A/N: A scene between Daniel Craig's James Bond and that continuity's Samantha Stone. This is after they've already met and know each other.

London: James Bond's Silver Aston-Marton DB5 pulled into the front of a large financial firm and came to a halt.

"What brings you here?" asked Samantha Stone yawning into her hand. Bond had promised to drive her back to her flat but had said he needed to make a stop first on the way.

"I just have to straighten out some financial records," Bond replied without revealing anything. Unfortunately between the two, subtext was something both could easily recognize when the other said something discreet.

"Hope you don't have to bust any heads to get an answer. These financial institutions are notorious for giving you the runaround," Stone commented. Bond pulled out his PPK and cocked the gun.

"I think I have something they might respond to," 007 informed his companion. "I'll return shortly."

"Can I come in too?" asked 008 hopeful. "I need to make a…withdrawal."

Subtext was easily understood both ways. "Another time," Bond told her as he put his gun back in its holster and opened the door and got out.

"How long will you be gone?" Stone asked.

"A half-hour," Bond figured after consulting his watch.

"Can I at least have the keys so I can listen to the radio?" requested Stone. Bond shot her a dubious glance at handing over the keys to his beloved car.

"Well it's either that or I hotwire it," Stone mentioned offhand with a flick of her wrist. Bond sighed briefly and then tossed the keys to her.

"Just promise that you won't leave the car," he demanded. Stone placed her hand over her heart.

"Secret Agent's honor," she swore as if that really meant anything. Bond narrowed his eyes at her but then turned around and proceeded into the building. Nearby, figures clothed in shadow watched the agent enter the building and then focused their attention on the car as music blared loudly from it.

Later: Bond sat tied to a chair in the top floor with some bruises and cuts having been intercepted before he could question the man that he had come to see. He had then been dragged to the man, the head of the financial institution and trussed up before him. All of this had gone according to one of the many plans Bond had drawn up to get the information he needed.

"Did you really think this would work?" asked the man with the financial plan smugly behind his desk. "That you could just come to me and simply 'ask' about Quantum and that I would tell you? You really are a fool Mr. Bond. Mr. White said as much when he left that little so-called interrogation of yours back in Siena."

Bond inwardly bristled at that comment that had nearly resulted in the death of his boss, M.

"So what was it you expected to gain here?" asked the financier leaning back in his chair.

"I came for the disc you always carry in your jacket lapel," Bond replied with a slight smile that was meant to terrify and not disarm. "The one that has detailed information on Quantum's business dealings in the European territories."

The financier briefly blanched at that revelation of top secret information that Bond should have had no way of knowing. The man's expression then turned beet red with anger as Bond expected it would.

"So tell me, Mr. Bond how were you planning to get it?" demanded the man in a raw tone.

"I have a companion down in front of the building who will come for me if I don't report in," Bond told the man. The financier leaned back at that as his color returned to normal and he began laughing heavily at that along with his hired henchmen.

"If that friend you were referring to was in the Aston Martin, I had intended on my men killing her but as soon as you entered the building she simply drove off. Not much of a friend I would say," the man chuckled, secure in his position of superiority of the Double O.

"I too have something to say," said Bond looking over the man's shoulder and out the large window behind him as he leaned forward over the desk.

"Yes?" asked the man at least a little curious leaning in as well.

"You might want to move away from the window," Bond recommended with a friendly tone. The financier looked at the agent dimly, after all the glass was completely bulletproof, before noticing the wide-eyed expressions of the two henchmen as their jaws slowly dropped in terror. The man then spun around and could barely manage a silent scream before diving out of the way as a silver Aston Marton DB5 came crashing through the window having launched itself off the nearby parking garage of the financial institution.

Bond for his part easily escaped his bonds and elbowed both of the nearby henchmen before quickly standing up and dispatching them both with a blow from his knee. He then watched as the car came to a halt directly in front of him with shards of glass flying off of it to which the agent, completely unphased by all this, walked around the car towards the financier who was laying helplessly on the ground with a large shard of glass piercing his leg. But first he paused by the driver's side door as the window rolled down.

