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Regina Mills' hands shook as her dark brown eyes glared across the street at the blonde riding in the truck with him. He slid out of his seat and made his way over to the passenger's side. He opened the door, and offered his hand out to Emma. Emma grinned and stepped out of the truck, exposing her long jean-covered legs. She threw back her head back in laughter at something he said, exposing her long neck. Regina cursed. "Damn Graham!" Her eyes glittered with resentment. That should be her offering her hand to Emma. Offering her jacket for the blonde to wear. Her thoughts were interrupted by Ruby coming over.

"What would you like Madame Mayor?" Ruby asked.

Waving her hand, she responded, "The usual. Apple cider."

Ruby nodded and strutted back to the kitchens. Regina frowned when she left. Honestly. How long does it take for them to stop their childish games and come into the restaurant? Her question was soon answered as the door dinged, announcing the presence of her deepest desire.

*Flashback to earlier that afternoon*

"I have the photos you requested," Sidney Glass smirked, holding up a manila folder.

"Well?" Regina snapped her head up, her dark eyes appraising him for the first time since he entered her office.

"Um. Well," Sidney stuttered, trying to maintain control over his suddenly thudding heartbeat. Damn. Those eyes. They're like-

"Spit it out Sidney," Regina said rolling her eyes.

Sidney coughed, and blurted out, "Emma appears to be dating Sheriff Graham! I took several photos of them kissing!"

He looked proud of himself. With those words, Regina felt her insides freeze. She glowered at him, and he shuffled his feet.

"Get out," she spit out.

"What about my payment? I believe you owe me-"


Sidney didn't need any further prompting, and rushed out of her office, his heart sinking. I love her. Why can't she see that?

Meanwhile, Regina sank down in her chair, tenderly opening the folder. As soon as she saw the first picture, she slammed the folder shut and squeezed her eyes shut, willing tears not to fall. Why oh why did it have to be Graham? She'd been infatuated with Emma ever since she knocked on her door with Henry in tow. She'd kept her mask of hatred towards Emma because she didn't want to get hurt again. Graham now in the picture certainly changed things. She opened her eyes again, took a deep breath, and then frowned. Come on Regina. Get a grip. If you want your swan, you need to stop with the façade. She opened the folder again, revealing a picture of Emma's arms thrown around Graham's neck and Graham's arms wrapped around her waist. They were kissing. Regina angrily tossed the picture to the side, and shuffled through the rest of the photos, pausing at one revealing a picture of Emma and him sharing an ice-cream cone. Emma's tongue was buried half in the ice cream, and she was smiling. Oh dear lord. That tongue should be buried in-NO. Regina Mills. Snap out of it!

Angrily slamming her hand down on the glass table, she shook her head and took a calming breath. Massaging her temples, she picked up her phone and called the one person who she knew would help her.

"Sidney Glass," a deep voice answered.

"Sidney. I'm quite sorry for how I treated you earlier," Regina used her most sincere voice, "I was just worried about Henry. What if he found out that his birth mother was sleeping around with the town sheriff? I won't have him exposed to that."

"I understand perfectly Mayor Mills. I would have been most upset too," Sidney was relieved.

"Good. Well. Do you know how long Em-Ms. Swan has been dating-" Regina had to bite the next part out, "Sheriff Graham?"

"Well, judging by the times I've taken the photos, I'd say about 3-4 weeks?"

Regina stiffened. "When are they meeting next? I'm just going to have a chat with Ms. Swan," Regina smiled a predatory smile even though he couldn't see it.

"Um..." Regina could hear papers being shuffled, and it took all of her willpower not to start yelling at the slow, seemingly incompetent reporter. "Tonight at Granny's at 8. Why?"

"Thank you Sidney. You've been most…helpful."

She hung up before he could respond and after safely storing the antagonizing photos in her safe, she quickly left her office and went to her closet.

"Hmm Ms. Swan. What should I wear to ensure that your eyes won't ever wander from me?" she thought out loud. After sifting through her entire wardrobe, she picked the grey dress that she wore when Emma cut down her apple tree. Just remembering the white tank top that Emma wore made her breath a little heavier. Shaking her head slightly, she paired the dress with black Jimmy Choo pumps. As Regina looked in the mirror as she reapplied her make up and fluffed up her hair, she felt sexy and confident. It's about time I get you Ms. Swan. You're mine. She grabbed her winter jacket, and after scribbling a quick note to Henry saying that she had a meeting, she grabbed her bag and headed out the door.