Erik: What do you have to say for your self.

Me: Uh... Well you see, I uh-er

Eve: Poor girl is speechless.

Echo: I could torture her with techniques that may or may not be approved in the Geneva Conventions.

Erik, Eve: O.O .

Me: HELL NO! What is wrong with you!

Echo:... You know that is a good question. I`ve ever asked myself that.

Me: Remind me to keep a knife by my bedside or on my person at all times.

Eve: I will.

EriK: Well since you haven`t apologized for your abscense and lack of creativity I will. Our dear Authoress gives you her deepest condolence for her lack of updates. She is enduring this thing called School.

Me: aka Personal Hell.

Erik: Nevertheless she has finally updated.

Echo: (sarcastic) Yay...

Erik: As for her Disclaimer sh-


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Three agonizing fop conversations later, they finally arrived to the point of destination. As the fop was now giving Eve fashion tips. Echo pushed on a block that triggered the wall to spilt and give them an opening. She quickly cut the fop off." Yes, yes that is just peachy now will you kindly get your arse in there?"

"Oh yes I must deal with Christine. Never fear Christine, it is I! Raoul, here to fix your spilt ends!" Raoul cheerful said stepping into the dark room. Echo ginned and shoved him and let the wall return back to normal as she cheered." Thank the Butterfly knife! The torture is over!"

"But we haven`t even tortured him yet." Eve replied confused. Echo rolled her eyes and patted her friend`s head as she smirked." You sad, sad little girl. You`re so confused sometimes it`s cute."

"What? What is there to be confused about? Are you losing your touch? Was this your idea of torture? Not that I`m complaining, I mean it would be nice to not get too messy but was this your grand plan?" Eve continued on. Echo mentally face palmed as she shook her head and ignored her friend, as she opened the walls again. Eve stopped her questions as she stared and blinked a few times before asking." When did that get there?"

"Eve I love you like a cat loves catnip, but kindly shut your pie hole." Echo groaned as she shook her head and dragged Eve with her as they entered the torture chamber. They found Raoul sitting in the corner staring blankly at them for a moment before speaking." So I`m to assume Christine grew impatient and left?"

"Christine was never here, you idiot. It was a trap," Echo smirked. Raoul scratched his chin in thought for a moment. His gaze went to Echo as he looked her up and down and frowned." Are you sure, you`re not a prostitute?"

Echo this time said no words; instead she let her actions do the talking. Before the fop or maybe Eve for that matter could spell fop, Echo successfully had tied Raoul up in with a Punjab lasso and her butterfly knife out ready for usage. A crazed glint showed in her eyes as she smiled at Eve." Perhaps you should… go take a walk for a while."

"Why?" Eve nervously asked. Echo chuckled madly as she turned back to a clueless fop." Because I may perform so things that may or may not be approved of in the Geneva Conventions."

Eve`s eyes widened and ran out of the room not needing to be told twice. Raoul stared at Echo in confusion." I`m sorry, but why am I tied up?"

"Oh let`s just say it is needed." Echo simply said as she stepped closer. Her only regret was that she was about to get some blood on her clothes. Hopefully being a fop wasn`t contagious. She didn`t want any of the Fop`s nasty diseases he probably carried. She smiled evilly as she raised her butterfly knife." You're in my domain now pretty boy. This is going to be fun."

And with that she brought the knife down.

Eve was pacing outside the torture chamber when she heard very loud girly screaming and crying, along with the sound of crazed laughter. Eve curiously pressed her ear against the stone as she listened."NO! NO NOT MY HAIR! NOT THE GOLDEN LOCKS OF SILKINESS!"

Eve frowned in confusion. Why would Echo make her leave if she was just going to mess with his hair? She was about to go back in when Raoul`s scream cut her off!"You-you made me bleed… on… on my favorite suit! OH THE HORROR!"

Eve quickly backed away from the entrance. Maybe she`d wait a few more minutes. Just as she was about to go take a walk, Erik had appeared looking quite annoyed. He had lost sight of them, when they had disappeared into his tunnels." Why do I hear the screams of a girl?"

"Oh that`s just the fop. Echo is torturing him." Eve shrugged. Erik raised an eyebrow as he looked from her to what he thought was just a wall." And the screams… they come from a wall?"

"No I guess Echo made a torturing chamber a while ago and didn`t tell you because you`d abuse such knowledge." Eve gave him another shrug. Her words had made Erik pause and puzzled." When had Echo found such time to make such a room and do it without him knowing? He would know if there was a torturing room being built in his tunnels! He pouted a bit." I would not! I would simply use it on a list of people I may or may not plot against every day."

