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Also, I stole "Scandals" the gay bar from the show. I have no idea if it's a real place, but I altered some details from the show to fit my needs.

One other thing- To me, Kurt is NOT a baby penguin. Anyone who can do the single ladies dance like that earns at least a sexy-beast-in-training badge. After Blaine, forget it. Did you SEE "I'm not the Boy Next Door?" ;)

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The club pounded with the beat of Pitbull's newest song, lights flashing on the large dance floor. Kurt looked around nervously, feeling incredibly out of place. Clubs were not his thing. The only reason he was here was because of Mercedes, who insisted New Directions needed a 'night to let loose' (aka pre-graduation celebration). When Kurt revealed he had never been to a club, Mercedes enlisted the boys of New Directions to take him to a gay bar. Some of Sam's old stripping buddies got them some fake IDs and here they were- at 'Scandals', the gay bar in Westerville.

Kurt fidgeted, picking at his T-shirt. Mercedes and Santana had dressed him (despite his protests) and he was now sporting a grey v-neck, dark,loose fitting jeans and a black belt.

Finn, dressed in jeans and a maroon t- shirt, coughed beside him. "Well, this looks...interesting."

Indeed it did. The club was large, decorated in blacks, greys, and greens. A long bar sat on a side, most of the stools filled with men. The dance floor dominated the room, pulsing with strobe lights and moving colors. Men of all kinds danced, some grinding shamelessly against each other, while others danced a bit more respectfully. A large stage was set up in the front of the room with men twisting in positions that made Kurt blush.

Puck grinned. "Come on boys, lets go get some drinks before we find Kurt a guy."

Kurt spluttered. "No, Puck, I was forced to come here. I am NOT looking for a guy. I wouldn't want the type of guy who hangs out in clubs like these, anyway."

Puck shrugged, undeterred, and pushed through the crowds of people to the bar. He leaned on the counter, at ease with the club atmosphere.

The bartender, a young man around 30, walked up to them. "What'll you have?" he asked.

"Five Heinekens, one Jack Daniels on the rocks." the bartender nodded, and filled the order. He handed them to Puck, who distributed the beers and kept the Jack Daniels. Puck pulled his wallet out of pocket and lay some money on the bar. The others boys looked at him suspiciously, but didn't ask where he got the money from.

The boys found some empty stools and sat down, clutching their drinks.

Finn and Sam started gulping their beers, looking interestedly at the club. Sam was starting up at the stage, humming appreciatively at the dancers. Mike would glance at the dancers, too, but he mostly drank his beer and watched Rory with a grin on his face. Rory was looking around, jaw on the ground. Apparently he had never seen an American club before. Probably not a GAY club. People in Ireland must be sheltered, Kurt thought randomly, Rory always looked at me like I was the first gay person he had met.

Kurt, on his part, studiously ignored everything, picking at the label of his beer.. He was so embarrassed. He felt bad for his friends who had to go through this traumatising experience with him, watching gay guys prance around in tiny underwear, and tattoos, and...He shuddered. For someone who watched Broadway Musicals as much as other teenage boys watched porn, such blatant acts of sex were unnerving.

It's not like he had never THOUGHT about sex. He was a teenage boy, after all. His masturbatory fantasies starred a handsome brunette who undressed him slowly, and whispered sweet nothings in his ear before making love to him slowly. Gay clubs were not part of those fantasies.

Kurt was startled out of his thoughts when he felt a light tap on his elbow. He looked up, startled, to see a blonde man around fifty smiling at him. "Hey, gorgeous, " The man said, holding a hand. "I'm Jack, and you are...?"

Kurt shook the offered hand quickly, trying to think of an excuse to leave when a voice behind him spoke.

"Not interested." Puck said, glaring at the older man." He's not interested." The man took one look at his mohawk and threatening glare and nodded, walking away hurriedly, giving Kurt one more smile.

Kurt sagged in his seat, relieved. "Thanks, Noah." he said.

Puck grinned. "No problem, man. I want to set you up with a good guy- not someone three times your age. He looked creepy, anyway." Puck knocked back his drink, then offered his hand to Kurt. "Let's dance."

Kurt stared at him. "Umm...no. I was forced here, remember? I'm perfectly fine just sitting, thanks." He returned his gaze to his untouched beer, but Puck had other ideas.

"Remember why we're here? To LET LOOSE. That means dancing. All of us guys wanted you to have a good night, so we came here. Now come on, and dance."

Kurt didn't move. "I would have been comfortable sitting in a corner of a straight bar, and you know that. Why did all of you come here, where you are obviously uncomfortable?"

Puck shrugged. "You're one of us, Kurt, and we wanted you to have a good time and meet people. Besides, we're not all that uncomfortable." He nodded at Sam and Mike who were dancing in the middle of the floor, trying out new moves and laughing with each other. They were attracting quite a crowd, and seemed to be enjoying the attention.

Finn and Rory were still at the bar, chatting with each other. Artie and Joe had opted not to come, claiming inability to dance and respect for one's body, respectively.

Kurt looked back at Puck, who had a smile on his face. "C'mon, Kurt. Dance with me? No one will be looking, anyway, everyone's staring at Sam and Mike."

Kurt's lips quirked and he nodded, standing up. He took a long drag of his beer and then followed Puck to the dance floor and began moving slowly.

At first, his movements were jerky, but as he got into the rhythm of the song, his movements became more fluid.

Soon, his hips were rolling and twisting. Puck stared at him. "Damn, Hummel, you got moves, man. If I was gay, I'd tap you."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Thanks, Noah."