"I don't think this is the drive-through teller window," Stone commented looking around the room from the driver's seat. "In fact I'm not even sure if this place has one for that matter."

"Well if they didn't before, they do have one now," Bond commented drily as he continued towards the financier. Easily warding off the man's flailing of his arms to stop him, the Double O kneeled down and easily retrieved the disc in question and pocketed it.

"Thank you," said Bond amicably before standing back up.

"Aren't you going to dangle me over the edge of the window and demand that I talk?" asked the financier spitting out a piece of blood in disgust at the agent. Bond smiled lightly at the man's attempt to stall for time as security was undoubtedly racing towards the room.

"If I was convinced you knew anything that wasn't on this disc you'd already be there by now," Bond replied. "Anything else you have to say before I go?"

"Yes," said the man with a broken toothed and bloody smile. "She never loved you."

Bond's expression turned to silent fury as he stared at the man for a moment before hitting him hard the butt of his gun knocking him unconscious.

"The masses are right, financiers aren't to be trusted when it comes to telling the truth," Bond quipped as he walked back to the car and Stone.

"Thank you for staying in the vehicle," Bond told the 00 Agent. Stone shrugged lightly at that.

"I figured I owed you at least one moment of truthfulness after that business in Nicaragua you bailed me out of," she commented as Bond consulted his watch.

"And exactly thirty minutes as well, very good," he continued, pleased. Stone chuckled at that.

"Let nobody say we Double Os aren't punctual," she declared before unlocking the door. "And speaking of, we'd better go. We've got about seven minutes before guards storm into this room."

She was about to open the door to get out when Bond held up a hand to stop her.

"Move over," he ordered. Stone looked at him bewildered before scooting over to the passenger seat as Bond got into the driver's seat and turned on the engine.

"And where do you plan on going because we can't exactly go back the way we came," Stone told him as if that should be obvious. Bond nodded his head as he opened the compartment between the seats revealing a number of dials and switches.

"Freight elevator down the hall on the left," he remarked as he pushed down on one of the dials and two hidden rockets flew out of the front grill of the car blowing out part of the far wall. Bond then gunned the engine and the car roared out into the hallway.

"Nice," said Stone approvingly as they raced down the corridor.

At the freight elevator, one male accountant was silently sneaking into it hoping to leave early for the day to go see a football game without being noticed. And thanks to the lead financier having a soundproof office to conduct business, he'd failed to hear anything from that nearby room that might arouse suspicion. And so the doors of the elevator opened and the man hurriedly stepped in least someone see him and ask what he was doing.

He was about to press the button for his floor when a loud boom reverberated down the hallway and was accompanied by the sound of an engine. Looking out fearfully, the man's eyes opened wide just like the henchmen from earlier and the accountant subsequently had to flatten himself against the side of the elevator as an Aston Martin drove in taking up virtually all the space.

"Hello," said a woman from the passenger's side of the vehicle as she poked her head out the window. "Could you press the loading dock floor for me? Thanks."

The man was so in shock that he automatically pressed the button and the doors closed as the sound of footsteps and loud voices from the security guards could be heard advancing towards the financier's office.

"Say you look like you're leaving work early," the woman commented further looking at the accountant. "Going to catch the football game? Yes, I thought so. Who do you think is going to win the Champion's League this year?"

The reality of the man's situation caught up and he summarily fainted. Stone looked at him disappointed before returning her attention to Bond.

"So James, who do you think…," she began when Bond held up his hand to silence her.

"I'm not getting into another football debate with you. Not after last time," he swore. 008 was shocked by his admission before lightly scowling at him.

"You need a better choice is what you need," she said upset. "How could you possibly pick…"

The elevator door opened and the subsequent roar of the engine drowned out the two Secret Agents heatedly arguing about football teams as the Aston Martin drove out onto the main road and away from the building as police and firefighters arrived en masse at the scene.