"We'll meet you at the corn dog station," Iris said.

"Okay, are you sure? Because to tell you the truth, I'm not so sure if I want to do this…" Mary blushed.

Wally's family was at the seasonal carnival in Central City. Newlyweds Barry and Iris Allen were accompanied by the also fairly new couple, Rudy and Mary West. Baby Wally looked wide-eyed from his mother's arms.

Rudy put a hand around his wife's waist and pulled her in a little. "Come on Mary, it's our anniversary. We should do something special," He kissed her cheek.

"The Tunnel of Love though?" Mary blushed again. "It seems a little over-the-top. And Wally…"

"We'll watch the little guy," Barry assured. "Go have fun 'sis."

"Okay," Mary smiled.

Iris took the baby while Rudy and Mary walked away holding hands.

"They're so cute," Iris sighed, watching them go.

"Not as much as you," Barry mused, his eye twinkling as he looked his beautiful wife from the side.

"Oh Barry," Iris flirted back, leaning in.

Barry leaned in too when he suddenly saw the baby in his wife's arms.

He was making a face at him.

Barry pulled back, "What's the matter kid?"

Wally raised an eyebrow at him and Barry laughed while Iris smiled.

"You'll understand one day Wally. Girls aren't so bad." The way he said it made Iris elbow her husband.

"Not in front of our nephew!" She scolded teasingly.

"What?" Barry raised his shoulders in question, "He started it!"

"You two are going to be close, I can tell," Iris rolled her eyes.

"Not as close as you two are about to be," Barry stepped back half a step, waving the air in front of his nose.

"Oh no you don't," Iris warned, handing Wally to Barry. "You take care of business and I'll see if I can buy us some cotton candy while we're waiting."

Barry looked at the baby with the disagreeable odor and back up. "But-But-"

Iris lifted her chin a little so that her eyes were cast down over her nose. Her lips curled in a beautiful smirk which Barry had no willpower to fight. She knew she had already won.

"Okay, okay…but I'll be back in a flash," he said.

Iris laughed at his hidden innuendo as she walked away.

Barry smirked, watching her go. Then he turned and walked toward the bathrooms in the opposite direction with his nephew.