Chapter 2

War Hero And Heroine In Surprise Wedding!

The Prophet has learnt that Severus Snape (43) and Hermione Granger (24) were married yesterday at Gretna Green. Sources say that The bride wore a simple cream coloured robe while the groom wore black dress robes. Mrs Snape is currently completing an apprenticeship in Transfiguration at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where her new husband, Professor Snape, is currently Professor of Potions. The couple have not been seen in public as of yet, and owls sent to the couple have been returned unanswered. We are curious as to reasoning behind the hasty nuptials considering they had planned an extravagant wedding on 28th September at Hogwarts. Perhaps there will be a young Snape sooner rather than later? The Prophet will update readers as soon as information is known!

Hermione slapped the paper down with a snort and took up her quill.

22 September 2003

Dear Husband,

A small thrill goes through me as I write that word. I hope you will not think me too sentimental writing to you even though you are only upstairs, but I simply could not resist writing a letter to my husband!

You will not like The Prophet headlines. As usual, Rita Skeeter added what she would call 'artistic license' and what others more rightly call supposition and slander. I think the only things right in the article were our ages and where we worked. Regardless, it is as you said it would be; headline news in The Prophet.

I am so very happy, love. We are finally bound and what a difference that makes when making love, hmmm? It was fabulous before, but now that we are bound, even more so. I remember having 'the talk' with Madam Pomfrey in fifth year, but how did I miss the topic of magical sex?

I must thank you for being so kind to my parents yesterday. It seems you've put my lessons in friendship to very good use and charmed my mother into believing our elopement was all her idea! Seriously though, it could have gone much worse, and you were wonderful.

The Hogwarts elf that Minerva has loaned us for our honeymoon is here with our breakfast. I shall bring it up to bed, and we can indulge in breakfast and a lie in before making plans for the day.

I love you very much, Severus.

Your loving wife,


23 September 2003

Dearest Hermione,

I can hardly believe there is a book you haven't read from the Restricted Section or for that matter, your library at Glasgow Institute. You would have clearly found any information about magical sex in either place. Alas, I shall have to be your guide. Oh the torment you heap upon me, little witch!

Be that as it may, you are more than I hoped for when we began to write five years ago. I am a happy bastard indeed. You continue to enthrall me with your wit, intelligence and beauty. To know that I will end each teaching day with the prospect of your comforting presence is a soothing balm for my wounded soul.

We have two weeks ahead of us, love; what shall we do? Of course never leaving the house is a wonderful idea, but I should like to take you to a few shows in Muggle London I think you will enjoy. And of course we must eat so we should probably go to a shop now and again or at least a restaurant or two.

And no, I find I cannot fault your sentimental letter writing as despite our proximity, I too, take great delight in writing to my beautiful wife.

All my love,

Your husband,


28 September 2003

You will be the death of me, Severus Snape! When you snuck up behind me and blindfolded me I thought perhaps you were going to teach me a new way to be pleasured, but instead you apparated me, before I had time to breathe, to Paris of all places. Who says you don't have a romantic bone in your body?

This was a lovely treat. To walk with you along the Seine and eat in the outdoor cafés was such fun. I never knew Paris had such a wonderful Wizarding library either. We shall have to come back again and again so that I can see it in its entirety.

While you were having a nap in the hotel, I did a little shopping; I hope you don't mind. Of course, some of the shopping was for you. I found the most deliciously naughty store…..the old woman who worked there showed me some lovely things including a little book that should keep us quite busy for a long time! She also sold me some lovely bath salts and after all my walking around today, I believe I shall avail myself of them now. Please come join me if you wish. Surely this letter can tempt you away from your nap? Poe is under strict instructions to peck you until you wake!



30 September 2003


Are you trying to kill me? I don't know what's gotten into you, and I would like to say stop it, but you are like a drug to me, and I cannot refuse you. Although I do think page 394 of your new little book was a bit more strenuous that even you thought. Perhaps we should save that one for special occasions.

I have one more little trip I'd like to take, but this time I shall warn you since it will involve a port key and a long apparition jump. If you would like to join me, you may wish to start packing as soon as you get out the bath as we should probably leave this evening. There are a few potions ingredients that I can find only in the Antarctic. I usually never have time to harvest them until the summer holidays. As I was a bit preoccupied this past summer, I would like to harvest them now. It will only take two days to travel, harvest, and return.

Please say you'll go with me. I think you'd like the thrill of being in the Antarctic if only to say you've been.

Have you noticed Poe seems confused at only needing to hop around to deliver our letters? Poor bird; we shall need to send another letter to your parents or Minerva to give his wings a stretch.



3 October 2003


Our time alone, away from it all, is nearly over. In two days' time, we must return to Hogwarts and involve ourselves in society again.

Everything these past two weeks have been, well, magical! The little trips (and yes, the Antarctic was fantastic; how many of my friends could possibly say they made love in a tent just a few hundred metres from the South Pole?), the hours spent lazing around reading, talking, making love…I never want them to end! I know that we can still do all those things while at Hogwarts, but the rigidity of our days will be marked until July the next, and we will only have precious few weeks during term to indulge ourselves in spontaneity.

Thank you for this wonderful time. I feel I have gotten to know so much more about you than ever before. To know your soul is the most precious gift you have given me. You are indeed a happy bastard, and you are MY happy bastard.

With all my love,


4 October 2003


I could not have foreseen the amount of happiness I have found with you. You are my light and love and I will always, ALWAYS be grateful you opened the letter that started it all.

I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I checked my Patronus yesterday. As you know, it has always been a doe and you know why. I thought that I would never truly let Lily go, that she would be always be a part of me, whether platonically or not. But it seems that you, my little witchling, have found a way to release me from that bind and now my Patronus reflects how much your love has changed me. It is no longer Lily's doe; it is now a stallion, and I feel like I am finally my own man. Well, my own man who always listens to his exquisite wife, that is.

Remember that I may not be a demonstrative man, but I do love you, Hermione Snape.



Hermione and Severus awoke on the morning of the 5th and resignedly faced the day. Of course facing the day had to wait an hour so that they could make love one more time, but they were on their way back to Hogwarts before lunch. They stowed their things away in Severus' chambers and called on Winky to go to Hermione's old rooms and bring her things down to the dungeons.

The couple made their way to lunch and as soon as they entered the Great Hall, the occupants of the staff table rose as one to greet and congratulate the couple. The students looked on with mixed reactions. The girls were swooning at the whole idea of a romantic elopement and the boys were trying not to retch as they wondered what the hell Madame Gran-Snape saw in the greasy dungeon bat. After the initial reaction, they settled back to their meals, only sneaking the occasional glance at the seemingly odd couple. Life at Hogwarts carried on as normal, students went to classes, Severus was not 'going soft' now that he was married and points were still blithely taken, but in darkened niches around the castle, Professors met covertly; Galleons were exchanged, and notes were taken. A hefty bag of money awaited the Professor who chose the date closest to the birth of the Snape heir.

JK Rowling owns it.

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