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Truths Beyond My Mask


Darkness had settled over my bed room and I sighed staring out at the moon that was settled high in the wide expanses of utter blackness. It was as if the stars were simply hiding just like all of the power I had once had.

'King…can you hear me?'

What the hell…was that Shiro? Shiro…what the hell how can I hear him I must be delusional. Yeah, I'm delusional that's all…I just miss my powers and my distressed mind was conjuring voices to fill the void left behind. Yeah, that's got to be what's going on.

'Shut the hell up if you haven't noticed yet you jack ass I'm not a fucking zanpakuto I don't follow the same damn rules!' I jump up and fall onto the floor beside my bed in utter shock. Shiro talked again…wait does this mean he'll try and kill me again? God this time I can't beat him!

"King shut the hell up already will ya…ya ain't crazy." He materializes in front of me scowling in my general direction. I nearly laugh and cry out of sheer joy at seeing one of my inner beings standing before me. "Get up…the ground doesn't suit ya King. I wanna' talk with ya."

I stand in mild shock and sit down on the edge of my bed as he struts over to my desk chair and turns it around only to sit on it backwards while facing me. I look at him for a moment study the way his hair now fall in long shaggy strands around his face touching his shoulders. He was fairly tall maybe an inch taller than me but still he resembled me in some ways.

"Shiro what do you want to talk about at twelve in the morning?" His eyebrows rise at my harsh accusation before he shakes his head trying to rein in his temper.

"I wanna' talk to ya about yer actions as of late King…ya been actin like a real pansy ya know. It's a little sickenin'. Aside from that I wanna ask ya why ya didn't remember me when the old man disappeared I ain't no zanpakuto ya know. Hell I'm pretty powerful and well over the years ya proved to be a pretty descent king…so yeah…" He rubs the back of his white hair in thought and then shakes his head before looking away with a short scowl.

"Shiro you aren't making any sense what so ever." I sigh and move so I'm lying back on my bed with my hands folded behind my head.

"King can I ask ya a question?" I glance at him before returning my gaze to the ceiling.

"You've already asked one but go ahead Shiro…" I chuckle softly at his angry glare before watching as it disappears as quickly as it came and his intense thoughts begin to outline his features.

His golden irises land on me after some time and I can see the uncertainty in his gaze. "Have ya ever really learned about the hollows…like aside from the stuff the shinigami told ya?" I turn my head to gaze at him and frown bringing a hand up to touch my chin gingerly. When I think about it I've never really thought of hollows aside from killing them. I had only ever thought of them as how Rukia told me they were.

I shift my gaze back to the hollowfied version of myself seeing the slight uncertainty in his gaze. "No I suppose I never have, would you like to inform me?" At my words he stiffens before relaxing with a small smile and thinking over his words. Then as the sun began to rise and replace the moon he told me of the many things he had learned through his time as a hollow and what actually happens in the world of Hueco Mundo. In that small amount of time I had grown inevitably closer to the one thing I used to despise more than anything else.

"We can be powerful together king…just give me a chance to prove to ya that I am yer most loyal subject now!" Shiro stand and tightens his fists into balls while staring down at me through those golden orbs. Then he straightens and pulls out the two horned mask before crushing it between his hands and holding out a small white orb. "Take it King and together we will be more powerful that anyone will understand…yer king for a reason. Take it and my power will be yers undeniably and unbound! Take it and make us one soul again!"

Shiro seems so lost and crazed wanting nothing more than to be with me again. I had never seen him like this and that, in itself, proved the honesty in him. I tighten my hands into fists before reaching forward and plucking the white bead from his palm. His lips part and a small sigh escapes his lips but any other action is lost to me as I begin to feel the reiatsu of everyone around me again but aside from that I can feel my own massive reiatsu as it calms significantly until it is completely hidden within my body. "Why Shiro…"

Shiro kneels in front of me and smiles hauntingly toward the floor. His eyes catch mine and such happiness is portrayed there. "King this is all I ever wanted from ya…I only ever want ya to recognize yer full power because my world is dying without a king. I thank ya…" Then he dematerialized leaving me to get ready for school. Before I leave I shove the white sphere into my pocket and walk out of the house intent on not releasing this power for some pansy hollow.