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"Mommy! Daddy! Don't go!" She yelled, tears staining her rosy cheeks. Her mother and father smiled gently and waved, pulling a crying little boy along with them. "Kaoru! Don't leave me!"

The old woman beside her nudged her in an attempt to pull her back, but she didn't bother giving the woman her attention. She didn't want to miss her last chance of seeing her family.

"I'm sorry about this," her mother whispered to the old woman, who nodded a response.

"It's okay. I'll take good care of her."

"No! Why does Kaoru get to leave with you?" The young girl screamed, stomping her feet and for the first time, throwing a tantrum.

"Kaoru is leaving too. We can't take care of him anymore, but we can't leave both of our children in Tanaka-san's care. It would be too much for her to handle at her age," her father spoke carefully. At the time, she was angry and jealous. Angry at the fact that her parents were leaving her, and jealous of Kaoru, who got to stay with them longer than she did.

She didn't respond and only sobbed quietly to herself.


She opened her eyes and was met by a swirling sense of dizziness. Somehow, she wasn't as surprised anymore. This was starting to get into a daily routine, waking up from a dream full of familiar memories. Blinking rapidly to adjust to the darkness she was surrounded by, she tried to make out where she was.

"You awake?"

"Heisuke…-kun?" She called out, not knowing where to look.

"I'm here," he called from his seat on a chair. He turned on the lights and she winced. "It's already 7."

"WHAT?" She screamed, leaping off of the couch. Kazama was supposed to pick her up at 6! Where is he?

"He's talking to my mom right now," Heisuke answered her unspoken question and she sagged in relief.

"I see…sorry abou-"

"It's okay. Don't worry about it." His voice was unusually solemn.

"Heisuke-kun…" she started without an idea of what to say next.

Suddenly, he got up. "I'll go get him."

"Ah, wai-" Her hand unconsciously reached for his back, but he had already left.

Something told her that Kazama was the last person Heisuke wanted to see right now.

"So, how did you end up staying past your curfew?"

"Sorry, but I didn't know I had a curfew. I was just told to be ready by 6."

"And how did you end up lying dead on the couch?"

"I wasn't exactly dead."

"That brat was sitting beside you the whole time. Doesn't he have any homework to do?"

"Don't you?"

At that, his eyes narrowed on her, but her face remained glued to the scenery outside. They were in the backseat of the vehicle he had brought to pick her up in. The atmosphere was tense and even the driver had to refrain from meeting the president's eyes.

When Heisuke came back with Kazama, it had been the scariest thing Chizuru had experienced in a while. Even Okita's confession had been long gone from her mind. It was as though bolts of electricity were emitting from his form, and even Heisuke's hair had started standing up way above his head.

For a while, it was just a staring contest between Chizuru and Kazama until the taller of the two left the room. She didn't have to follow him, but she did. And that was how they ended up in the car, arguing with one another.

"You sure have the nerve, Chizuru." She could hear his amusement in his words and she resisted the urge to turn around to see that smirk she knew he had plastered on his face. "As the student council president, my only job is to watch over the student body."

"But what about school work? Aren't you a senior? Shouldn't you be choosing a university soon?"

"That has already been handled by my family."

Oh, so he gets to go to a nice university because his family's rich? Oh wait, that would make sense.

"Are you smart enough to withstand a top university, Chikage?" She spun her head around to face him and practically snorted, but she refrained from doing so because it was unfeminine to do so.

His eyes narrowed on her once again. "Just try me." Her eyes widened at the confidence of his tone. He's not the demon president for nothing… "Amazed by me?" He smiled with triumph.

"Yes," she admitted, "but that does not mean I don't recognize my own abilities either." It wasn't like he was smarter than she was or anything. She did get the scholarship into Kazama High after all.

He seemed to be contemplating something with himself as his eyes laid over hers. Then, he turned away.

"You just woke up. It would be wise to rest a bit more."

