Author's Note: This is my second Thorki oneshot. It doesn't really go with the first one, but I figured it could take place in the same universe as created in the first. This would take place later, after Thor and Loki have settled somewhere and have been living together for some time. It's just a bit of fun fluff between the two. Please review if you like it! (or even if you don't-constructive criticism is always welcome)


"Yes, brother?" returned Loki innocently. He looked up from his book when Thor, appearing rather disgruntled, walked back into the bedroom from the bathroom. On his face, his chin more particularly, was a glob of a white substance that was melting off in a steady drip. Loki restrained a laugh, though it took all his self-control.

"I wish you to return to me my shaving cream." Thor extended a hand that held the container meant for said shaving cream.

"Whatever do you mean? I have not taken it."

Thor gave him a no-nonsense look.

"Do not pretend you are innocent of this, brother. You have used your magic to change my shaving cream into this mortal confection!"

"I believe it's called ice cream, Thor," said Loki, smirking.

"I am well aware of that. You know that I enjoy this treat tremendously. I do not, however, enjoy having it smeared upon my face!"

"I can't believe you actually put it on!" exclaimed Loki, truly bewildered, his smirk stretching into a huge, smug smile. He was no longer even bothering to feign innocence. "How on earth did you not notice the difference before slathering it all over yourself?"

"Just restore my shaving cream to its original state," replied Thor, sighing exasperatedly. He was well used to this sort of thing from his younger brother. Loki was, after all, the God of Mischief. Thor could expect little else.

With a chuckle, Loki waved his hand, turning the ice cream into shaving cream once more. "Your wish is my command," he said teasingly, a twinkle in his eyes. Thor glared at his brother, but his fond smile spoke of different emotions. Without another word, Thor returned to the bathroom to clean up and finish his morning routine.


"What troubles you now?"

An aghast Thor emerged from the kitchen, holding a spoon and tub of ice cream in his hands, and looking dangerously red with irritation. Loki gazed slowly at the scene, up and down, taking in Thor's annoyed expression.

"Ah," he said simply, smirking slightly, and turning back to the television. This was one mortal invention that he was quite fond of.

"Have you any idea what shaving cream tastes like?" cried Thor, his normally loud voice uncomfortably so at this raised volume. Loki would have flinched if he weren't too busy still smirking.

"No, in fact, I do not… but I'd be willing to wager that you do."

"Yes, because of your trickery!"

"I do not believe that I am at fault for this," objected Loki smugly. Thor's mouth opened, likely to roar some disagreement, but Loki merely held up a hand and continued. "Upon discovering the switch in your shaving cream this morning, you should have been reasonably suspicious of the cold dessert now in your hands before shoveling it into your mouth."

"How was I to know that you did not merely magic the other?"

"Oh, dear Thor, you must understand," said Loki, his voice full of teasing patronization. "Not all mischief requires magic."


"So perhaps, if you had considered that, it would have been clear to you that I did not enchant your shaving cream to begin with, but that I instead exchanged it with something else. It was your own oversight that led to your consumption of that shaving cream."

Thor released a guttural growl, stomping across the floor until he stood in front of the other man, who was seated on their leather couch, effectively blocking Loki's view of the television screen.

Raising his eyebrows, Loki tilted his head to look up at the God of Thunder. Was he just being paranoid or could he hear the beginnings of a storm crackling outside the window?

"Do you mind?" he asked simply, referring to Thor's interference in his enjoyment of the television.

"You tricked me into allowing this foul substance to touch my tongue," said Thor. "It is only fair that you take a bite yourself." Taking the spoon, he scooped into the tub of ice cream, and then extended the spoon, now with a heap of shaving cream upon it, towards Loki.

Loki grinned, chuckling in amazement. "If you believe that I will willingly place that spoon into my mouth, you are sorely mistaken."

"Then I will force you," answered Thor, grinning despite himself. Loki's antics were troublesome, surely, but somehow, he could never resist the charm of Loki's winning smile. It made him forget all of his frustration, all but his love for his brother and his mischievous ways.