"Surrrrreeeee." Eve giggled as she shook her head. Erik was about to speak once more when Raoul`s scream cut them off." NO NOT THE FACE! ANYTHING BUT MY FACE! I`LL GIVE YOU MY FIRST BORN! JUST NOT THE FACE!"

Erik could restrain himself no longer. He had to see what was going on. He rushed into the wall and looked for anything to reveal how to get in. Eve watched him as she shook her head and leaned against the wall. Suddenly the way opened and Eve fell backwards with a thud. Erik smirked in triumph as he stepped into the Torture Chamber, but his eyes widened as he saw the scene in front of him. It appeared that the fop was tied up, with a new rather horrible hair cut and his clothing looked as if he had gone through the wore. His nose was bleeding rather nicely and he seemed to have a black eye coming on. Erik`s eyes slowly went to Echo who was standing over a sobbing Fop with a knife. Though Erik was always up for a good torturing, he did take a bit of pity on the fop. He could not condone such violence any longer." Echo I believe you have tortured the boy enough for his insolence."

Echo stopped her fun and glared daggers at Erik as she moved away from the fop and towards Erik." Excuse me? I have only just started! I haven`t even gotten to the fun part where there is needles and spikes involved!"

"I are you mad woman?! If you kill him Christine will hate me forever and-"

"Christine? Christine! You still care about Christine hating you? What am I not good enough?"

"UH n-no, I mean-" Erik tried to find the right words realizing his mistake. Echo`s eyes blazed with pure anger as she advanced towards him, making him back up against a wall. She growled." Just say it! Say that you are still in love with Christine!"

Eve meanwhile had come back from her dizziness as she sat up and blinked." Uh guys?"

"Echo a moment please, and I will ex-"


"GUYS!" Eve finally hollered making Echo and Erik stop as they looked at her. Erik in thankfulness and Echo in murderous anger. Eve gulped as she quietly spoke." Uh… the fop got away… just thought you ought to know."

"WHAT?!" Echo shouted as she whipped around and saw that he had somehow gotten away. She frowned as she looked at Eve." How?"

Eve shrugged as she looked at the rope and nodded to herself as if she was deducing how it had happened. She finally came to the conclusion as she turned to them." While you were occupied with eachother and I was in a state of comatose, it appears he used a nail filer to liberate his way to sovereignty."

Erik and Echo both stared at Eve in surprise. Echo looked at Erik in amazement." She-she just used three big words in one sentence."

"It seems so." Erik nodded equally as shock. Eve rolled her eyes." So sue me if I like to sound smart for a moment! Are we going after him?"

"Sure why not. Not like he has gotten far." Echo shrugged as she put her supplies back into her belt as she turned to her two companions and smirked." Let`s go hunt some fop."

"So am I too assume I now may join you?" Erik questioned. Echo thought for a moment and gave him a shrug." I may let you do something."

As Echo walked on Erik looked at Eve who smiled." That pretty much means your forgiven…. For now."

"I see." Erik nodded and followed after Echo with Eve.

It didn`t take them long to find the fop, who surprisingly did find his way out and into the Prima donna room. Echo frowned as she watched him. Oh this would not do. She quickly exited the passageway and into the hall near the prima donna room, not caring if the other two were keeping up or not. Quickly she pulled a can from her belt and tore off the top with her teeth throwing the can into the room and closing the door quickly. There was a shriek, a loud boom, and then some coughing. Erik gave her a curious look which she returned with a smirk." Got to love the gas grenade."

"Grenade? You didn`t kill him did you?" Eve asked her eyes wide with shock. Echo laughed." Nah, just slowed him down a bit. Eve why don`t you go and do your part."

Eve`s eyes lit up as she cheered and raced into the room. Erik and Echo followed in after waving away the smoke as they watched Eve. At first they saw no fop, for the smoke was to heavy, but when a figure ran past Echo to the hall. She rolled her eyes and ran out of the room and captured him in a head lock as she made a start to drag him back. The fop was putting up a rather pathetic attempt to get free, but as she was about to shove him back in the room a stage hand passed them and frowned." What are you doing? Is that the Vicomte?"

"Yes.. uh I`m just messing around with my friend here… right Raoul?" Echo gave the stage hand a smile as she kept Raoul in a head lock. Raoul struggled." You`re not my friend."

"Shut it!"

"Now you`re defiantly not my friend!"

"Excuse us… uh you saw nothing!" Echo laughed nervously at the stage hand as she threw the fop back into the room and slammed the door close. Eve wasted no time and walked over to the fop who was coughing and in the fettle position. She giggled madly and went to work on the shrieking fop. As Echo watched she pulled out her gummy worms offering Erik some." Gummy worms?"

