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"Kazama-san, please wake up. It's already 7! Don't you have a student council meeting to attend to today?" Chizuru lifted the blanket to discover a flipped over Kazama who was still not quite ready to wake up yet.

"Mmm…" he groaned upon contact with the sunlight which has now reached even the darkest corners of his room. Chizuru had made sure that the blinds were completely drawn back so the sunlight could reach even the demon of the household.

"I made breakfast, so please prepare for school," Chizuru patted his shoulder, begging him to wake up. Suddenly, a strong yet slender hand gripped onto her arm and pulled her down onto the bed. Startled, Chizuru found herself under Kazama's body with her head now on the soft, comfy pillow that his head was previously lying on.

"You're so noisy. You have no right to tell me what to do," he muttered lazily, as if he was drunk, "just let me sleep a little longer." With those final words, he fell on Chizuru and curled his arms around her, using her body as a pillow.


No reply. Chizuru tried squirming under his hold, but she made no progress. Sighing, she looked at Kazama's sleeping form and surrendered to his embrace.

"If you ever want me to do something and I decline, call me by my name and I will accept," Kazama told her one evening while he was walking her home. At that time, she hadn't even been living with Kazama yet, but he was still quite kind to her. He had treated her delicately compared to the way he treated everyone else. It had made her feel special.

"Um... does that apply to anything?"

"Within a reasonable range, of course," Kazama smiled, knowing where she was going with this.

"Alright. I just need to call your name, right? Like, Kazama-san?"

"First name."

"What? I can't possibly do that!" Kazama came from a prestigious family. To call him without "sama" was hard enough for her, although under his request, she had submitted to calling him Kazama-san.

"You don't have to now, but when there comes a time where you need my help with something, I will gladly help you if you say it properly."

That's it! All she had to do was call out his first name!


At the sound of the first syllable, Kazama looked up. Chizuru's face was now a deep rosy colour from embarrassment, but apparently, Kazama found this amusing. Right away, he knew what she was up to.

"What is it, Chizuru? If you don't say it properly, I won't give in," he teased.

Chizuru looked away and attempted again, however she didn't get any farther than the first syllable.

"Hm… boring," Kazama sighed. Before Chizuru could comment, her lips were captured by a strong, yet passionate force. She tried to push his body away, but her strength was useless; he was too strong for her. The sounds of their lips brushing against each other filled the room and her ears, which made Chizuru blush even more. As seconds passed, Kazama still had no intention of releasing her. He stared at her face as she made tiny gasps between their kisses for air. He had to admit that she was indeed very adorable. Although he let her take bits of air, he never let her take too much; too much time would go to waste. Chizuru was now gasping for air which earned a smirk from the male, a smirk that could be felt through their lips.

He finally let her go and Chizuru immediately dropped limp on his bed.

"Thanks for the morning kiss," he licked his lips, an action that sent chills down Chizuru's back, "...but I have to say, you sure are weak at kissing… shall I train you?" She could hear his teasing tone through her loud and desperate breaths. She looked up at the mocking figure and silently pleaded that he would not do anymore to her. He laughed, a sound that was both frightening and beautiful.

He waited until she recovered from the lack of oxygen before continuing.

"I'm going back to sleep, unless there's something you want to say," he eyed her, giving her a chance to speak.

"Chi…Chikage…" Chizuru whispered.

"What was that? I couldn't hear properly," he smiled teasingly.

"…Please get ready…for school…Chikage…" she said with more confidence this time. He chuckled and stood up, walking towards the washroom to get ready.

"…sama…" she mumbled afterwards.

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