Loki's eyes widened with shock at Thor's declaration. Thor surged forward, trying to shove the spoon at Loki's mouth. Loki dodged continually, keeping his lips sealed tight firmly, but he could not help the bright smile that soon grew on his face, thoroughly amused, as he was, by their childish sport. Thor was not perhaps the smartest man Loki had ever met, but he was certainly never predictable. His fun games, witty speech, and surprising behaviors always made Loki's heart lighten and lips smile.

Because he was having no luck, Thor quickly straddled his brother in order to stop him from squirming away, throwing aside the tub simultaneously. Loki looked even more surprised, and now even a bit concerned that Thor would succeed.

Thinking quickly, Loki focused on the shaving cream that Thor was still pressing at his sucked-in lips and sent out a bit of magic. Suddenly, the shaving cream was no more. Instead there was a rain of rice that tumbled down from the spoon, spilling over the two demigods.

Thor gaped in shock, making Loki grin uncontrollably, but he soon registered the turn of events and glared at the smaller man. Loki only laughed.

"You cheated!" accused Thor.

"You used your physical strength to subdue me, so I used my magic to best you," Loki retorted. Thor rolled his eyes.

"So be it. If you refuse to be fed by spoon," he declared, a devious smile tugging at his lips as he carelessly tossed the spoon behind him, "you shall simply have to learn the taste of it another way."

Loki's brow furrowed. "What do you-"

Loki gave a muffled mfph! as he was cut off by Thor's lips pressing insistently against his in a surprise-attack kiss. And Thor wasted no time before shoving his tongue roughly into Loki's mouth.

Incredibly enough, the taste of shaving cream had indeed lingered on Thor's tongue. Loki began to gag and Thor retreated, pulling away, smiling triumphantly as Loki's face contorted with displeasure and he emitted blech-ing sounds and waggled his tongue about, trying to make the taste vanish.

Unable to contain himself, Thor laughed uproariously, even as his brother glared daggers at him.

"Perhaps now you shall be more careful with your tricks!" he managed to exclaim mockingly.

A smirk broke through Loki's thoroughly unamused expression. He leaned upwards, bringing his face closer to Thor's.

"If you wish me to change my ways, you shall have to concoct much worse punishments than a kiss," was his flirtatious reply. Without giving Thor any time to respond, Loki closed the remaining distance, attaching his lips to the other demigod's.

Thor paused. Then, he smiled into the kiss and leaned forward, pushing his brother against the back of the couch. He deepened the kiss, quickly adding tongue to the mix again. Loki moaned, responding fervently in turn. Their hunger and need for each other quickly built up the heat and intensity of the kissing.

Thor's hands became tangled in Loki's silky black hair, occasionally brushing against the smooth pale skin of Loki's neck or cheeks. Loki had one hand firmly wrapped around Thor's neck, holding him close in the kiss. The other hand extended around Thor's waist, pressing against his back, trying to pull him as near as possible, to increase the friction and eliminate the unwanted space between their bodies.

Suddenly, Thor drew back, much to Loki's displeasure, a feeling that he vocalized with a needy whine.

"Promise you will not again allow undesirable substances to replace my food," he commanded sternly. One eyebrow of Loki's rose and his lips twitched.

"Now, brother, I thought you did not want me making promises I have no intention of keeping," said Loki sassily. Thor pursed his lips and quickly rose to his feet. Loki's jaw dropped down in shock, before being replaced with a disgruntled pout. A hand lunged out, grabbing Thor's arm.

"Come back," he pleaded, pulling at Thor, trying to force him back down. Loki's force was enough to make Thor stumble briefly, but then he planted his feet and yanked his arm back with impressive strength. He succeeded, but with it came a wide-eyed Loki.

Loki slammed into his brother, and the two demigods crashed to the ground in a tangled heap of limbs.

Glancing over at one another where they lay on the floor, there was a split second of silence.

The duo then erupted in loud bursts of laughter. Thor wiped merry tears from his eyes, and Loki beamed back at him, clutching his shaking stomach. Thor could hardly resist such a rare and delectable sight.

Pulling his brother on top of him, Thor picked up their activities where they had left off. Loki happily followed his lead.