"Certainly." Erik nodded as he took some and watched in amusement as Eve attacked the fop with sparkles. The fop still proceeded to scream, annoying Erik to a near point of madness. Echo watched as Erik stood and went to the fop with a vase and simply dropped the vase on the fops head, knocking him out. Needless to say, the screaming stopped. Eve stared up at Erik in shock as Erik simply straightened his jacket and sat back down." You may proceed. "

"Wow Erik, way to suck the fun out of it. You see! This is way I can`t take you anywhere!" Echo Declared putting her gummy worms away and scooting her chair away from him. Erik`s mouth fell open as he stared at her in disbelief." Do tell me how knocking him out to cease the mind numbing, irritating, girly screams, is justified as fun sucking!"

"The victim's screams always make it fun." Echo stated shaking her head. Erik rolled his eyes at her maturity or rather lack off and looked away from her." Yes and so is being discovered and earning yourself a spot in jail."

"Eh I`ve been to jail, I lived. Either way no more gummy worms for you! Fun suckers receive no gummy worms!" Echo declared as she hugged her bag of gummy worms. Erik shrugged and shook his head." I care not. It`s not like I can`t find something better to eat."

"Condescending Douche bag." Echo grumbled. Erik sent her a glare as he snapped." Language."


"I am not a woman!"

"Whatever ass hole."



" … refrain from-"

"That is it!"

"Both of you shut up!" Eve finally broke the two apart. Both seemed likely to attack the other. Eve sighed as she rolled her eyes." Cool down! It is so obvious that the only reason he bugs you about your mouth is because secretly he likes finding reasons to argue with you and the only reason Echo continues it because she likes it as well. I can practically feel the sexual attraction coming off the both of you. If I let you go on any longer you both will rip each other's clothes off and be making love on the floor. I just ate a bit ago and don`t want to lose my appetite so please shut up."

They both stared at Eve for the second time today wordlessly. However it wasn`t her usage of words that stun them this time. It was her bluntness. Erik`s cheeks turned beat red as even echo was blushing as she struggled to speak." Well… uh- you know… I-I think i`ll just uh go back to my seat now."

"Agreed." Erik quickly spoke as they sat back down and turned from eachother, both still blushing. Eve giggled and shook her head as she looked at the fop. She was impressed with her work. She had managed to dye the fops hair pink, put lipstick, and eye shadow on his sparkling face and draw on glasses and a mustache on his face in sharpie. Echo walked over and nodded proudly, managing to control herself once again." Well I certainly believe we have done enough for today… when do you suppose he will wake up?"

"Any moment now." Erik commented coming to the girls' side as he smirked down at the fop. He had to admit… revenge felt good. Now looking at the state the fop was in he no longer had a desire to put the fop through a life of hell or strangle him. He was satisfied. He turned on his heel and left the girls with the fop seeing his presence was no longer needed here.

Echo and Eve continued to watch the fop for some time until the fop began to groan and move. As Raoul`s eyes opened he looked up at the two in confusion as he sat up and looked at the state of his clothes and felt his hair. He frowned as he got up." It seems something has happened to me, but I forget what it was. Do you lovely girls know?"

The girls shook their heads innocently. Raoul nodded and smoothing out what was left of his clothing." I see… curious isn`t hit. It seems I have forgotten why I made the trip to the Opera house in the first place… Well at any rate I best be going. I must return home to fetch Christine. We are to dine with the Lord Bippy McBiddleyby."

"Then you best be going." Echo smirked. Raoul bowed to them and placed a kiss on their hands and made for the door put stopped as he looked up and down at Echo." Interesting choice of clothing mademoiselle. I wish you both the best of day and hope that we have the pleasure in meeting again."

Eve and Echo watched him leave as they stared at eachother and blinked. It looked like Erik dropping the vase on Raoul`s head had made him less foppy, if that was possible. Echo shook her head and smiled as she fell to the floor and stared at the ceiling." Operation: Destroy the fairy…. Somewhat completed."

"Best day ever." Eve smiled as she sat down next to Echo. The girls gave eachother a smile and a fist pound before returning their gaze to the ceiling with a content smile, or at least until Madame Giry entered the room and took in, the sparkly floor the smoke hazed room, a pink stain on the floor and a bit of blood. Needless to say the silence was interrupted." What has happened here?!"

Echo groaned."Pain in my ass!"

Eve giggled." Nothing, Madame Giry."

The girls spent the rest of the day cleaning up the room. Not quite a happy ending to their day.

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