about the Dursley's meaning so did Nea. A voice came behind hide him just as arms snaked around his waist pulling him close "I wouldn't let Lucius hear that come out of your mouth" it said. Cyrius looked up it was Tom, his red eyes gleaming with humour. Cyrius couldn't help but smile. "You coming Cyrius" Draco's voice came from behind the door "It's time to go".

Sighing the moment ruined, Tom dragged him to the door, opening it quickly causing his brother to tumble to the ground. "Eavesdropping dear brother" Cyrius said with a smirk. Quickly brudhing himself off, he gave a reasoning of being tired so he rested his head for a bit. The two mates brushed it off with a laugh before hurrying to the entrance of the manor. When they arrived they found Lucius and Narcissa waiting for them. Narcissa was wearing a dark read gown, that was tight at the top but as it went down flowed out. Lucius was wearing a simple black tie. They both looked stunning and the two brothers couldn't help but share a look. Lucius turned to Cyrius "You know how to get there my son" he asked and received a nod. "Ya i have a Portkey" Cyrius said reaching behind his neck and pulling off a necklace they all hadnt noticed before. Each of them grabbed a piece of the chain of the simple gold necklace with a strange red glowing stone before Cyrius whispered something to it. After the small whispered everything spun, they all had no idea where they were going. All but Cyrius, who was laughing and giggling as everything spun.

When the spinning finally stopped, they all stood looking around them. In front of them stood a huge black manor, everything was a dark colour. The feeling it gave off was very menacing as they walked towards it. When they arrived at the door instead of knocking Cyrius just opened the door and walked in. A bright smile was across his face that neither his family or Tom had seen on his face when they had rescued him. They were taking out of their thoughts when Cyrius yelled. They hadn't caught what was said but before Lucius could tell him that it was rude to yell in someone's home, a man appeared. "Geez, I could most likely hear you from Estialla" The man said rubbing his slightly pointed ears. He had long black hair with one long red strip. He placed a red cape on the chair beside his and brushed off his black muggle clothes of a sparkling silver powder. The one thing that was took everyone out of their surprise was the mark on his face. Yes it said he was a demon but that specific pattern was in every summoner book. It was the mark of the high lord, meaning who ever Cyrius was having a conversation with was the lord of demons. Tom had realized this first and had rushed forward and pulled Cyrius close.

This took the man by surprised before he let out a small chuckle "I guess i should introduce myself" He said and looked over at the three by the door for an answer, he got a short nod. "My name is Nea Astoria, I'm the lord of demons if u haven't figured that out by know". Nea waited for a reaction, he went back to look at a glaring Tom, who had a annoyed Cyrius in his arm. "Tom let go hes not going to hurt me" Cyrius told his mated trying to get him to let him go. Nea chuckled darkly "No I won't, but i will hurt those stupid muggles who hurt you" He said a dark smile and gleam in his eyes as he said this. Cyrius gulped not wanting Tom to let him go know. If he did he'd have to go through a load of questioning from Nea. "So enough about that, dinner won't be ready for a while lets go to the sitting room so we can get to know each other more" Nea said making a gesture to tell them all to follow him. Tom looked at Nea suspiciously he wanted to know one thing how did the lord of demons stumble on Cyrius.

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