She hadn't realized that she had fallen asleep until she felt a slight shift beside her. Her eyelids fluttered open and she yawned. Ahh, where am I… She felt a pair of arms wrap around her and she looked up. She found herself in a very awkward position.

"What are you doing?" She asked, dumbfounded.

"Lifting you up and out of the car, as you can clearly see."

"Oh… No, it's alright. I can get out myself," she pushed his arms away gently and urged him to back away so she could get out.

"Really?" He teased. "You were sleeping pretty soundly. Ah, and your head was lying on my shoulder too."

She flushed. "I- I'm very sorry for the inconvenience," she replied quietly.

"It was no inconvenience," he smirked, "in fact, I enjoyed it quite a bit."

She ran into the mansion.

As soon as she got to her room, she busted out her pencil case and textbooks and started doing her homework. She hadn't even noticed Rin standing in the doorway until she spoke. "When you're done your homework, come down for dinner," she said.

Chizuru jumped, but nodded. "Thanks, Rin-san."

Okay, now focus on literature! After about half an hour, she was done. Today's work load wasn't too bad and the homework was actually pretty easy. For a top school, they sure give little homework.

She stood up, stretched, and yawned. She headed towards the door, but was startled when she saw Kazama leaning against the doorway, looking awfully irritated with that scowl of his.

"Oh…um….hi," she greeted meekly. He didn't respond. "I was just…uh…going down….for dinner."

He only tsked and left.

Alright then.

"Young master was so angry! Did you see him at dinner?" One of the nearby maids whispered in another's ear, but that maid wasn't very good at whispering. Chizuru could clearly hear what she had just said.

"Really?" The other maid "whispered" back. These girls were very bad at gossiping, Chizuru concluded, but that was favourable on her side, so she silently thanked them for their loud whispering.

"Yeah. He was arguing with his mother!"

"Seriously? But he barely talks back to her!"

"I know!"

"What were they arguing about?"

"Oh, about that…" The maid trailed off and Chizuru felt a pair of eyes on her. She turned and saw them looking right back at her. Smiling timidly, she waved. Did they notice she was eavesdropping?

The maids smiled and waved back before continuing their conversation outside.

"Chizuru! Stop spacing out and start eating. This is your only break, so use it wisely." Rin explained from beside her. "This is the first time we've had personal maids work in the house, but I have a feeling this is how it works. Since being a maid and working for the family is our job, the only time we get a break is during meals or when our work is done, and even then, the family members may call on us and ask us to help them."

It sounded like a pretty nasty job to her, but nonetheless, she nodded, taking a bite out of her rather fancy dinner.

"Your only job is to tend to Kazama-sama. So you aren't dismissed from your tasks until he says so. I assume meals have to be confirmed by him before you can eat."

"Wow…" So I'm like a slave…

"I don't know if being young master's personal maid is a good or bad thing, but good luck. I think you'll need it."

"I've brought you tea, Kazama-sama," she called from the other side of the door. "And some fruits." According to Rin, who was present when Kazama was arguing with his mother, he hadn't finished his dinner. Rin had suggested bringing the rest of it, but Chizuru didn't think anyone would have the appetite to eat steak after arguing with their mother.

He didn't answer, so she just barged in.

"Kazama...-sa…ma..." They stared at each other for a while. "Sorry!"

She had walked in on him changing.

"Kazama-sama! Why didn't you warn me?" She asked after spinning around to face the wall. She placed the tray of food on a table near the door and was about to step out when an arm grabbed hers.

"It's not like you hate seeing me like this," he smirked beside her ear, a little bit too close for comfort. His other arm moved to shut the door.

