A man who was fiddling with a bit of string and a chalk circle which had been drawn on the floor looked up at the newcomers.

"This isn't more of your Alcoholic's Anonymous nonsense is it angel?" the dark haired member of the pair who were like night and day and bore absolutely no resemblance to each-other said.

"Of course not dear." the man who might very well have been an angel said as he took a seat next to a pair of men who were fiddling with poorly concealed weapons, and shooting an exceedingly attractive dark haired man dark looks. The potential angel's dark haired companion who was dressed in a stylish black suit sat down next to him.

At precisely 7:15 on the dot, a man who was carrying a clipboard entered the room and sat down.

"I now call this meeting of the support group for siblings who are constantly mistaken for gay couples to order." the man said.