"No, seriously. A bunch of other people want to, too."

Kurt looked around at this, and noticed a little crowd around them. Sam and Mike had sat down, and Kurt was the new object of everyone's attention. Kurt blushed brightly,and pulled away from Puck. "This is embarrassing." he muttered, face burning hotter as he realized many of the men were straining in their pants.

Puck laughed. "Hummel. They love you. For some of these guys, this is the only action they'll be getting tonight. Do you really want to deny them that chance?" He pulled Kurt back to him, and grinded against him. Kurt's blush didn't fade, but for some unexplained reason, he continued dancing. He could practically FEEL Puck's triumphant grin, and that made him grin too. He would probably never see these men again, anyway. Maybe Mercedes was right. Or maybe his beer was getting to him. He and alcohol were not friends, after all.

Within twenty more minutes of dancing, Kurt pulled away and collapsed at the bar next to Finn. His stepbrother looked at him, eyebrows raised. "Having fun?" he asked.

"Tons" Kurt answered dryly. He gulped down the water Mike passed him and closed his eyes. He WAS having fun. He never knew dirty dancing could be so...titillating.

He opened his eyes when Rihanna's "S&M" came on and jumped to his feet. "I love this song!" He set down his water, and pulled Mike to the dance floor. The tall Asian went willingly, always happy to have a reason to dance.

Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it

Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it

Sticks and stones may break my bones

But chains and whips excite me

Kurt sang along with the chorus loudly, dancing shamelessly with Mike. Mike laughed inwardly, but grinded back, happy Kurt was having fun. The two danced a bit more, laughing when one would do something particularly sexy.

As the two headed back to the bar, Kurt noticed a young boy staring at him. He couldn't have been much older than Kurt himself, and when the boy caught Kurt's eyes, he looked away quickly.

Intrigued, Kurt walked toward the boy. He was now staring at two boys on the dance floor, one black, one Asian, who were dancing with each other. He had a slight smile on his face as he watched and Kurt found himself entranced. He tapped the boy on the shoulder, causing the boy to whip around in surprise.

"Hello, sorry to interrupt, but I noticed you looking at me, and..." Kurt stopped, unsure of what to say.

The boy blushed. "Yeah, sorry about that. I don't want to be creepy. You're dancing was just...really good."

"Thanks." Now that Kurt was next to the boy, he could see the boy had deep hazel eyes and brunette hair, obviously gelled. He wore a pair of skintight red jeans and a black wifebeater, and Kurt felt himself staring a bit too long. He coughed and looked back up the boy's face. "I'm Kurt, by the way."

"Blaine. Nice to meet you." The two shook hands, a cliche warm feeling spreading through their bodies as they touched.

Kurt hesitated. "Would you like to dance?"

Blaine's eyes lit up. "I would love to, thanks." He paused. "won't you boyfriend mind, though? He nodded to Puck, who was sitting at the bar, chatting with Finn.

Kurt laughed. "He's just a friend. He just wanted to get me to loosen up, or something."

Blaine nodded and took Kurt's offered hand, and followed him to the dance floor.

The two boys danced tentatively at first, slowly comfortable with each other. Blaine danced quite well in skintight pants, and Kurt was impressed. He knew, from experience, that that took talent. The loud music prevented much conversation, so the two teens danced silently, smiling at each other.

They got progressively closer to each other with each song, and soon they were face to face, bodies pressed together. Blaine moved closer timidly,and when Kurt made no move to pull away, he pressed his lips to the taller boys.

Kurt kissed back chastely, inwardly screaming for joy. THIS should have been his first kiss- not some rough kiss in the boys locker room by an closeted bully.

Blaine pulled back, smiling shyly. "Was that okay?" he mouthed.

Kurt nodded, grinning goofily. "Yes" he mouthed back.

Having no interest on getting their mack on in the middle of the dance floor, the two boys receded to the secluded corner Blaine had been seated at.

Just as they sat down, two other boys came up to them- the boys Blaine was looking at on the dance floor.

"Hey, Blaine," the taller black boy called. "We need to leave. Thad only guaranteed us until midnight."

"One sec," Blaine called back. He looked at Kurt apologetically. "I have to go. I'm at boarding school, and if we're caught out, we'll get in big trouble. I'm sorry."

Kurt smiled gently. "Don't worry about it. I should be going soon. I'm here with some of my straight friends who probably can't wait to get out of here."

Blaine laughed. "Good friends you got."

Kurt nodded. "Yeah. Wait, before you go..." He pulled a napkin that was laying on the bar toward him and wrote his number on it.

"Here's my number. Call me, maybe?"

Blaine took the napkin and planted a swift kiss to the corner of Kurt's mouth. "Of course. See you later, I guess."

He walked away with his friends, continually looking back at Kurt. Kurt smiled and walked over to his own friends who were staring at him curiously.

"Who was that?" Finn asked.

Kurt smiled. "Blaine."

"You two looked pretty comfortable." Puck said, leering.

Kurt blushed. "Well, aren't you the one who wanted to set me up with someone, anyway? Blaine's nice." he shot back.

"Even though he hangs out in clubs?" Puck countered.

"I have a feeling he does not frequent this type of establishment." Kurt sniffed. "Let's go. I'm exhausted."

The boys agreed heartily,and packed into Puck's truck. Kurt, who had drank the least, drove, and as he did so, all he could think about was Blaine. He thought about his scribbled number on that drink napkin and hoped wholeheartedly that Blaine would call it.

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