He's got a point. It was only for a split second, but for that one moment, she had seen his build. He wasn't disgustingly ripped, nor was he too skinny; he was somewhere in between lean and muscular. Her mind flashed back to his knowing gaze as he threw his shirt onto the bed; it was as though he knew she had liked it. What did he take her for? A pervert? Of course I would be staring if it was my first time seeing a man undress! "It's uncomfortable," she finally said, deciding not to answer him about whether she had liked it or not. He hadn't said it as a question, but if she slipped and said anything about it, he would be on her case for quite some time. She started leaning away from him as she felt his bare chest accidentally make contact with her back.

"Shouldn't I be the one who's embarrassed here?" He teased, hands making their way towards her cheeks to find them burning hot, as he had well expected.

"Well, somebody's not embarrassed enough, so I have to be embarrassed for them," she flushed even more (to Kazama's pleasure), pushing his arms and shoving his hands away. "And if you stay like that, you're going to catch a cold." Hopefully, that would change his mind and make him put a shirt back on. Luckily, it did.

"Worried about my wellbeing?"

She rolled her eyes. "Of course," she threw back sarcastically. His smirk faded.

"I don't really have anything for you to do, so you can go and rest. We're going to school early tomorrow," he explained as he walked into his closet. It was a walk-in closet and based on how his voice nearly disappeared at the end, she could tell it was a big walk-in closet.

"What time?" She worried it was too quiet when he didn't answer. Then, he walked out holding his school uniform.


"Wait, weren't you going to get something to wear? Why your uniform?"

"The one I usually wear is in the wash, so I needed a replacement for tomorrow."

She nodded in understanding. She didn't have enough money to afford a backup uniform, but she knew that many people had backups.

"And I sleep half-naked," he added.

"Granny! Don't leave me! You're the only one left!" A young girl cried. "Don't leave!"


"Young lady, please don't yell. This is a hospital. And your grandmother won't be able to take it. Let her final moments be in peace. Smile for her."

"Granny," she sobbed, but she followed the nurse's advice and tried to smile. It didn't work.



She woke up, sobbing, to the gentle shaking of her shoulders and the sound of her name. She looked up to see Kazama staring down at her, his hands gripped around her shoulders worriedly. His eyebrows were furrowed, and he looked tired and worried.

She sat up and checked the time. It was only 3. "Why did you wake me up?" she asked, voice quiet and straining to hear.

"You looked like you were in pain."

"I needed to hear what granny said at the end."

He looked at her in confusion. Another round of tears rolled down her cheeks as she realized what she had just seen. It was the death of the old woman in her previous dream, the death of the granny who had taken care of her after her parents left.

A thumb brushed gently under her eyes in an attempt to wipe the tears away. It didn't work. If anything, more tears were pouring out.

Her last word was "find" and she had been cut off by Kazama waking her up. That thought annoyed her and she resisted the urge to glare at him. Besides, he only woke her up because he saw how much pain she was going through. He wasn't the one to blame. In fact, there was no one to blame. Not even the people who had taken her parents away from her, because it was her parents themselves who had wanted to leave.

"Do you think you'll be fine?" Kazama sounded worried for once, but now wasn't the right time to ask what was wrong with him.

"Yeah," she answered, sighing, the last of her tears being wiped dry by his hands.

"Would you feel more secure sleeping with me?"

"Get out."

She knew it was rude to force him out of her room when she was living in his mansion, but she couldn't help it. Maybe it was just his way of cheering her up, but asking her to sleep with him was definitely not in her comfort zone. So, instead of lashing out at him and probably getting lectured on it later, she decided to kick him out.

He didn't mind, which was odd. Perhaps he knew how tired she was, and he himself was pretty tired. The two wanted sleep, but not together. At least she didn't want to.

But how had he known that she was crying? Was she yelling? That could have been a possibility.

As she went through her daily routine at a much earlier time than usual, she thought back on last night (or if you were speaking technically, early this morning). She hadn't realized when she had made it to Kazama's door until she was in his room and seated on his couch. Even when he was right in front of her, she was still in a daze.

"Chizuru, breakfast time."

"Hn," she responded absently. She stood up and followed him wordlessly… until she realized what he just said.

