Chapter 4: The oasis

Chain p.o.v...

Dojo explained to us what a Xiaolin Showdown was, and we were rode in silence thinking about what we just heard.

It's been two days since we found the violin and everyone is doing chores...except me. Since I managed to stay alive during the encounter with that guy, plus doing chores for a really long time, I only did some chores in half the time the others did. Panty on the other hand seemed to have a hard time.

I decided to sleep for a while. I laid down attempting to shut my eyes until a crow screeched me back awake. I walk to my window and have a staring contest with the bird. "Go away!, I'm trying to sleep" I yelled as I shut my window, covered it over with the curtains, and laid back down.

Later that day I awoke to a knock on my door. I got up ran my fingers threw my hair and answered the door to find Dojo slithering right in. "Do you have any information on that guy who 'everyone says' tries to eat you?" I asked. "His name is Chase Young and he's an enemy" he replied terrified.

"Finally, someone who tells me" I said falling back on my bed near Dojo. "Hey, watch the tail" he wailed. "Sorry" I replied. "Hey Dojo, can you come exploring with me?" I asked him with a begging smile.

"Are you crazy!" he shouted "Chase's hidden palace is near here!, and besides you would have to ask Master Fung about it anyway" he finished. "Okay" I said quietly. "Hey Dojo" I paused "Who is Chase Young?" I asked. He sighed. Dojo then told me all he knew.

I was speechless...because of how long the story was and all that I was told. 'No wonder why he acted like a jerk' I thought as I got off my bed to find Master Fung. I looked around the temple, trying to find him and avoid Kimiko.

I finally found him in the garden, walked closer and saw everyone practicing. 'Nice moves' I thought looking at the monks before I was shot at. I dodged it at the last second and looked at a smirking Panty.

'Oh it's on' I thought while charging at Panty. I threw a kick at her while she pushed it down. She then threw a punch while I moved my head to the side. She kicked my shin while I punched her in the gut. "Oh its on now" we said pulling out our weapons.

She had her gun to my head while I had my chain on her neck. "Make a move" I said mocking her."Wouldn't dream of it princess" she mocked back. The air between us got tense while we growled glaring a each other. We lowered our weapons not breaking eye contact.

Lightning shot through our eyes, as we dead locked glared at each other before we attacked each other. We started ruff housing, pulling hair and slapping each other. "Break it up!" Raimundo and Clay said pulling us apart. We were trying to get out of their grip.

"Sisters shouldn't fight like this" Omi wailed watching the scene unfold. "This isn't the first time they fought like this" Kimiko told him. "What do you mean this isn't the fist time?" Dojo asked. "They had a show, before they killed the angel kagemusha or impersonator" she explained.

"This fight would be their...386th yet" she finished. "Impressive that's more fights than all the stuff we've done...combined" he said. "Still, they should get along" Omi protested. "Please...I'd love to be there when that happens" Kimiko sighed.

Dojo pulled me off Panty while Clay struggled to pull Panty off me. "We need to take them to the oasis" Raimundo said struggling to keep me still. "I think that's a good idea" Master Fung said walking out of the temple. "Follow me" he said while Raimundo and Clay had put our hands behind our backs and moved us forward.

After a few minutes of walking we came to a secluded area in the forest then into beautiful oasis. Me and Panty looked at the pool of water, looked at each other then glared. "If this doesn't resolve their problem...nothing will" Raimundo said letting me go into the water.

I arose blowing air into my face, then realized that when I entered the pool, I had transformed without saying our verses. "Is this a spiritual pool?" I asked Master Fung. He nodded his head as Clay gently nudged Panty into the water as well.

They left so we can calm down. I floated as she swam. "They didn't have to push us in" Panty complained. I raised an eyebrow "No Raimundo pushed me got nudged" I tried to explain. "You want to go for a deep swim?" she taunted as she dived in the water.

I shrugged and followed. We swam all the way to the bottom, lifted seashells up, then swam back to the top. "How about this one?" she asked. It was clear with a pink swirl in the middle. "I like it" I replied holding up a green one with sparkles and a black one with a blue circle on it.

"Those are beautiful" she laughed looking at the seashells I found. "Thanks" I replied. 'Wow this place works' I thought seeing my sister get out of the water. When she did her outfit was gone and she was back to wearing her xiaolin robes. "You coming out?" she asked wondering why I'm still in the pool.

"No, I have to see if this is a transport to heven like the alter back in Daten city" I replied. "Okay, whistle for Chuck if anything goes wrong, I'll tell the others were you are" she said before walking away.

"I hope that Bimbo know's her way back" I sighed before I dove back under the water to avoid the unsettling presence I felt after Panty left.

Chase p.o.v...

She dove back under the water after feeling my presence. I opened my eyes from meditating and saw her getting out of the water. I walked to were she was getting out of the water, held my hand out for her to take, but she got startled and went backwards into the water.

'Did I do something wrong' I thought to myself then overlooked what I was doing. She got back out more wet than before. "Thanks" she sarcastically said. "No problem" I replied equally sarcastic.

"What are you doing here?" she asked narrowing her eyes. "I don't have to answer to you" I snapped. "Fine" she snapped back. She started walking away and I caught her by the arm. "Let me go" she demanded. I resisted and stared into her eyes.

As our faces heated up we looked away from each other. She whistled as I jumped back as a black bull dog with cuts on it fell from the sky and almost landed on me. We said nothing to each other and went our separate ways.

I sat on my throne wondering what was that all about. "What is this feeling" I said to myself. "You don't actually have feelings for that girl?" Wuya asked me walking out of the shadows. "No, you vile witch" I spat.

"Good because to get what you want...we have to eliminate the angels" she replied bluntly. Before I could answer she a vibe. "I sense Shen gong wu...and you're going to love this one" she said darting for the door with me not to far behind her.

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