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"Freezing your soul"

I can't see why I do this but it's just a pain reliever from all of what life throws at me.

Dealing with all this shit of being one of the most hated people for no reason at my school can be tiring.

See I Katie Knight deal with the worst shit possible that's why I'm sitting in the bathroom while the boys play video games cutting. Finally I admit to myself I cut.

Sitting there in the restroom slashing at my wrist watching the crimson blood run down my wrist and pool on the floor was mastering me until I was reawaken with a heavy pounding at the door.

"Kit-Kat I need to use the restroom" Logan said in a hyper voice.

Oh great I have to clean up I silently thought to myself.

I started cleaning up forgetting to respond listening to the conversations those 16 year old idiots were having.

"Kendall, Katie's not responding" Logan said with an upset voice

"Who's Katie?" I heard my so called older brother say.

That hurt me.

I heard Carlos and James also Logan reply in union 'Your little sister!'

Opening the door Logan turned around with a sad smile.

I ran to my room realizing Kendall doesn't care, great just another thing to add to list of fucked up things in my short horrible life.

How could I be so stupid Kendall most likely hates me?

Hearing Kendall say I really upset her made me want to laugh, he's not the only one that blonde bitch at my school Skylar Edmonson mad my life a living hell every day too, with here constant 'oh Katie nobody will love you your so ugly' 'you're a whore' 'ugly 'everyday it made me just made me want to kill myself.

That's a good idea, I'll end it tomorrow.

That if something magical makes me just want stop, I doubt it thought I'm just a fat loser.

After a few minutes the boys stopped and I was starting to drift into the one only place of happiness for me sleep.

Half way a sleep the creak of my door pulled me out of my pure bliss sleep, realizing it was Logan I pretended to still be a sleep listening to what Logan was saying.

"Katie I know your sleeping but I just have to tell you I found the razor in the bathroom I know you have been cutting, why Katie why? "Logan said tearing up

Then he continued

"Katie I know Kendall would kill me but Katie Rose Knight I love you." He said walking to the door he said it one last time

I Love You

After he left those words rang through my heads like an old telephone.

Great my plans are changing for tomorrow.

Ok I know that sucked but should I continue?