"Oh! I am so sorry! I totally forgot to bring the tea and everything, I mean, after last night, I've just been kind of-" She realized she was rambling, so she stopped. "I'm sorry."

He eyed her with a sigh. "It's fine. I don't really need tea in the morning." She still looked unsure, so he continued. "You don't need to do anything unless I tell you to, got it?"



They made it to the dining room and she proceeded into the kitchen to see that it was empty. Wait, where are the chefs?

"It's early. Do you expect them to be up?" He asked, walking up behind her.

"Oh… so do I have to do the cooking?" She swallowed. Cooking was okay, but what if she accidentally poisoned him? She's got enough experience (since she did work at a café) and she's got some recipes that she made up, but would they fit his taste? From what Chizuru could remember, all granny ever did was cook, but she has never taught her anything. Well, she was pretty young, so cooking would be dangerous.

"No. I'll be cooking."

"What? You?" She repeated, but he didn't answer her. Instead, he made his way into the kitchen and started pulling things out from the fridge and cupboards.

"Just watch me."

So she did, observing every single action he took. From the way he cracked eggs to the way he flipped them, everything was graceful. There were no traces of the "demon" all the students had talked about.

She sat down as he set the plate of eggs, french toast, and various slices of fruit in front of her. Even the way he arranged it was nice!

"It's delicious!" She exclaimed after swallowing her first mouth full of french toast. He smirked and they both continued eating.

It was exactly six by the time they got to school.

"There's a student council meeting," he explained as they walked pass several classrooms.

"And why is it so early?" Knowing Kazama, he wouldn't choose such an early time.

"The disciplinary committee decided on the time. They believed it was the best time to talk about a few... troublemakers."

That was true. It was definitely better to come to school early and discuss everything before all the other students started coming. Still, the disciplinary committee must be a group of strict students to even think that coming to school early would be a good thing.

Then she remembered. Wasn't Saitou a member of the disciplinary group?

He does seem very strict.

They turned at a corner. "You're attending too."

"But I'm hardly in the council!" All she ever did was sort a couple documents. That's literally all she did. And they call her the secretary!

He looked at her for a short moment before looking forward again. "A member's a member. And you will have to write down everything we discuss in the meeting today."

"Everything?" That was going to be a lot of writing.

"As much as you can. Just look like you're doing something."

What a thing for a president to say, she giggled to herself. Still, Kazama was pretty easy on her. She guessed she was lucky for that. And even as a maid, he goes pretty easy on her as well.

He ignored her giggling and slid open the door, stepping in without another word. Chizuru followed closely, but when she noticed a few other people in the room, she paused to bow and greet them. "Good morning."

They nodded and greeted her back.

Content that she had made a good first impression, she carried on. She saw Kazama pat the seat beside her gently, so she decided to take his offer and sit there.

"Oi, that's my seat!" Someone yelled, stomping into the room. Chizuru turned around just as she was about to sit down to see Shiranui storming in.

"Oh, good morning, Shiranui-san," she chirped.

He growled. "Kazama! What is this? That spot's mine!"

"Stop being such a baby and just sit beside her," Kazama sighed and pulled on Chizuru's arm, urging her to sit.

"Cheh, what kind of husband are you?" Shiranui mumbled.

"Husband?" Chizuru questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"Don't worry about it," he shook his head. "Shiranui. Sit."

"Ohhhh," he stretched the vowel, "so you're cheating on me now? You got yourself a new wife?"

"Hey, what is he talking about?" Chizuru nudged Kazama, who only closed his eyes in concentration.

"I thought I was your wife," Shiranui carried on.

"Shut up!" Kazama roared.

Chizuru shrunk into her seat and watched as the battle began.

"So…you guys are husband and wife?" She confirmed.

"No. That bastard just suddenly called me his husband and it stuck," Kazama muttered with hatred in his expression as well as his tone.

"Did you agree to it?"

"No," he sighed exasperatedly and calmed himself before speaking. "In the council, I am the president and he is the vice president." She nodded.

"In other words, I have the King's chair and he has the Queen's," he spoke exhaustedly.

That is very sexist. Who said girls can't be the higher ruler?

They were currently walking down the hall and back into the student council office. Shiranui was somewhere in the back with Amagiri, just safely out of earshot. "I see... so according to Shiranui, Amagiri's the grandmother and I'm the son?"

"No, just leave it. Don't think about it. Shiranui is mental."

"I am not!"

Or at least she thought they were out of earshot.

Shiranui breezed his way to them and put an arm around Chizuru's shoulders. "This girl's my son. I mean, think about it a bit," he said, poking Chizuru's temple. "She sat between us. Between us."

"Your point?" Kazama asked, glaring at Shiranui to take his hands off her. However, he didn't.

"Don't children usually sit between their parents? So they could protect the child?"

"Um… I don't mind being in this pretend family," because it was actually kind of fun (but she wouldn't admit that), "but why am I a male?"

"Because Amagiri and I are females," Shiranui answered matter-of-factly.

"Then what about Kazama-sama?"

"Kazama is an exception. After all, the head of the family has to be a brave, mighty male so he can protect all the women," he replied intelligently, playfully twirling her locks.

She nodded slowly.

Kazama pulled her away from her "mother" and dragged her into the student council office, and then into his private office. When Shiranui tried to follow, Kazama poked his head out and said, "males of the family only."

She could hear Shiranui tsk loudly, but snicker as he left. Chizuru gulped from inside the room. What had she just gotten herself into?

"You agreed to be the son of the family."

It wasn't a question, but she nodded anyway.

"And I am the father."

She nodded again.

"We're both males."

She looked up and saw him smirk sinisterly.

"You know what this means, Chizuru?"

She tried to swallow the lump in her throat. "What?"

"We have no problem seeing each other naked, right?"


After a few insults being thrown from Chizuru's direction, a lot of smirking from Kazama's direction, and a ton of arguing, the two finally came out. She was absolutely exhausted from disputing with Kazama. The guy was nice, but he could be pretty strict when he felt the need to.

"Shiranui-san," she called out, waving her arms around aimlessly in an attempt to call him over.

"Yeah, son?" She tried not to shudder, but felt it increasingly hard to as he continued. "You know, as your mother, I can choose your wardrobe. Let's get you out of that uniform and start with something sexy."

What kind of family did he grow up with, she wondered. She ignored his last words and continued.

"Shiranui-san, about this whole family thing… Kazama-sama…I mean, both Kazama-sama and I think it's kind of… I mean, it's really weird… Uh…annoying! We think it's annoying," she managed to finish after a few dark glares from Kazama.

Shiranui stared at Kazama, who had his arms crossed and was now standing behind Chizuru. He was giving her an approving look, which she couldn't see. Kazama had obviously given Chizuru a lecture or punishment of some sort to have changed her mind.

"Alright, what did you do?" Shiranui accusingly questioned.

Kazama smirked. "None of your business."

"Ruining my family is my business. Don't you want Chizuru here to experience a nice, warm family?" He said with a playful smile, coming behind Chizuru and wrapping an arm around her.

Ah, that struck a nerve there.

"She has one. She doesn't need-."

"And where are they? Where's her family?" It was audible in Shiranui's tone that he was accusing Kazama of something, but what?

"What are you talking about?" Kazama glared. "If I knew, don't you think I would have already made arrangements for them to meet?"

"Who knows?" He left the question hanging in the air.

Chizuru gulped. "Um…guys, I think school's starting soon. I'll just be on my way now. Bye!" She jumped up and started skipping towards the exit. When she was sure she was out of sight, she ran down the hall.

"No running!" She heard a disciplinary member yell behind her.

"No yelling!" she yelled back, not slowing down even a bit.

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